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LUCID 10.16 cm Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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LUCID 10.16 cm Gel Memory Foam Mattress Cover – Ventilation Design, Memory Foam, 10.16 cm, Queen

10.2 cm thick, plush gel memory foam adds a layer of comfort to existing mattresses
Contains gel material, captures and heats, and cools the memory foam
Ventilation design improves air flow and breathability
The memory foam has a uniform weight distribution, fits the curve, and relieves the pressure point.
Double, single, double, regular double bed XL, medium double, queen size bed and California queen size bed; 3 year warranty

Specification: LUCID 10.16 cm Gel Memory Foam Mattress


Two. Two XL. All. Queen. King. King size, California

39 reviews for LUCID 10.16 cm Gel Memory Foam Mattress


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  1. Cartec

    I bought this for my granddaughter. She’s seven and likes to jump on the bed, climb in and roll around and all round is a kid that’s hard on beds. This topper stands the test. I bought it over a year ago and it looks like new. There are no tears, rips, sags, or misshapes. It is soft and remains it place while sleeping or jumping.
    The bed is easy to make up. The sheets stay in place. I would recommend buying a mattress cover to go over it as the form can be warm and cause the sleeper to sweat. Although in the winter, if you sleep in a cool room this can be a good thing.

  2. Kiwi Jones

    I just purchased a brand new memory foam mattress last month and it was nice for first couple of weeks but I soon realized that I needed something softer because my back began to hurt. Since the mattress is brand new I decided to get a mattress topper. I looked this one up and it had pretty good reviews, I purchased the 4in topper. It did have a smell to it and it does say in the instructions to let it expand for 48 hours in a well-ventilated room, but I didn’t have 48 hours and I was tired I just turned on the fan and put it on top of my mattress and it automatically expanded completely, I didn’t have to wait 48 hours. I’m sleeping on it now and it is wonderful I love it.

  3. Audrey

    If you sleep alone this pad is great. Not too hot…I’m always hot. I think this pad takes the concept of “memory foam” too seriously. Maybe its just too thick. I couldn’t have imagined that would be considered a problem but it is. Sheets no longer stay on and laborious to crawl out of bed…kind of like getting out of a hammock. Also, if you like to sit in bed to read or watch TV your bottom sinks down so much you soon will be kissing your knees. Not sure of name of that yoga pose. 🤣

  4. Linda G

    Package arrived in good shape. Opened and mattress inflated immediately. No smell. VERY VERY comfy. Placed it on top of sofa bed mattress to mask the feel of springs. Mission accomplished!.
    Bed is sooo comfortable.
    Would recommend it highly.

  5. Cheryl

    Our mattress is only 4yrs old but was starting to wear out in strange places like the head area we paid good money for our mattress. So we made the decision to try the Lucid 4 in gel memory foam mattress topper instead of purchasing a new king mattress set. I have to say we are so very happy we did!! I have neck and back problems my husband has neck problems and even on his day’s off he wakes up very early when he slept until 7am I knew we found the perfect topper and saved so much money. When we put it out to expand our dog ran across with muddy paws I wiped off with soap and water good as new. I highly recommend this Lucid 4 inch gel memory foam mattress topper!

  6. Whitney Atkinson

    I bought this for my last semester at college and wish I could have gotten more use out of it. All my friends and roommates loved lying in my bed because it was sooo comfortable. It took a bit to get used to because obviously 4 inches of foam is a lot of sinking and can feel pretty hard at first, but it truly was SO comfortable. It was only annoying because the fact that it sunk down so much made it so that it would slide around on the mattress and it would make my sheets come undone off the corners of the bed because it was so thick, but fixing those issues took 5 seconds and was a small price to pay for how comfortably I slept those last few months at college. I would definitely recommend this!

  7. Mike B.

    Ordered to my mother-in-laws to put on her guest bed, a yard sale find. Plywood would be more comfortable than this bed, so despite her objections that no one else complains ordered this to arrive the day we did. Opened late morning and by bed time it was decompressed and ready. Made all the difference in the world, bedtime was again something to look forward to. It’s kind of heavy, but it’s thick so it should be. It is on the softer end of the support scale. Can’t attest to durability or longevity yet. It doesn’t make me look forward to visiting my MIL, but it sure makes it easier to get a good night’s sleep. One last thing, you’ll need deeper pocket sheets. This adds inches to the bed.

