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LUCID 4″ (approx. 10.2 cm) gel memory foam mattress

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LUCID 4″ (approx. 10.2 cm) gel memory foam mattress upper pad – ventilation for better temperature, memory foam, Queen

Style: 2 Inch.3 Inch
The 4-inch (about 10.2 cm) thick, plush-faced gel memory foam adds a more comfortable layer to the existing mattress.
Inject gel material to capture and dissipate heat for a cooler memory foam experience.
Ventilation design improves airflow and breathability.
The memory foam evenly distributes the weight and conforms to the curve to relieve the pressure point.
Suitable for single beds, single XL, double bed, double XL, queen size bed (Queen), king size bed (King) and California King size bed (California King).

Specification: LUCID 4″ (approx. 10.2 cm) gel memory foam mattress


Two. Two XL. All. Full XL. Queen. King. King size, California

40 reviews for LUCID 4″ (approx. 10.2 cm) gel memory foam mattress


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  1. Amber D. Stewart

    I got this topper for my preteen daughter’s bed. She has an old cheap mattress that was starting to seem worn out, so we were hopeful that this topper would make it more comfy again. She also sleeps hot and we were hoping for a little help in that area as well. This topper delivered on all accounts. After sleeping on it the first night she was raving about how comfortable it was. She said the words “it’s amazing” about 20 times! She slept much more comfortably and much cooler than on her mattress alone. I also laid down on it for a short while to test it out and agreed whole heartedly with her assessment. Highly recommended and very happy with this product!

    This topper comes compressed, but it fluffed up quickly with no noticeable off gassing smell.

    I will say that she has standard character sheets and it is a stretch to fit the fitted sheet over the mattress and topper. If you have deep pocket sheets available, I would suggest using those. Not an issue with the topper though.

  2. A

    Sleeping like a baby on this bad boy add it with a Nectar Mattress you are GOLDEN
    I need to buy a king verson as I have a king bed now but man when it’s cold this is the TICKET
    If you sleep hot I would avoid it but during the cold time it’s perfect I love it
    GAME CHARGER in sleeping make sure your mattress is nice and flat as you will sink into this like a baby

  3. psaw27

    I bought this for my teenage son (who weighs about 160 lbs). He’s been sleeping on the same hard 8″ innerspring mattress for years, which has held up great (no sagging). I just thought it was time for a softer bed now that he’s gotten bigger and heavier. I bought this about 5 months ago, and I just checked to see if it has flattened out already because I’m considering buying one for myself. It feels like new. I would say that his bed is very comfortable with this topper on it, even though the mattress underneath is very hard.. My bed is about 14 years old and sagging, so I’m considering buying a very firm innerspring (because I think they resist sagging), and buying one of these toppers. In the long run, it’s cheaper to change out the topper than get a whole new mattress.

  4. Amazon Customer

    I read all of the reviews with skepticism and unbelief, however this gel foam topper has far exceeded my expectations. The product saved me from the cost of an expensive mattress. I sleep very soundly with very little movement. My lower back and entire body feels good. Now the only drawback is I have gotten hot a couple of times. I would purchase again and again.

  5. DX Victor

    I have serious back issues. I’ve been trying to find a solution that would provide good support but with enough give to prevent pressure points. I’ve been through 5 different mattresses and pads in the last 10 years without finding anything that really worked. My current pad had gotten dished out and needed to be replaced. After reading good reviews and considering the reasonable price, I chose the LUCID 3 inch gel pad.

    I don’t want to gush over it. But after the first night, all I can say is the LUCID gel pad FAR exceeded my most optimistic expectations. At first I thought it would be too soft. It seemed squishy when I first sat on it. But sitting and lying are two different things. It’s firm enough so you don’t sink into it and yet gives in just the right amount for your hips and shoulders. What a great product.

  6. DreamOn

    For someone who is sleep disordered and has pain due to chronic disease, it’s important for me to have a comfortable mattress. I didn’t have the $$ to spend on a new mattress, so I purchased this one based on reviews as well as price. I’ve had this for a few weeks now and my sleep quality has improved dramatically. It was totally worth the money IMHO.

