KARRISM Extra Thick Mattress Cover

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KARRISM Extra Thick Mattress Cover, Cooling Mattress Cover, 400TC Cotton Pillow Top (20.32-53.34 cm deep pocket)

EXTRA THICK & ULTRA SOFT: 50% THICKER than normal mattress pad. Overfilled with ultra-plush snow down alternative fill, this mattress topper offers the time-tested comfort of tradition down. It provides extra plush padding and support for your shoulders and hips. Excellent way to restore the support of an old mattress or simply improve the softness and comfort of any newer mattress.
COOLING &BREATHABLE: Made of 100% 400TC cotton, the breathable fabric of this mattress topper allows for effective air flow to diminish overheating so you’re able to enjoy a refreshing and restful relaxation experience. Stay perfectly cool and comfortably warm with optimal temperature control. Avoid being hot and sweaty.
HEALTHIER SLEEP: This hotel quality down alternative mattress topper without any smell and heat generation is perfect for people who want the soft of down, or anyone who disgust the odor of memory foam. Start your restful sleep from a great down alternative mattress topper.
DEEP ELASTIC POCKET: Thick elastic deep pocket can securely attach the topper to the mattress, preventing the topper from shifting in the night and providing consistent comfort. It can hold any mattress no mattress it’s low or high profile. Enjoy supreme restful sleep. Twin 39″x75″+18″/Twin XL 39″x80″+18″/Full 54″x75″+18″/Queen 60″x80″+18″ /King 78″x80″+18″/CalKing 72″x84″+18″.
MACHINE WASHABLE: TRUE BAFFLE BOX DESIGN keeps down alternative filling in place and prevents fill from shifting or bunching in one area. It’s also machine washable, no expensive dry cleaning necessary. Simply wash it in cold water and tumble dry on the low setting. After receiving it, pop it dry into the tumble dryer to fluff it up and add a layer of softness, support and comfort to your mattress.

Specification: KARRISM Extra Thick Mattress Cover


Two. Two XL. All. Queen. King. King size, California

40 reviews for KARRISM Extra Thick Mattress Cover


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  1. David

    My wife like hard bed, so we bought a very hard one, which has been causing my back pain. So I bought this topper, which is thicker than any topper I can found at local shop! I feel you can even just lay this on the floor and make a nice bed!
    I slept on this topper and never have pain on my back. It feels like sleep on a marshmallow, which is super comfortable!
    Highly recommend if you are looking for something seriously increasing softness on your bed!

  2. T_Anderson

    When we bought our new mattress this year, we didn’t get a big “ultra plushy pillow top” but instead started searching for a good mattress topper. It took several months, when we finally found this one. The biggest factors are price, cooling, and not rolling into the middle. This mattress pad came in a fairly large box, but given that it is queen sized, I knew it would be vacuum packed. I was prepared to need to air it out, but very pleased that it needed no airing out. There was no odor upon opening the bag. From the first night, I slept straight through the night with none of the usual “pressure point” pain from lying on my side. It’s been a complete difference in my sleep. I recommend this mattress topper 100%!

  3. Lin

    My bed is too firm for me, so I purchased this hoping that I could have a nice soft bed without having to replace my mattress.I am interested in it because of its price(much cheaper than similar items) and good rating. Now that I have this mattress topper, I understand why it is very popular. . I open the sealed bag and let the mattress topper air out for a few hours and the final thickness is about 2.5 inches. It;s so comfortable and soft without any chemical odor. Overall, this is a good buy!

  4. mahesh

    Bought this as it was the amazon choice and was running deal with a good discount. Really a bargain deal. I really like the feeling of a soft mattress and my guest room mattress is a really basic cheap one as we barely use it. This winter I want to take nap there as it gets the most sunlight but the mattress was bothering me. A friend of mine recommended mattress topper. I did not even know there was a thing like that. Lol. Anyway this thing right here changed everything. It is so great. I almost was going to replace my mattress. I saved myself from doing that spending like 65-70$. I am glad I chose this product. Highly recommend if you like the feeling of soft topper and not looking to spend on expensive mattress.