  8. Big Foot

    This Lucid 4 inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper has been a life saver for me. I have had trouble sleeping for the past 6 months because of lower back pain that has been radiating down my right leg. The only way I could get some sleep was sleeping with a pillow between my legs. Since we put this 4″ Gel Foam on our bed, I have been sleeping normally again and with no pillow between my legs. We recently spent 10 days with our kids and after one night, I ordered another 4″ Gel Foam for their bed…again what a difference. Thank you.

  9. Marianna Eaton

    I received it on time about 13 days ago. This topper is amazing! I have tried 2 other brands of toppers prior to this one that did not work and had to return. This topper is by far the BEST! I am a side sleeper but also like to spend time sitting up in bed as well. I have a firm mattress that hurts my back and hips due to the firmness level. I needed something to relieve the pressure points to provide softness. Well this topper worked. I sink in softly as it supports me at the same time. This topper does not bottom, meaning you don’t sink all the way in and end up feeling the hard mattress underneath. This is the perfect mix of foams making it perfect for my needs. I am now going to purchase a feather topper to add just to give it even more of a PLUSH feel. I am hoping the quality of this topper lasts long term. So I will post an update in a few months.

  10. Seymour

    Incrediby comfortable and warm. I use it as a main mattress with a 3” foam Ikea mattress under it on a flat surface in an art studio loft, and it’s as comfortable as a Sealy pillowtop mattress set. With a mattress cover it breathes great and maintains perfect body temperature. The only issue is that it starts getting little fatigue tears in it after a couple of months, but it doesn’t seem to affect its resilience. Granted, it’s intended to top a full mattress set so I am using it incorrectly. For the price, if it lasts one year that’s fair enough for me. I’d give it four stars but again – for the price this mattress is a great deal.

  11. KJ

    Hello! So I feel like I can finally write a review because I’m back from my vacation and have spent more than on night in my bed. I generally dont like soft anything, but my partner had back challenges and tossed and turns in his sleep. I purchased this with the intent to make his occasional visit more comfortable and I’d give it a 4.5 out of 5. If you cuddle and dont mind being stuck to get all night because it’s going to hold you in place…. this is an amazing topper… but as for me someone that like to escape the intense body heat of the sleeping furnace next to me 😁☠

    Alone, it’s also great because once you get comfortable and stop wiggling around, it’s almost as if I’m laying on a firm surface in the shape of my body. I dont like pillows much so the fact that it hold me so well without sinking in like a lot of these do is amazing to me. That’s my rant, thank you for visiting my Ted talk.

  12. angelina

    I am super picky when it comes to my bed, so I have done quite a bit of looking on amazon….
    This toper is the best.
    It is soft and firm… I have never slept with out a pillow or on my back, this topper is that comfortable. laying on my back the topper lets my bottom sink in, and my legs while staying firm for my back, my head sinks a bit while my neck get supported.
    The bed hugs you body while supporting your joints and back…keeps you cool.
    My partner and I got a cheap king mattress and this topper, and it feels like we have a luxury bed.

  13. Amy

    Oh my… where do I start? This mattress topper is amazing! It comes out of the box, unrolls and takes a few minutes to breathe and spring to life, but once it does and you lay down on it, you gently sink into a position where every pressure point is cradled and every joint is supported. I slept on it last night for the very first time and I feel completely rejuvenated this morning.
    It is completely breathable, meaning that when you squeeze the memory foam, you can hear the air whooshing through it, but yet the material forms to your hand.
    If you’re going to get a memory foam mattress topper, get this one. You won’t be disappointed.

  14. Megan Nelson

    I was having some severe joint pain on our firm mattress. I wasn’t sure if the 4″ would be too thick, and would feel like we were drowning. Absolutely NOT. It’s the perfect width, giving the feel of a memory foam mattress. Hugs my curves and joints perfectly. I wake up redressed and pain free!! We’ve had it for a few months now and no sign of sagging. Still very firm. LOVE!! You WILL need deep pocketed fitted sheets. (20″) *Dog not included

  15. Open Gates Farm

    We purchased this to replace a worn-out 3″ memory foam topper. We tend to sleep hot, so we opted for the gel & air holes. The 4″ thickness is great, even though it elevates our mattress fairly significantly. VERY comfortable. With our 1″ mattress pad on top, we haven’t been hot so I’m guessing the air holes help. We’ve only had this for about a week, so I gave DURABILITY a 5-star rating for now, but time will tell. I gave LIGHT WEIGHT a 4-star rating only because some people may find it to be a bit heavy, especially the elderly. We personally didn’t find it to be too heavy. SUPPORT earns 5-stars for sure. Two bad backs + one Lucid 4″ topper = a good night’s sleep! NOTE: Be sure to purchase a mattress pad & fitted sheets with very deep pockets!