  7. Rootietoot

    My husband purchased this hoping it would help with my back and shoulder pain. It took about 10 hours to fully inflate, and unlike the manufacturer’s caution, there was no odor at all. I have an extra thick mattress and deep pocket sheets, and didn’t have any trouble putting the fitted sheet on. It was snug, but it did fit. It was very supportive while being soft at the same time. My husband prefers a firm mattress, but didn’t have any trouble sleeping on it. It also was comfortably cool, another concern we had. The morning after sleeping on it, I had none of the usual back, hip, and shoulder pain that I’d dealt with in the past. Putting it on top of a firm mattress seemed to have satisfied my need for a softer mattress, as well as maintaining my husband’s need for something firmer underneath. I haven’t had it long enough to speak to the long-term durability of it, but for the cost, even if it only lasts 6 months, it’s worth it for the quality of sleep I’m getting.

  8. Amazon Customer

    I bought this instead of shopping for a new mattress to try out the feel of foam and see if it would help or hurt my back and hips. I’m 6’4″ and 285 lbs and have lifted a few too many heavy things the wrong way a few too many times. After having seen others report tearing issues and knowing I am not small or light, I added a couple extra layers to try to make sure things lasted longer. I have a thin and cheap mattress pad on the mattress, then the 3″ Lucid pad, then an extra deep mattress pad on top of the foam and my fitted sheet over that.

    I have slept on this thing (almost) every night for the last 21 months. While I can tell there is a small bit of softening in the middle of the foam, I can take the layers off my bed and give them a good shake and the softening is gone for 3-4 weeks. It holds up much better than I expected and has worked well enough that I have not purchased a new mattress.

    My back pain and hip pain is 80% improved, I sleep better and longer now due to the lack of pain and am more productive during the day due to lack of pain and being more rested. This was an excellent purchase and was worth every penny.

  9. TAZ

    Very comfortable! I ordered this 3 inch topper to place on top of a 1 year old 15 inch foam mattress that was too firm. I was waking up every night with my hips and back aching (I’m a side sleeper), so I decided to try this memory foam topper. I’ve had it on the bed for a week and it’s been heavenly. I’m no longer waking up several times a night with my back hurting and have been sleeping soundly!

  10. Alex T

    I placed this on top of my Lucid latex mattress and now have a massive problem: I never want to get out of bed.

    Typically I shy away from overly plush mattresses due to the lack of support and eventual bending of the spine. However, this on top of a Lucid latex mattress equates to an incredible amount of support combined with the plush huggable comfort that this gel foam provides. It is truly an incredible combination that both the wife and I love.

    I fall asleep easily, stay asleep consistently, and have incredible difficulty leaving the bed if I have no pressing matters to attend to.

    This topper does hug you quite a bit, so do be aware that sweating will be a potential issue. We have a fan pointed at us at night which alleviates this issue, but if you’re a heavy sweater, you’ll experience issues.

  11. MP

    This is a totally honest review, not paid to use this product or write this review. I am surprisingly thrilled with this mattress topper! My bed always felt too soft and I’m a large person, and have had lower back pain for over a year, and I always thought it was due to my mattress. I didn’t want to purchase another bed until we move, so I thought I’d give this a try to tide us over. I know it seems silly to buy this if I want a firmer bed, but everything I read said if it’s a thick topper, it might help to make it firmer. Well it definitely didn’t, it feels even softer, BUT the memory foam eases the pressure points so much better. The first night I used it I woke up with NO lower back pain for the first time in like a year! My boyfriend slept better than he has in months as well. We’ve only been using it a little over a week so I can’t speak to durability or quality, but we both are extremely pleased with the comfort. I would definitely recommend!

  12. Sam

    Super easy to install. Hardly a smell at all after opening. After first night for the first time in years. No back pain, just a little swore on my lower back. I acted more as if i still had lower back pain because that’s what I’m used to.
    2nd night lower back felt even better. 3rd night and thereafter no more lower back pain. Amazing. Better than the chiropractor.

    You just sink into the 3 inch mattress. It feels so good because you want to go to bed and sleep. Then you don’t want to get out of bed because its so comfortable.

    My wife absolutely loves it. She just sinks in and says the same thing as i do. And she doesn’t have back problems.

