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Made in the UK
Our mattresses and accessories are all made right here in the UK!
Best on Test Mattress
tests mattresses as a category not differentiating between different types of mattresses and has given the Emma mattress this prestigious endorsement. This endorsement comes as a result of overall score on the mattress test as well as other grading categories that include body support and durability.

10 year guarantee
If there are any structural problems with your Emma mattress that indicate a problem with the durability or stability of the core materials, such as permanent dips or cracks, we will exchange your Emma mattress for a brand new one.

Get your best night’s sleep!
The Emma mattress is designed with you in mind! We invested a great deal in developing a mattress that optimally supports and relaxes your body at the same time, and achieved this by combining 3 special layers to keep your dreams as sweet as possible. The Emma mattress offers maximum adaptability through the optimized combination of a decompressing Airgocell®-layer, visco-elastic memory foam and a supporting layer of cold foam.

United Kingdom

84 reviews for Emma Mattress Review


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  1. Miss J N Thomas

    I cannot rate Emma mattress enough, not only has the mattress improved my sleep but after I managed to shrink my cover, Emma sent a new one free of charge over a year later. Customer support is also outstanding.

  2. carmel morris

    Came the next day
    Soooo comfy
    Love it

  3. Lesley Kumar

    The mattress is extremely comfortable however the smell on first opening lasted for almost two months which was a bit hard going.

  4. YG

    Deep and restful sleep immediately even though it feels so different from a traditional mattress. And no turning!

  5. Andrew Gilman

    Excellent quality mattress at a great price.

  6. Steven

    Absolutely love our new mattress. Everything we expected and more.

  7. Chrissy Kinsella

    Ok so I need to start my review by saying I really REALLY didn’t get on with the Emma mattress. I can safely say that sleeping on memory foam made me feel like I was being suffocated by a giant marshmallow on a nightly basis. HOWEVER; the customer service was fantastic.

    First they sent me a firm “comfort” layer to try, free. as it was very soft. They also extended the 100 day trial around this. It did help a bit, but the night sweats became too much for me (and at 42 I don’t need them any sooner than they’re coming already, thanks very much) so I finally decided to send it back. The return procedure was extremely painless, and the mattress collected and refunded in full within less than a week.

    So, I’m really sorry this wasn’t the mattress for me, but thanks so much for being so accommodating and helpful.

  8. Mike

    Super comfy and delivered quickly. Also I like the recommend a friend scheme.

  9. melanie

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    Subana Thirumagan

    3 reviews


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    Very good

    Very good. Highly recommend

  10. Subana Thirumagan

    Just awful customer service. 26 days for delivery, no updates in that time then given less than 18h to arrange to be at home ALL DAY. No timeslots given. Then no option to rearrange for weekend delivery.

    Customer service is email only and has taken a day on average for a reply.

    Asked what the process would be to cancel while I worked out whether a trip to the UPS depot would be possible and they went ahead and just cancelled so I can't even collect if I wanted to.

    Just a telephone customer service line and typical delivery options would have helped.

  11. Paul Burling

    So soft and comfortable best nights sleep ever!

  12. richard warburton

    I didn’t love the mattress and returned it but the customer service has been excellent. I was nervous they wouldn’t honour their 100 day return policy but they processed it very quickly.

  13. Helen Garvock

    very comfortable no real faults but I like to sit on the bed nad find the edge a little soft

  14. jean hartley

    This has been our best ever purchase… to date!! I didn’t realise how terrible our old mattress was until we had our new Emma one. I suffered from aches and pains in my hips that have completely gone since using the Emma mattress. Delivery was easy and quick. Perfect so far!

  15. Sarah T

    After 5days bad sleeping as the mattress was to soft for me we email Emma . We have email next day saying they will send us some hard topper and that should solve the problem + they extend our 100 night money back for another 5days .Topper came next day. Since that day I'm sleeping like a baby. Is so comfy . Thank you Emma not just for the perfect mattress but for a friendly and quick service .