  5. Matt Grogan

    We purchased a tempupedic semi-firm matress a number of years back and have been waking up with back pain everyday for the last 2 years. This mattress topper adds just the right amount of cushion to make our overexpsensive investment what we were wanting it to be. Highly recommend. Sleeps cool and does the job

  6. william doudna

    A few years ago I purchased an expensive king size mattress, it was never very comfortable for me (too hard), but my husband thought it was ok. I sleep on my side & the last years I’ve been tossing & turning trying to get comfortable. I was also waking up with hip & back pain. I didn’t want to have to spend the money on a new mattress so I thought I would give this topper a try. So far so good, it’s been a week and I’m sleeping better & not waking up with pain.
    Before I put it on the bed I fluffed it up in the dryer, I also put a mattress pad over the top to protect it.
    It fits the mattress nicely, deep pockets, gives a nice cushy support & sleeps cool.
    I will be purchasing another, queen size to put over a new serta mattress (same problem too hard) in the guest room.

  7. Alexia

    t comes vacuum packed but quickly puffs up when you release it from the packaging. Great quality. I got a new bed that did not have a pillow topper. I like the feeling of laying on something soft over a supportive base. You can wash and dry it in front loaders. When the plush topper is part of the bed you can’t wash it and fluff it up. This topper maybe not as thick as I thought, but it’s very soft and comfortable. It stays on the bed with an elastic deep pocket. I would highly recommend it.Love this very much.

  8. AmazonCustomer

    I wanted something to make our mattress a little less firm because I prefer a softer mattress than my husband does. This worked really well for that. It went on easily, fit well, and is very comfortable. It’s thick enough that it adds a significant amount of comfort but not so thick that it feels like “drowning in pillows” (which is how my husband thinks the soft mattresses I prefer feel). Overall, this was a nice compromise for us to make our bed more comfortable without the expense of a whole new mattress.

  9. Whit

    This mattress topper is insanely soft. It came vacuum sealed so it took a few hours for it to fully fluff up but when it did I thought it was the best. I thought my bed was awesome before but this product has made it complete. Its so comfortable it makes it hard for me to get up for work in the mornings!! I ordered the queen size and it fit perfect. Would recommend.

  10. Keris

    My mattress is getting a bit worn and uncomfortable, so I thought I’d give a topper a try. The topper made a huge difference. I’m not tossing and turning all night anymore, and getting a much sounded comforted rest. I cant believe what a difference something so simple can make. I’m amazed and very happy with my topper. I’ve already told many of my friends about it. They now are looking to buy one. When it arrived it was vacuum sealed, I cant believe how that got all of that to shrink so small for shipping, it fluffs up pretty good when taken out of the bag.

  11. Me1212

    OMG! I have an older “hand-me-down” mattress that is sinking in the middle with springs kinda poking you when you try to sleep. I had to have something, but couldn’t afford a new mattress…so, I tried this! I had the absolute best night’s sleep I’ve had in a couple of years. I did not want to get out of the bed this morning. It is soft and amazing! 10 out of 10 would recommend!!!! Also, I get very hot when I sleep, and I did not have a problem with that last night either…although it could have been because I was finally sleeping so soundly. 🙂

  12. Jesparza

    Great quality mattress topper, super soft, easy to wash and great quality. I feel like we are sleeping in clouds.
    After my husband complains of back pain we decided to give this mattress topper a tried before having to upfront a new mattress and man I am glad. It literally feels like we are sleeping in a brand new bed. Now my husband sleeps like a baby and no more complains.

  13. Alex

    This mattress topper is very plush and fits perfectly on my full adjustable mattress. I am a hot sleeper and when I woke up after this first use. I couldn’t help but notice how cool the topper was. This has really helped improve how I sleep. absolutely love this product.

  14. Putting Myself First

    First of all I will start out by saying that I have purchased MANY mattresses in the last 8 years, really high end to bed in a box. I don’t care what you spend unless your under 100lbs, you end up with dips over time. I bought this and didn’t think I would notice much but was hoping to sleep better. I noticed that not only did I sleep better but I didn’t move around as much to reposition due to my normal back(hip)pain. It’s comfortable but you can still feel your mattress if that makes sense. This is the EXACT sort of things nice hotels must put in their beds because that was the first thing that came to mind the first night. This came in a box and in great shape, on time. It has individual little pillow pockets that make up the topper. It also has impressive deep sides with snug elastic that is NOT GOING TO MOVE or pop up on a corner. I love it!! I’m not sure what the life expectancy is for something like this but I will purchase this again if I need and may purchase these for my kids for Christmas.