    If you have lower back pains in the muscles you won’t regret this. Like i said, first time in years that i no longer have pain in the morning when i wake up. Its amazing. Now i like to go to bed and sleep in any position i choose without pain. And the foam stays cooler than our bed to sleep in

  13. Amazon Customer

    Got the package on time. Opened it up with letter-opener type devise that is provided so you don’t tear it, and even though people talk about it, the item had zero smell to it/no off-gassing (and I have a sensitive sniffer). This was great for me because I live in a very tiny apartment, with no place to put it out of the way to fluff up/ventilate. Unrolled it and it fluffed up in about 2 hours. I would have left it for at least 24 before putting it on my bed, but I have 2 kittens that wanted to attack it/play with it, and it looked fully expanded. I did notice one tiny tear line, but am not sure if one of my cats did that, or if that’s the way it came. Anyhoo, put it on my bed that night and am SO happy with this purchase. I have a very firm Ikea mattress, which I purchased to fit an existing frame in my apartment. I had gone with firm because my luxurious pillowtop had definitely become too soft for my aging body lol, but it ended up being just a little too firm for me. I wanted a layer of comfort to go on top so that my knees are more supported and my hips don’t hurt when I lay on my side for extended periods, but also didn’t want to spend a ton of money (this is a full sized bed and when I move next, I’ll purchase a king). Long of the short…so far, so great! Not only does it give me just the right amount of squish, it has also helped me sleep cooler! Not sure how it will hold up, but for $50 ish bucks, I would not hesitate to order it again.

  14. Christina C

    I don’t write reviews very often but felt the need to share my experience with this product. It’s a lifesaver!!

    I have a herniated disc in my back and sleep on a 10 year old mattress that is due for replacement. I was sleeping on an old recliner every night because when I slept on the mattress I would wake up in pain unable to stand up straight for hours.

    I got this topper as a last resort; hoping to extend the life of my mattress because I don’t want to spend hundreds on a new mattress right now.

    The first night I slept on it I woke up barely feeling anything. The second night I woke up with no pain – it’s a great product and has really helped me a lot.

    The only thing I would say is the first few weeks It felt like I was sunk into the mattress and it was harder to move around but I’ve gotten used to that now and it’s a non issue.

    I would HIGHLY recommend this if you have back pain or are looking to make a mattress more comfortable.

  15. mshumph

    I purchased the twin size for my air bed in my woman’s cave! I have insomnia and often sleep there to prevent disturbing my husband. However, I’d wake up sore with neck pain and migraines.
    So, I received the topper and waited the 48 hours recommended for expansion; although, it looked ready to use right out of the box. I finally slept in it and OMG, I had the best sleep in a long time. I awoke with no aches and pains. I slept through the night with no tossing and turning. I awoke energetic and roaring to start my day. I had forgotten what a good nights’ sleep does for a body.
    I now have to get a king for my bedroom, because I don’t want to sleep in that bed without a topper.
    The topper does look rather fragile. So, I’m not sure about longevity, and I will handle it carefully while changing the bed sheets.

    UPDATE 5/8/18:
    Still loving this topper as it is still comfy. My one issue is that it does not stay in place and last night I almost fell out of bed. Lol. The topper was over the edge of the mattress.
    I ordered a mattress gripper. Will update to let you know if it relieves the issue.

  16. Cheryl

    Best memory foam topper ever!!! I looked at so many and went with this one and I am so happy I did!!! Best sleep I have had in a while in my bed!!! No smell at all for me like some complain of and it’s fluffed right up as I pulled it out of the package! Get this topper if you want a nice memory foam one!

  17. KellyKelly

    This has saved our lives! Sounds overly dramatic, but true. We bought a new mattress two years ago from Sleep Train, and it was too firm. So we exchanged it for another one that was supposed to be softer, but we were still uncomfortable. But, they only allow you to exchange once, so we were stuck with a $5,000 mattress that we couldn’t get a good night’s sleep on. Fast forward a year and I visited a friend for a week. She has a futon with one of these mattress toppers. I was skeptical, because I usually find memory foam to be too warm and too soft. To my surprise, I had one of the best weeks of sleep in years! Once I got back home to my own bed, I knew I needed one. Ever since we purchased this, we have been sleeping much better and do not wake with hip pain or body aches. The best $300 I’ve ever spent.