  16. Patricia Woodson

    I am IN LOVE with my bed. Two weeks ago I hated it. I was literally going to throw a brand new 2500.00 mattress straight in the trash.

    I purchased a mattress that was way too firm. That mattress made every inch of my body hurt. I literally thought that I had bursitis of the hip and the beginnings of RA in my shoulder and back. My neck was a mess and getting out of bed in the morning was a tearful struggle. ALL BECAUSE OF A BAD MATTRESS!

    Well I read the reviews and figured what the hell, let me at least try this before I invest in another expensive mattress and WOW!!!

    I feel like a brand new person!! No aches or pains AT ALL. An immediate difference. I got the 4 inch topper. I put a mattress pad on the top so it isn’t hot at all. It is a little hard to roll around on but once you are comfortable you literally don’t want to move anyway. I can sleep on my side, stomach, back or whatever pain free.

    I hate writing reviews but I had to write this one because I am so pleased with this product. If you are having any issues with pain please try this.

  17. Travelluver

    Sleeping Comfort— Medium Firmness, cooler but not completely cool, & medium mobility on it (changing positions, getting in & out, sex)

    I’m VERY happy I took a chance on this cheaper brand, as long as it gives me a few years of use! It does in fact keep you cooler than some toppers!
    If you sleep hot BEFORE using a topper, I wouldn’t recommend a topper at all because you’ll see some increase in heat, even with the best cooling features on the market!

    I replaced a topper that was 5+ yrs old, it was 4 inches too but a softer density. That topper slept hot compared to this one, so for my experience this does sleep COOLER than what we had!
    If you get a topper that’s soft, where u sink way down into it, that will increase the heat levels because your cradled into the memory foam. It’s a trade off as far as which is more important to you. If you need the softness & very light support first & heat is lesser down your list, than get a lower density, softer topper than this. If being cooler is your first choice, & your ok with a firmer feel, than this is perfect!

    Uneducated guess, this topper is 25% cooler to sleep on than the last topper we had, which had no gel & no holes & was a less density. This topper keeps me warm enough & him cool enough so we can both make it work!

    Also, when we received the box, it looked fully expanded within a couple hours so we went ahead & slept on it that night. Slept great!
    It had no rips or tears, but all toppers do at some point.
    Handle toppers carefully, don’t pull or tug with much force.
    Pick up a side that needs adjusting & use a slow supportive move to slide it over a little at a time. I put one hand over & one under & slowly slide & adjust. If you try to handle it like anything else, you’ll rip any topper u buy, expensive or not!
    Overall I am very happy with this purchase as long as it gives me a few years of use!

  18. Kasey R.

    I had a firm mattress and I searched high and low for something that would soften it up, and THIS DID! It is very soft and sucks you in, exactly the way that I expected my firm memory foam mattress to be in the first place. This solved my problems!

  19. piercing elf

    I’m quite satisfied with the full size foam mattress I purchased. And I think the 4″ one I bought is a perfect thickness for my needs because I know they sell a 2″ and 3″ version but those would’ve been to thin for what I was looking for.

    The memory foam they use is very good and conforms nicely to your body and gives good support while still being soft. Although it took me a little while to get use to the feeling of memory foam since this is the first memory foam mattress/bed I’ve used.

    The 2 small cons I’ve experienced is that in the summer time the foam gets a little warm for my liking even when using a fan at night but not enough to disturb my sleep. And the foam is starting to get tiny tears that I suspect will only get bigger with time. But they aren’t anywhere as big as some of the tears in other reviewers’ pictures…yet.

  20. Amazon Customer

    It’s great. It took a couple days to harden up but it’s extremely comfortable and supportive. No regrets.