  15. TAOZI

    I bought this mattress topper for my grandma. She said the mattress is very comfortable, help reduced her back pain from arthritis. Love this product!

  16. Lexus

    Look at it! JUST LOOK AT IT. It’s all kinds of fluff. We bought a king size bed to fit me, hubby and our baby before she turned 1 (she takes up a lot of space) and it’s a high quality bed but hubby wanted it EXTRA firm. Originally I didn’t mind, I used to sleep on a futon and a 10 year old mattress. But I developed chronic inflammation so sleeping became difficult especially when I have flare ups in my hips and back. I could not sleep on it. Eventually we both decided hey we need to put something on this. This is the thickest topper I could find that wasn’t memory foam which hubby dislikes. Both me and hubby love it. I might still have to buy a cheap foam to go under it because of the inflammation but any regular person can just use this. Came in perfect condition too.

  17. chu fai chan

    Purchase this for my old mattress. The mattress that I used is a bit thin after few year of wearing. but with this pad cover, it renew my mattress again. This item is kinda of thick compared to others. My form mattress currently only about 5-6 inches. The thickness of this topper is perfectly making me a good sleep. Also, the thickness of the pad can also be a comforter. I tried it as a comforter and it was very warm. Highly recommend it . Although the price is bit higher compare to others that selling in Amazon, I think it worth of the price as it is conformable, soft touch and much more.

  18. Sara Larkins

    When I got my son’s their really cool bunk beds I got them new mattresses. I spent A LOT on the bunk beds so I got the 2nd to cheapest mattress (it was about $120). It really isn’t a very good mattress and I feel bad it isnt that comfortable. I went to change his sheets the other day and his waterproof mattress topper was completely ripped in half . So I decided I was going to splurge and get him a REALLY NICE MATTRESS TOPPER. I am very PLEASED with what I picked for him. He sat on it and laughed and laughed and said “it goes up so high”. This topper is ultra thick. It feels heavy but it isnt hot it’s still breatheable. I totally want one for myself now because it is SO PLUSH!! Definitely worth the money. You get what you pay for in this case and it can make a cheaper mattress feel a lot nicer

  19. Drew Williams

    I’ll be honest, I spend a lot of time looking threw amazon for things to better my house, mood and comfort. And while I’m always 95% skeptical, even with great reviews, I have to say, this was worth every penny. I have a medium soft mattress, and I was desperate to make it softer. I had no idea just how much this would change it. I’ve only had it for one night, however last night was the best sleep I’ve had in a long time. I even fell asleep a lot faster then usual. It was great. So I HIGHLY recommend this for anyone needing that extra fluffy comfort. Splurge on this one and you won’t regret it!

  20. UTURN

    I was skeptica! of purchasing a pad online but this one exceeded my expectations. I have pain issues and I can honestly say that it has helped my pressure points alot. I find it to be very fluffy and not too warm. Mine was in brand new, clean condition. I fluffed mine in the dryer for 30 mins. with a dryer sheet, it came out with no smell and very puffy. I have a pillow top mattress and flipped it over to use on the non padded side because the pillowtop was too hot, and this pad made the mattress feel more plush wiith the pad than the pillow top.. I find this to be a really good product at a resonable price.

  21. L m

    This is the second mattress topper I have bought from amazon. The first one was not at all what I was looking for. I had back surgery and I NEED a soft cushiony mattress to relieve pressure points and be able to sleep pain free-This mattress topper was like sleeping on a cloud. I litterally just laid down on it to try it out and fell asleep. Definately ordering more!

  22. mindyehowe

    My husband and I were not sleeping well and were finding that our mattress was just too hard. He wanted to buy a whole new mattress but we agreed to first try a topper. This one is awesome, it’s so soft and pillowy and we have slept a ton better since we got it. It fits our mattress well and I’m so happy we got it! Saved us so much money over buying a whole new mattress!!