  18. Riverchill99

    I am in love with this Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper!! My mattress is about 8 years old and I have been suffering with a sore back and neck for 2 years or better. Though my mattress still seems comfortable, I would wake up each morning with considerable pain so I knew the mattress had to be the culprit. I started looking at these gel memory foam toppers on Amazon and I decided on this particular one based on the user reviews. 3″ seemed to be a reasonable thickness and from what I read, a queen size fitted sheet still fit easily over the mattress plus this topper. I was skeptical that the topper itself would inflate to 3″ after removing it from the vacuum sealed packaging but after around 24 hours, the topper was fully fluffed and ready for its new home on my bed. Now, I am like “Princess & the Pea” when it comes to my bedding so I was nervous about adjusting to this new addition. In fact, I told the boyfriend “Don’t even get in that bed until I try out the topper first because if it causes me any discomfort, it is going right back.”
    Well, I got into bed and I never wanted to get out of it. This topper is so freaking comfortable, I couldn’t even believe it. The 3″ thickness is perfect, and I do not sink into it and get stuck as was mentioned by some other reviewers nor does it make moving around in bed difficult ( I toss and turn in my sleep and this topper causes no issues). It doesn’t make a permanent impression where your body lays either, which was also reported by some other customers. A deep pocket fitted sheet fit perfectly over it with room to spare. The packaging was sealed tightly and the topper was clearly brand new, never used and arrived with no damage to the item.

    I am thrilled with this topper and truly have had the best nights sleep in years since using it!! No back and neck pain in the morning! I am happy!

  19. Momma❤️Deals

    My husband was suffering from lower back pain. We just bought a $2500 mattress from a local mattress store. Like all the mattresses we buy the honeymoon phase ends fast. I usually would just go buy the egg crate looking toppers at a local store. This time I researched them on amazon.
    1. I have a king mattress so I wasn’t finding any mattress toppers in store under $200.
    2. I’m never pleased with anything that deals with mattresses. I feel like I’ve wasted so much money buying the latest pillow or mattress topper. I didn’t want to spend a fortune anymore.

    The cooling part of the mattress is okay. It’s not like what I was expecting but I’m not unhappy with it. When the package came I opened the box to find out I had to find a flat spot in my house to lay it flat for 48 hours. Once 48 hours was finished I placed it on my bed. The first night I was very pleased. It has been a couple of months and we are still enjoying this topper. My husbands back pain got better as well. I would purchase from this company if I’m interested in another topper.

  20. Mandy Lou

    I disliked the fact that I had to wait 48hrs to let it breathe however all good things come to those who wait! I spent $1,000 on a brand new mattress last year that has been waking my husband and I up in pain daily! We tried down toppers, were constantly fluffing, turning the mattress around; you name it we tried it! This was the last attempt before we got rid of the mattress altogether and lo-n-behold IT WORKED! It’s firm enough for my husband who has had two back surgeries but still soft enough! Your body sinks in just enough still allowing support. I went from looking like I was 80 limping to the bathroom in pain, to jumping out of bed like a normal person! We HIGHLY recommend!!! You won’t be disappointed 👍

  21. ChristineMM

    My son is living in furnished student housing at college and has a full XL size mattress. After one semester he was starting to have back pain from the terrible mattress so we bought this topper. It was not an option for us to replace that mattress so I figured we’d give this a try. I found the thickest topper With the best customer ratings and this is really amazing, no exaggeration!

    In order to have the right length we ordered the queen then he trimmed off the excess width from on the side using scissors. He said this is more comfortable than our Tempur-pedic mattress that he has at home! His back pain went away and he said his bed is awesome.

    As to the temperature his room is situated with a lot of air conditioning and so his room is always freezing cold. Living in college station Texas it is a hot Climate almost all year round. He is never made hot from this mattress topper, including living at college this summer when temperatures were over 100° outdoors. Rating 5 stars = love it.

  22. Curtis Ellis

    The only thing I’ll mention is depending on how thick your mattress already is, you’ll probably need a deeper fitted sheet. It didn’t have a bad smell to it and no stains. I only let it inflate for about 12 hours before I placed it on my bed, and I feel like I have a new mattress again! It’s so comfy I don’t ever want to leave my bed! I’m very impressed and I would absolutely recommend this to anyone!