  16. Aneta Mosley

    After months of waking up with a stiff neck and shoulder, I decided it was time to try a new mattress. After lots of research, I ordered the Emma Mattress. Delivery was straightforward and being rolled, meant it could be transferred up to our loft bedroom with ease. I haven't been disappointed. I no longer have the same issues with my neck and shoulder and it is so comfortable. Think I need an Emma pillow next!

  17. KATYA

    Great nights sleep, great value for money, speedy delivery and pleased with payment options, thank you!

  18. JG

    the mattress is excellent, very comfortable for us both. very easy to get on and off with a bad back.
    the additional mattress cover is noisy though and we got a different one.

  19. Lu

    It’s very good

  20. Andrew Davis

    Great mattress, and quick delivery
    The mattress was delivered quickly, with good order tracking. It was well packaged, making it easy to transport to my bedroom. I've not had a memory foam mattress before, so this took a little getting used too, but I now love it and wouldn't go back.

  21. Claire C

    Very Good value for money and have no problems at all!
    Very comfortable

  22. William Wyatt

    I cannot rate Emma mattress enough, not only has the mattress improved my sleep but after I managed to shrink my cover, Emma sent a new one free of charge over a year later. Customer support is also outstanding.

  23. Emma Knowles

    Best mattress we have ever bought, have been disappointed with the comfort & longevity of other brands in the past but the Emma is very comfortable indeed.
    We love the detachable topper and cover which can be washed in the machine easily which keeps the mattress looking like new. Another plus that the Emma has over it's more traditional competitors.
    Delivery is easy as it comes in a small box which means no humping a large mattress up the stairs and round tight corners.
    Would highly recommend.

  24. Gregory

    Wish I would have come here before ordering the Emma.. Seems I'm not the only one who finds the mattress TOO HARD, gave me neck and shoulder problems which I never had before so additional cost of rehabilitation ontop of the price of mattress. Tried to return for refund but was sent another "comfort layer" which made little difference. Although customer service was ok to deal with, the whole return process dragged on for weeks. £30 was deducted from a full refund, didn't argue it, just glad to be rid of the mattress and not having to deal with them anymore.

    Obviously wouldn't get above 3 stars from me as it was too hard, but points deducted for length of return process and not getting a full refund.


    great mattress no more backache

  26. JOC

    Very prompt delivery. Early days with regards to comfort, sometimes feels there’s a rolling when partner too close, otherwise happy.

  27. HHR6

    Very comfortable

  28. sarah

    Amazing mattress, very comfortable. Has stopped my back aches. Got my friend and mum to buy one so good.

  29. Diane

    Very happy with my mattress prior to this I had a tempa one.

    I have found the Emma to not make me to hot.
    It is very comfy.
    I’m having great nights sleep
    So no complaints

  30. Diana Compton

    Fantastic mattress extremely comfortable and a fantastic service thank you

  31. Ms E P

    I bought the Emma double mattress based on Which reviews. When I purchased it there was a discount running which gave me about £200 off which was also an added bonus. The mattress has been absolutely wonderful and one of the most comfortable mattresses I've slept on. It compares to a good hotel mattress.

  32. Darin Edmunds

    Delivery …. great
    Mattress … great
    Sleep …. excellent

  33. Tony

    Straight forward service. Easy to order, Informative, speedy delivery service. Can't fault Emma. Regards the Mattress – This is our first memory foam mattress and so far so good

  34. Harry

    The mattress is great, especially when you first purchase after previously sleeping on a fairly basic one. After a while though I have found that it just becomes standard and you don't really feel the difference anymore.

    One thing I'd really appreciate is a trade-in scheme though. After about 6 months with the mattress, I'm moving house and would like to upgrade to a King size, so would be great if there was a way to send the old one back for money off another as now I feel a little stuck with the double!

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