  23. Amazon Customer in FL

    After using this topper for two weeks, felt it was time to comment. We have an expensive memory foam mattress that has become a brick. We learned that adding a memory foam topper to a memory foam brick mattress was a waste of money. For the past 6 months I’ve researched replacing the brick mattress but couldn’t come to grips with forking out more money and then I came across this topper. I can say with all honesty, neither my honey nor I are waking up with sore shoulders and hips, and we’re both sleeping soundly just about the entire night through. I’m not getting woke up with his constant flopping around to get comfortable. I have bad knees but even my knees and legs aren’t throbbing in the morning. I am totally amazed at the difference this topper has made for our sleeping and waking. I almost didn’t give this 5 stars, only because it’s a not a full 3″ thick and with both of us weighing in the 200lb +/- range I was skeptical. But you know what, that doesn’t matter. The product does what it claims and that is provide a good night’s sleep which totally outweighs a fraction of an inch in thickness difference. The topper did not have an odor out of the package and I followed the instructions of washing it first, rather than letting it air out 24 hours (couldn’t wait that long). It’s very bulky (ours is Queen size) so you’ll need a comparable setting on your washer and it barely fit in the dryer. I used a lower heat setting and it took about an hour to fully dry. Being in FL, one of my concerns was whether the topper would radiate more heat, it did not. The memory foam brick did radiate heat to the point I had to buy a cooling mattress cover some time ago which only helped a little. This topper has not heated up at all so far. I wasn’t sure how the quilted block design would feel to sleep on, no longer unsure, for us it hasn’t affected the comfort at all. This weekend I felt it would be good to fluff it up, not that the topper had noticeably flattened but want to maintain its life expectancy. So, I hung it outside for a few hours since there was a good breeze going. And that little bit of breathing room did give it the appearance of being fluffed up again, so will probably do it every two weeks. I would highly recommend this topper to anyone who is in a similar situation with their brick mattress and achy joints, it was way more cost effective than purchasing a whole new mattress.

  24. T. Hadley

    I was suspicious of this topper. Most of them seem to get good reviews, but so many of them just go flat or aren’t really as comfortable as described in so many reviews.

    This one has been fantastic. I have had a 4 layer latex mattress for a few years and have enjoyed it’s comfort. However, I just got married and my wife wanted something a little different. She wanted something where she could feel herself sink in slightly that created a little softer experience. This topper has done all of that. I even enjoy a more comfortable night’s rest with it. After several weeks, the topper has not flattened out and has remained fluffy and soft. If I were to give it a negative, it would be that it is slightly warmer than my latex mattress. But, it’s not uncomfortably warm. Just warmer.

    I followed the instructions after unpacking it from the vacuum packaged plastic wrapping. I shook it open and then put it outside in the sun for 2-3 hours. After some time in the sun, it was fully expanded and fluffy.

    The biggest surprise is how comfortable it is for the price. You could spend hundreds of dollars on a different topper and wouldn’t likely get any better results. I’m a believer and highly recommend this one!

  25. Fred

    This matress topper makes my old mattress great again. It is super thick and fluffy. It is made of 100% cotton, soft but supportive, it feels like lying on cotton candy. Also, I feel hot at night with my old mattress, this topper definitely makes me feel cooler, love it.

  26. fatima

    when i received the product it was so thin because it was packed in a vacuumed Bag and i didn’t like it but when i took it to the laundry wash it and dried it it became thicker and nicer,

  27. William

    I bought a second-hand mattress. I’m very mind. But I don’t want to spend money to buy new ones. So I bought this Extra Thick Mattress Topper. I am comfortable sleeping on it. It’s like buying a new mattress. It is half the height of a regular mattress. Its surface is made of cotton and is very comfortable. This mattress is filled with snow velvet padding to provide adequate support. And don’t worry about allergies. It is breathable and can be cooler in summer.

  28. Brandon

    Somehow shipping was slow for this item, took almost a week to receive. I guess they probably went out of stock and had to wait for new stock to arrive. Despite the delayed shipping, I’m quite happy with this mattress topper. I purchased it for my guest bedroom, which has an inexpensive mattress and wasn’t very plush. This helps resolve the issue.