  23. Anna B.

    Very happy with this mattress topper! I bought it for the old mattress in my guest room, so that I wouldn’t have to replace the whole mattress, which was very uncomfortable for my guests. According to my mom and my in-laws (our most frequent house guests), this mattress topper is very comfortable, and like sleeping on a new mattress.

    It feels like a memory foam mattress – my mom pointed out that it is not what she is used to with a regular spring mattress (it conforms to the body and sort of holds you all night), but once she got used to the difference, she loved it. It was also comfortable for her hip pain throughout the night.

  24. Tyler Hurst

    6’2″ 200lbs side sleeper
    So I have a pillow top mattress and always have tossed and turned in the middle of the night. Is it because I need a softer mattress? I don’t know. maybe but I dont want to buy another $1500 bed. What am I supposed to do with this one? There’s nothing wrong with it. Preferences change and I’ve noticed I need a softer bed because my current one, over 4-8 hours of sleep puts too much pressure on certain points over that time on my body/legs/shoulders. Bought this thing…holy balls. Unlike the extremely expensive “temper-petic” whatever mattress (they say let it settle 90 days before you get used to it…what? that is nonsense (because I bought one and returned it after 2 nights of bs sleep). No one should make their own body get used to a bed. The bed should be right from night 1, maybe 2 (in my case) ) this thing is awesome!! The first night I didn’t know what to expect and neither did my body. I woke up but noticed it wasn’t because I was aching like before, it was because of the extra blanket on the bed covering my feet made it more warm than I’d like. Second night after removing the extra blanket….holy $***. My body melted into this thing and had such a good nights sleep I didnt want to wake up. This next weekend will be the first weekend I get to try* to sleep in. Typically I get up ~7am on weekends. Let’s see how long I get to enjoy this no pressure topper thing…omfg this thing crazy comfortable.
    My only complaint (which is stupid at this point compared to the priceless good sleep I get) is that because it’s a topper thing you kind of notice it as a seperate thing on top of your mattress under your top sheet. One other small bit: it sleeps a little warm so use less covers.

    Seriously though: Bottom Line: Good sleep is priceless. You need a good nights sleep every day. This is a small price compared to the reward of being well rested. No I am not getting paid to write this, no I didn’t get it for free I paid for this thing with my money.

  25. Crazy Cat Lady

    I bought a cheap $300 box spring mattress when I moved into my apartment almost 4 years ago. Through several moves, my mattress came with me, and over the years it’s gotten pretty stiff and uncomfortable to sleep on. I knew it was time to do something different, and after lots of research, I found that this memory foam mattress topper was the solution. It’s extremely comfortable and feels similar to the memory foam mattress my husband bought (my cheap mattress is now a fixture of our guest bedroom). After sleeping on my mattress with this topper, I experienced restful sleep and actually woke up without back or neck pain. The memory foam gel also has kept me cool while sleeping. I have zero complaints!

  26. A Kept Woman

    I stated in another review, that I was apprehensive in purchasing anything that states “Memory Foam” insomuch as I believe that the product would conform to the persons body/form. But that is NOT the case with this LUCID 3-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper. Yes, you want to get this!

    We considered buying a new mattress, but I thought to educate myself on the Mattress Toppers. I began reading about them, the difference in the depth (1 inch, 2 inches 3 inches etc.). If you have back problems or the like the thicker the better. The gel and the air nodules in the mattress topper adds to your comfort. Knowledge is power!

    We bought this mattress topper and I am very pleased! It sleeps well as the comfort level is high and it does not flatten! We have a mattress cover on it and the edges will conform to the round shaped of the mattress cover. When we change the linen and remove the mattress cover, the mattress topper goes back to its original shape. Moreover, it adds height to the bed – for us that is good. But I want to caution you to be sure your sheets have the depth to withstand the additional 3 inches.

    Six months later and I am elated about this purchase. Before you buy a new mattress, I think you should try this mattress topper! Oh, I should mention there is a light odor, due to the packaging but it will dissipate in no time.
    We didn’t wait the recommended 48 hours, we opened the box (we actually placed it on the guest bed) in the morning and but the topper on our bed later that evening. This is one of THE BEST PURCHASES I’ve made.

