Layla Weighted Blanket

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Layla Weighted Blanket

Toss Less. Turn Less. Sleep More.

We believe that great sleep powers a great attitude and more energy during the day. So, when we find something that makes you feel as snug as a bug in a rug, we’re on board. If you’re sick of tossing and turning, we have your back (and your front). Introducing: the Layla® Weighted Blanket. A weighted blanket is a trusted tool for improving sleep quality and relieving anxiety. Our hugging blanket gives Deep Touch Pressure (DTP), a gentle pressure across your body that feels like a warm hug. DTP helps release serotonin levels in your system, which has a calming effect and is basically what your body uses to feel better. Weighted blankets have also been proven to help restless people stay asleep. Snug as a bug, indeed.

Smooth Layla Blanket

Smooth Bottom Layer

Our 300 thread-count 100% cotton provides a clean, soft, and easily washable surface. Throw in some quality stitching in a hexagon pocket pattern, and the Layla® Weighted Blanket makes your bed look as good as it feels.



Fleecy Layla Blanket

Fleecy Top Layer

We believe a stress blanket should feel like a dozen puppies (at least, that’s our philosophy). That’s why the top side of our weighted blanket is made of plush, soft, mink-like fur. It’s completely washable and so, so luxurious.



Clean Layla BlanketClean, Quiet Fill

A weighted blanket worth bragging about has carefully distributed weight and keeps quiet when moved around. The Layla® Weighted blanket has small glass beads sewn between two layers of poly-fill batting to keep the blanket quite as a mouse. Hexagon quilting keeps the weight spread evenly across the entire blanket.




Therapeutic Comfort for Maximum Good Feels.

The benefits of a weighted blanket aren’t just in your head. There’s some proven science behind how grounding your body with a weighted blanket gives you a secure, calm feeling. Deep Touch Pressure is effective for people with anxiety and ADHD, and when given the choice – most people who try a weighted blanket say they feel better with it than without it.

5 reviews for Layla Weighted Blanket


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  1. Leah O.

    Great customer service, quality product
    That being said, I do not like the weighted blanket. I’m a restless sleeper and thought it would help. It felt like someone was sitting on me.
    The return process was quick and easy – although they want you to use it at least 14 days. I didn’t appreciate that. It was torture from the first minute for me, and I’m not subjecting myself to that fo Read more aboutr 14 nights. I just set a reminder to contact them in 2 weeks. After that, quick and easy.
    Quality product and great customer service. The product just wasn’t for me.

  2. Austin P.

    Love this blanket! Nice cold night with this blanket is the best.

  3. Paul T.

    This is a great blanket,
    This is a great blanket, and it has helped improve my sleep.

    However, I do not appreciate being forced to write a review when rating the product.

  4. kathleen c.

    I am sleeping longer and though I sometimes take longer than I’d like to fall asleep, I am staying asleep and not waking during that sleep. I think because of the blanket, I am not sure but I am sure I am better rested since getting it!

  5. Edgar B.

    Best weighted blanket ever!
    I almost gave up on weighted blankets after buying three different types, but this blanket was so comfy that I can’t imagine going back to a regular blanket.

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