  21. Todd Jensen

    We recently purchased an air mattress to use when we visit our married children. It’s a tall queen size mattress with the built in electric pump and by time we added enough air pressure to avoid sinking together in the middle, the air mattress was hard and uncomfortable. Our regular bed has had a 4 inch memory foam on top of the mattress for years so we decided to try the Lucid 4″ Gel Memory foam. The main reason we chose it was price, but it is so comfortable that we’re planning to replace the one we have on our regular bed!

  22. Amanda A.

    Best investment I’ve ever made. I’ve been tossing and turning in my bed because of pain after a car accident… and FINALLY I can get a good night sleep. I am so comfortable.

  23. Anne B. Gatnik

    My son ordered this for his college dorm mattress and says that his bed is now more comfortable than his bed at home!

  24. kk

    I lost my mattress topper to the Great Flood 16, now I can finally rest again. This topper is so very comfortable

  25. Gary K

    My wife says “You sleep IN this, not ON this” and that’s a good thing! You sink into this topper, very comfortable. It’s warmer than what we’re used too, but it’s extremely comfortable.

    I’ve had minor lower back pain for years, and I can honestly say I have not had back pain since we bought this topper. It’s hard to describe, but you sink into this topper, and it cradles you. Every position is comfortable.

    The only downside is that because it’s so soft, it’s actually hard to move in the bed. You almost have to push up to roll over or change positions. Getting out of bed is a process like push up, roll over, put feet on floor, push your butt out and stand up. But man, it’s worth the effort!

    Bottom line is that it’s very comfortable, and to me it’s quite a bit warmer than the same bed was before I put this topper on. Just a bit harder to move around or get out of, but it’s great to relieve minor back pain – at least it works great for me!

  26. Ballye Baker

    I’ve been using this topper for about 2 months and OMG, it’s so comfortable! Like seriously! I live in a college furnished apartment so it’s super nice being comfortable on this mattress pad. It fits my bed very nicely, and it like a tempurpetic honestly. (No I don’t know how to spell it)
    Like I can set a glass down and jump up and down on it and the glass will not move, it’s firm but definetly adjusts to your body which is my favorite part.

  27. r2d2

    I am one of those people that doesn’t bother writing reviews, but really felt the need on this one after reading some of the bad reviews. First, and most important: if you don’t have major pain related to joints or the need to take pressure off of areas of your body than you probably don’t really need 4 inches of memory foam in the first place. It is the nature of that much foam that it totally cradles you and will make it a little harder to move or get out of bed. That doesn’t make it a bad product, just much more cushion than you might need.
    I have suffered from psoriatic arthritis and peripheral neuropathy for more than 15 years. The foam I just ditched was probably 3 inches 12 years ago, but had worn down to 2 and half and wasn’t cutting it any more. I would wake up with aching joints and certain high pressure places being “asleep”. I have been on this new foam for two weeks and am totally in love! I can even sleep on my side again, because the foam will cradle my body allowing my hip to not have to hold the pressure of the rest of me. It’ Amazing! Somebody compared it to a firm marshmallow, and I think that’s an excellent comparison. I am perfectly okay with not moving much at night, as my movement is usually caused by pain in sleep. I usually need to move to get circulation back! I am also okay with it being a little harder to get out of bed because, well….4 inches is a lot of cushion! If it were any firmer it wouldn’t be cuddling my painful pressure points or taking weight off of my hips. I also read that it wasn’t for bigger people, but I am 200 pounds and it still works just fine for me.
    This topper might be a bit too much for some, so make sure you really need that much foam befor you buy it. 2 inches of quality foam might be all you really need, but for those with similar issues to my own are gonna be in marshmallow heaven 😁

  28. nonnas princess

    So comfortable. Great price I’m
    So glad I bought it

  29. Debra Kay

    I love it! It doesn’t affect my body temperature either way. It makes all of my body parts just feel comfortable no matter where they land.
    It has a comfortable support, not overly firm. Smell was so minor I was able to sleep on it the same day. I would have given it a 5-under durability, but you must be careful when unpacking it and putting it on the bed because you can poke your finger through the holes and actually accidentally rip it. Really doesn’t appear to affect it at all, but that’s the reason why I gave it a 4, it is very durable once it’s on the bed. Be prepared though, with it being this thick it will shift on the bed spring. The comfort far outweighs any little issues I’ve had with the mattress. I would definitely buy it again! I purchased it for $99 and it is a full size 4 in foam mattress.