    This is not a paid review, I pay attention to reviews and I wanted to share my views with anyone who’s considering making a purchase. I’ve already shared this with several friends.

  27. Lola the Diva

    My husband loves this. Put it on the top of a very firm mattress and it’s helped reduce the pain in his shoulders since he’s a side sleeper. I like it too because it is cooler than sleeping on memory foam without the gel. Would definitely purchase again. We didn’t notice any odor and it puffed right up after opening the package.
    I stripped the bed in the morning. Opened the plastic vacuumed topper on the bed where it stayed until I put everything freshly washed back on the bed that night. Thought that would be better than trying to carry a big piece of foam through the house and risking a tear as some people have mentioned in their comments. Worked great.

  28. Stefani

    I feel like I have a new mattress again! It’s so comfy I don’t ever want to leave my bed! Me and my cat 100% recommend this mattress topper! Who cares if it’s not a full 3-inches or whatever, it’s so dang comfortable!

  29. msublove

    I have never written a review! But had to for this mattesss topper if it’ll help someone with upper back, neck and shoulder pain! I have had pain in those areas for a couple of years now. I got this topper yesterday, slept on it last night (it was fully fluffed up within 6 hours) and woke up feeling pretty dang good. Usually I’m popping my back all day, rolling my head around, doing head stands or back bends just to get a tiny bit of relief. I did my usual yoga this morning and haven’t looked back. I even took a nap! I NEVER nap! I think you should give this a try if you struggle with neck back or shoulder pain!!

  30. Amazon Customer

    Last week, I was where you are now- reading reviews and getting confused because some people RAVE about this topper, while others absolutely hate it.

    So what gives?
    The difference here appears to be very simple. This is a fantastic topper… but ONLY if you have a medium firm to very firm mattress underneath it. My mattress is fairly firm, and let me say this mattress topper has changed my life. No, I am not exaggerating. I am an insomniac and I move around a lot at night. I get into such a deep sleep at night now that I wake up actually feeling REFRESHED. I am more productive in the day now.

    I cannot speak for the long term integrity of it yet, but I will say that it does not create “valleys” where your body was. I used to get frustrated with my pillow situation (2 pillows not enough height, but 3 is way too much)… not anymore. It creates just the right shape to support me and my neck that the pillows are just fine now.

    I think a lot of the reviews on here saying that it is a struggle to crawl across, or that it sinks too deep, etc etc etc, are because they put their topper on a mattress that wasn’t very firm. I hope that if you are considering this mattress and you know that your bed is a little cushy right now, to please consider that maybe youll come across some of these issues.

    But if you have a firmer bed right now, I am pretty sure you’re going to love this topper!

  31. JayPay

    I rarely write reviews, but this topper is the best investment hands down. My back would be so sore, and I there would be a slight dip in the center of a new mattress. The topper allows me to sleep on my side and it forms around me and gives my back 100% support. I woke up without tossing and turning, and had to write this review.

  32. D. Richardson

    My husband and I are sleeping on a spring mattress set that has several years on it. We need to buy a new mattress soon-ish but we haven’t decided for sure what type we want so we’re trying to extend the life and comfort of our current mattress. It’s extra-firm, which both of us have always liked – I’d literally rather sleep on the floor (and have!) rather than on a mattress that’s too soft. However, we’re both mostly side sleepers and as we’re getting older and experiencing more joint pain, we were both finding that our extra firm mattress was causing a lot of morning pain in our knees, hips, and shoulders. While we’re considering the merits of spring vs. memory foam vs. hybrid, we decided to try adding a memory foam topper to our existing mattress both to extend the useful life of it and to see if it would help ease the pressure point pain in our joints and the LUCID 3-inch Gel Memory Foam mattress topper is the one we chose.

    We’ve had it less than a month so I can’t yet speak to how it will hold up over time, but so far it’s doing the job for which we bought it. It has added enough cushioning to greatly relieve morning joint pain for both of us, but we can still feel the support of the extra-firm mattress underneath and it’s not so deep or squishy that it feels like trying to fight my way out of the center of a marshmallow whenever I change position – something I’ve experienced on a couple of memory foam mattresses I’ve tried.