  29. Kirstin Bousegard

    I ordered this mattress pad because I felt my current mattress was too firm. I wasn’t sleeping well and would wake up with a sore back.
    And I’m really glad I did! It is very soft and comfortable and it made a HUGE difference in my sleep. I’m not tossing and turning nearly as often anymore and I feel less back pain and stiffness when waking up.
    Also unlike my last mattress topper, this one has no problem staying in place, which makes me very happy not to deal with it always coming undone.

    I highly recommend if you’re having the same problems as I was or just want a more comfortable mattress.

  30. Laura Taylor

    This is my honest review , I normally go to the bad reviews to know what to expect from a product and decided that I need to try to really know; and I am glad I did!! I am very impressed with the quality is a well made mattress top!!!❤. I have one but is not nearly as this one… This is very soft and comfortable… I got high-end hotel quaIity at a great price! I am very fortunate to not have any back discomfort so, i can’t really say that will help with pain or anything like it, I just wanted a soft, comfortable,beautiful and afordable mattress top and i got it…i am very happy!

  31. Weetug

    This mattress pad work like a charm and while seemingly well made, especially for the price ! This feel like a much more expensive mattress topper. It really adds so much comfort, I absolutely love my mattress topper. Made my bed so much higher and I feel like I’m sleeping in a cloud! This is thicker than any mattress pad I’ve ever bought. Quite plush. It holds its shape well after washing; it has good side coverage for fitting the mattress. It adds good loft for the mattress beneath the fitted sheet. Truly a quality piece. More than pleased with it. This one is perfect. Very comfortable, stays in place and I don’t have that sinking in feeling anymore. It’s just comfy. Highly recommend. Great product.

  32. xlc168

    I really like this mattress topper. It’s so comfortable and soft. This mattress topper is thick and it prevents you from being hot and sweaty. This mattress topper is also easy to put on top of your mattress. Overall, it’s a great mattress topper and super soft and thick.

  33. mood

    This mattress topper is a perfect edition to our firm king mattress. Since we couldn’t return our new bought mattress which is a little too hard on our backs, we had to do something and this was the answer. This topper fit top of bed , stays in place with elastic deep pocket, just cushy and soft enough to get a good night sleep. Nice quality, fit in my washer and dryer.

  34. Wei Sun

    Looking for a thick mattress topper for a while and bought this product for a try. Received this afternoon as expected and first impression when opening the package is that the 400TC cotton wrapper feels soft and in good quality. Can’t help to put it on my queen mattress then immediately it brings me the comfort and the right thickness I am looking for. Definitely worth the price.

  35. Arjin

    I have a firm mattress and I have always wanted to switched to something softer. This mattress top solve the problem. It provide the softness I needed for my back and comfort throughout my body. Size is just great for my king mattress. Easy wash and good airflow too.

  36. Tiffany

    I got this product after doing some research into ways to improve my sleep. After putting this mattress topper on I have felt better than I have in years. Very thick and comfortable.I almost slept through my alarm. Well worth the money. And it stays in place and washes up very well!

  37. Mauricio

    Luxury Affordable price I have got to highly highly highly recommend this to anyone that’s looking for a soft comfortable bed cover it is amazing been sleeping on it for days my mom came over and slept on my bed and she wants one which I will be placing an order for another one for her because it is so comfortable and cool

  38. Edmund

    It comes vacuum packed but quickly puffs up when you release it from the packaging. Great quality. I got a new bed that did not have a pillow topper. I like the feeling of laying on something soft over a supportive base. You can wash and dry it in front loaders. When the plush topper is part of the bed you can’t wash it and fluff it up. This topper maybe not as thick as I thought, but it’s very soft and comfortable. It stays on the bed with an elastic deep pocket. I would highly recommend it.

  39. susan

    Got this if you have a too firm mattress. We have a memory foam mattress topper over 3 years and it turns out to be firm . We decide to buy this mattress topper as an alternative after searching online for almost 2 hours . It’s thick and soft enough to relieve hip pain. Glad our bed becomes heaven again

  40. writer1986

    My husband and I have a firm bed, and our original mattress topper was super thin. I’d have a stiff back and legs after a night’s sleep, so I decided to buy a thicker mattress topper. This new one not only made the bed softer but so much more comfortable to lay on. So thankful, and highly recommended if you also have a firm bed too.

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