  30. GJC

    Like sleeping on a heavenly cloud. Our mattress is beginning to become aged and we can’t afford a new one right now, so I opted to try out this mattress topper to get us by for another year or so before we have to get a new mattress. This is one of the wiser choices I’ve made recently. It forms to your body and does not leave me aching in the morning. Having fibromyalgia and arthritis I have gotten up the last three mornings, (since buying it) feeling like I was not beaten the night before. Well worth the price.
    We’ve had it for a week and I am still 100% pleased. It DOES hold your own body heat, so it will get warmer and warmer as the night goes on. My husband an I are both overweight and it has NOT given us any problems. Extremely satisfied.

  31. Doc Moe

    For years I have had issues with my back, doing simple things like getting out of my car would wrench it (seriously, that happened). Very minor things would set it off and then pain for weeks. Two years ago we bought a new fluffy bed, that help a little but not enough. Having wrenched my back just simply by walking to my car (how pathetic) I decided to try this mattress topper. Since buying this memory gel mattress topper and only sleeping on it for a few nights my back pain stopped. After about two weeks of sleeping on it no more back issues at all, honestly, I could not believe it! I used to fear having to go out and cut my grass because I might pull my back trying to start my mower, not any more. No, I do not work for this company nor have they given me anything at all, I am just that satisfied with this product. It is an absolute joy to sleep on. Once you lay on it you can feel yourself slowly sink down into it, like laying a giant marshmallow. Having said all of that there is one small downside to it during the summer, it gets HOT! Those small little holes they have drilled into it does absolutely nothing. I have had to switch to a different cover to compensate, something much thinner. But with winter not far around the corner that downside will become a added bonus. I honestly can not say enough how much this thing has helped me, I sleep much better and no more back issues. I liked it so much that I bought one for my son’s bed and he absolutely loves it. Pricey, yes, but cheaper than going to a doctor and going through physical therapy. Word of advice, unroll it flat and let it sit somewhere overnight before sleeping on it. When you pull it out of the bag the chemical smell will knock you back at first, let is sit and breath for a while.

  32. Rin

    Great product, great price! It made my 15 year old spring mattress feel like a new bed without the expense. Love it!

  33. Christopher Daguiar

    You know that cheesy commercial on TV about gel mattresses where the woman says “I lie down and literally say Ahhhh”? I thought it was ridiculous until I tried this mattress topper. I fall asleep in minutes and unless I set an alarm I’m literally out for 14-16 hours. Best $100 I’ve ever spent, and I recommend it to all of my friends.

  34. Cynthia Dumas

    I had been using a 3″ eggcrate style mattress pad. This is so much better and has really helped me sleep better and with less pain

  35. Aerith Gainsborough

    Wow. I am so glad I went with the 4″!! I was so worried it wouldn’t be soft enough or that, as a stomach sleeper, with the side of my head against the surface that I wouldn’t be able to breath well if I sink to much. Lol. It doesn’t affect breathing when laying in that position. I have also have a mattress protector on it that I was also worried it wouldn’t fit. My new Dynasty 14.5″ bed with this 4″ topper didn’t have any issues with getting the protector on. I will need to get deeper pocket sheets unfortunately. Lol. But other then that I love how it feels. Very comfortable. It’s like a slightly firmer marshmallow!

    For people who seem to be getting ripped ones, you really need to be careful opening them and placing them. All memory foam toppers are pretty delicate and definitely need to be handled carefully. Just a little tip for anyone wanting one but might be afraid by all the reviews saying how they’ve torn. I will update in a few weeks to say how it is holding up.

  36. Tracker

    We used this as a topper on the sofa bed and our company said it was extremely comfortable. Highly recommend!

  37. Amazon Customer

    For the first time in as long as I can remember I slept through the night. I am a side sleeper, with chronic shoulder pain, this really helped take the pressure off. Bought thick cotton cover to go with it, so no hot sleeping or smell issues at all. The 4″ thickness does make moving around, and getting out of bed more work, but my abs could use the exerciser…lol.

  38. Momonthego

    Supper comfy, With hip pain issues this solved it . Love it. I bought this for my room in my parent house when I go visit It’s a tropical Island. No complaints of it being warm. it adds height to your bed. Perfect!

  39. lisa gonzalez

    I never do ratings on products I buy, but this foam memory mattress is the best thing I have ever slept on. I have fibromyalgia and arthritis in my neck and back.For once I’ve been sleeping throughout the night. It’s awesome!!!

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