    I don’t think it sleeps particularly cool but I don’t think it sleeps noticeably hotter than our mattress without it either – I’d consider it pretty temperature neutral. If you’re looking for a way to suppress motion, I don’t think this is thick enough to do that, at least not on top of a traditional spring mattress set. My husband and I can still feel it when either of us gets in or out of bed or changes position in the night. Again – no worse that the mattress without the topper, but no better either. But if you’re looking for a way to add a comfort layer to a mattress that’s too firm, we find this to be just right for that purpose.

    For what it’s worth, we did lay it on top of a guest bed and let it expand for the full recommended 48 hours before we moved it to our bed and slept on it. I have no idea if that makes a difference to how it feels or how it will last, but since we had an unused bed available, we decided to let it expand as much as possible before sleeping on it.

    I’ll try to remember to come back and post an update after we’ve slept on it a few months and have had a chance to see how it holds up over time.

    Six month update: Still loving it! It’s still holding its shape, no “valleys” where we sleep each night.

  33. JWJ

    I had been sleeping on a futon for nearly 20 years before late December 2017 when I purchased a Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress and I have been in heaven ever since! Then I came across this LUCID topper and after reading a ton of positive review’s I decided what the heck, lets see if there isn’t a bit more sleeping comfort to be had and yes there certainly was more to had! 5 STARS ACROSS THE BOARD, thank you LUCID!

  34. Amazon Customer

    Nice topper, my new memory foam mattress was quite stiff but this makes all the difference.

  35. D

    BOOOIIII!!!!!!! This thing is AMAZING! I bought this for my college dorm because obviously, those mattresses suck. I let it air out for the full 48 hours like the directions said with no sheets on it or nothing. And y’all, I have slept so well on this thing. I have never slept well; I always always always wake up like 30 times a night to switch sides becuase it starts hurting. But on this, I can sleep on the same side all night long. I have never slept this good in about 7 years, and I’m not exaggerating. I was also extremely homesick so even with that, I still slept amazingly. I had no problem with smell. I’ve had no problems at all. I love this thing and I am going I get one for my mattress at home. If you have absolutely any problems sleeping, buy this for your mattress before you buy another mattress. If this thing can help those paper-thin college dorm mattresses, it can help anything. Get you one!!!


    Being in 7+ major car accidents and being 75 years old, I am finally very comfortable sleeping at night on my Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper! What a big relief! Recommend it highly.

  37. J.D. W.

    I love this mattress topper!!!! If anyone is planning to purchase a new mattress, before you invest that kind of money, please do yourself a favor and purchase one of these first.

  38. Jaime Wolfkill

    I read lots of reviews before purchasing a memory foam mattress. This particular mattress got so many great reviews so I purchased.
    Let me just say, this Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper is freakn amazzzzzing. I should have purchased a long time ago. The only bad thing I can say about this is I never want to get out of bed.. It’s so comfortable. I have a queen size bed that already has a pillow top mattress. My sheets fit a little snug over the memory foam mattress but it still covers really well. I also removed my mattress pad protector because I wanted the full feel of the memory foam mattress beneath me when Im in bed. Like many other reviews and the instructions say… I laid the mattress out for at least 24 hours (i couldn’t wait 48.. i wanted to use it so badly), and the initial smell does go away quickly. Once its under your sheets there is no odor what so ever anyways. Here’s the best part… it was reasonably priced… and I was able to order this Prime! I have been using this foam mattress for about 2 months now and the mattress springs back to its original place every time I re-position. Get ready for a good nights sleep!!

  39. Amazon Customer

    My husband and I had purchased a new mattress. We were going with the trend that a firmer mattress would be good for our backs. After months of a sore back we had to do something! We found this jewel! We sneak chances to lay in our bed now!!! This pad is amazing. I feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud.

  40. Haley B

    I know in the instructions it says to set out for 48 hours to inflate, however when I first opened I was so skeptical as to how it would be able to expand because it was SO uneven! However I set it out anyway, once I checked back in a couple hours it had fully expanded and looked perfect! It made our bed feel like an entirely new mattress, both me an my boyfriends body and back aches are long gone. Even our dog never wants to sleep on her dog bed anymore which she used to love! So easy to fall asleep now and we wake up well rested. Every since we got this we’ve been sleeping through the night no problem. And you can’t beat the price considering Serta has basically the same thing but for $260. Definitely recommend!

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