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Lucid 66.04 cm gel memory foam mattress

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Lucid 66.04 cm gel memory foam mattress – dual-layered – certipur-us certified – firm Feel, foam, white

Style: Mattress only. Mattress with Encasement
Gel Memory Foam creates a cool sleep experience that fits perfectly and relieves stress points
Double layer technology – 55.88 cm, soft and ventilated cooling layer 7.25 inch support bottom foam layer
Open-cell construction creates a more rugged memory foam – 25 year warranty
Roll in hard cylinder compression, delivery – easy to move, assemble
Certipur-us certified (no harmful odors), dustproof, safe, suitable for all resitant pajamas – size: single bed, twinxl, regular double bed, fullxl and queen


Specification: Lucid 66.04 cm gel memory foam mattress


Two. Two XL. All. Full XL. Queen. King. King size, California

40 reviews for Lucid 66.04 cm gel memory foam mattress


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  1. Eliz

    Ok first of all….it did smell. Bad. Like it gave me a headache bad. It didn’t help I had to keep it in an enclosed room. Which is not recommended. But the dang cats! They kept climbing it. So I left it in the room with the fan on and the window open, in winter. But after a day it did finally stop.
    After you get this, you will think it is not going to be supportive, it’s too thin. Maybe I should have gotten the 6″ or the 8″? But I needed it for a top bunk. Well I am happy to say it is perfect. Because it is not too thick, my son can roll around and still be protected by the top rails. I had to make his bed of course and afterwards I laid down on it. Surprisingly it really is supportive and very comfortable. It is a good mattress.

  2. Marga Gomez

    After one night sleeping on it I’m 95 per cent satisfied. The package arrived on time. As instructed I carefully opened the packaging of the rolled up compressed mattress and let it expand undisturbed on the rug for almost 72 hours. You really need to NOT plop down on it too soon if you want it to expand correctly. Once it was ready I measured it and mattress was exactly 5 inches tall as advertised. 38 ” wide and 75 inches long and dropped perfectly into the twin platform frame I got on Craig’s list. Most memory foam twins list 39″ width – so I specifically got this for the 38″ width dimensions. There was a slight chemical smell but I kept a window cracked for a day and it’s fine now. My only complaint/request is on one page of the site it has different dimensions for the twin size. Don’t like confusing specs. I needed to know the exact dimensions for the bed frame. Inches matter – that’s what she said. Mattress is firm as advertised but I hope it will soften. For 80 bucks it is a good deal as a guest bed for occasional use. When I have guests they’ll take my queen bed and I’ll sleep on this memory foam twin.

  3. CJ

    To the point:
    -firm, but cushions the body (260lbs and I don’t sink into it, but I don’t have any pressure anywhere)
    -no smell out of the box
    -comfortable temperature (does not cause overheating)
    -perfect for stomach sleeping and side sleeping (no hip pain)

    Story review:
    I got a twin mattress for an odd purpose— sleeping on the floor with visiting dogs and when visiting family overnight. I had an air mattress but not only did it deflate quickly, it just wasn’t comfortable. But I needed something light enough for me to carry, and flexible but not too expensive. Enter the lucid mattress. Got the box (amazon over-packed it but whatever) and pulled it out to let it “inflate” to achieve full loft. Put the waterproof cover in the wash, laid down on it in the meantime and it was comfortable from the start. No pain anywhere, and it felt better than my regular bed mattress. I can actually lay on my back, flat, without any lower back pain/spasms. Took a nap, and woke up no aches or soreness. I’m going to have to invest in a lucid queen size mattress for my bed. For the price you can’t beat the comfort level.

  4. GGW

    This mattress is very nice and comfortable. We purchased a bed with a trundle for our grandson. The trundle needed a 5 inch mattress. Which is somewhat hard to find. The mattress recommended with the bed was $400! Someone recommended we just find a camp cot mattress. Not me. I wanted something comfortable for guest. This does the trick. It is as comfortable as the 10 inch mattress we purchased for the bed.

  5. marlinmaster

    I bought this mattress for my pop up camper. The original mattresses were down to 3″ and 17 years old. We had been putting a 2″ foam topper and another 2″ of memory foam on it and that wasn’t enough. I am heavy 300# and would wake up in the middle of the night feeling my hip bottomed out on the wood of the bed . I bought this and had to cut about 7″ off to match the old mattress (Which was very easy to do) . Put this beauty on the bed and just for an extra kick added the 2″ foam topper. Slept like a dream! As good as my bed at home. THANK YOU Lucid for solving my mattress problem very economically! Anyone needing to replace their RV mattresses I highly recommend this mattress. Just cut it down to the size you need if the standard sizes are too big.

  6. Justin M.

    Bought 2 for kids. Can’t speak to gel layer, but rest seems like pretty typical good quality memory foam. Be prepared to allow 24 hours out of bag to return to size (which was a suprise to me… hadn’t really thought it would take that long, but those are the requirements per the manual). Sizing just as expected. Arrives and what is effectively a single use duffle bag be careful when picking up by handles since they pull off the duffle bag easily, but this is more of packaging issue than a product issue and did not affect the product itself.

  7. J. McDaniel

    Perfectly FIRM surface, with just the right amount of cushion. Anyone with back problems will absolutely adore this mattress. You will absolutely need a flat surface for it to lie on, though. Box springs work well with it, so no worries there. But wooden slats are likely to get uncomfortable.

    This is very much a Swedish/Asian style mattress, which was EXACTLY what I was looking for. If you don’t like the 8-10 inch memory foam mattresses because of how much you sink down into them, this is the mattress you’re looking for. It reminds me of IKEA’s firm foam mattresses, but with a little more cushion/comfort.

    Expanded fully within 48 hours, probably 24 hours, but I gave it an extra day to be sure it was done expanding. Cover seems to be decent quality, but not waterproof – you may want to get a waterproof cover. Can easily be “upgraded” to be softer with a topper, too. Bottom of the cover is non-slip, so it will stay put on a hard floor.

    Not as heavy as other memory foam mattresses I’ve owned, and I can move it around by myself fairly easily, though it flops around a bit more than thicker mattresses do. Probably ideal for moves.

    No smell… then again… I stuck it in a different room to expand. However, I didn’t notice any weird smell while unpacking it, either. It came with a box cutter to assist in unpacking, which was quite thoughtful.

    My & my SO’s first night on this mattress was AMAZING. We both slept SUPER hard. We both woke up in the morning with less back pain.

    One week later… we both still love this mattress! It’s held up very well, and continues to bring relief to me at night (nerve issues). SO reports his back pain has completely disappeared. I normally am a light sleeper, and thought by now I would be restless at night again… nope. I still sleep so hard, he says I snore, lol. It’s REALLY hard to get up in the morning simply because I don’t want to leave this bed, lol.

  8. Chad

    We were super hesitant to purchase a mattress that we couldn’t see in person. We read all the reviews and decided on this one. GREAT CHOICE! We just upgraded our toddlers bed to a twin and this was the perfect mattress. Its supportive but comfortable. He slept like a rock last night! I unwrapped it and let it expand for the FULL 2 days. After about 36 hours it rose to the full 5″ but I wanted to play it safe and wait the full 48 hours. No smell, excellent quality,and keeps him cool at night with the gel foam. Very happy with this purchase.

  9. Stacy S.

    I bought this mattress 2 years ago for my daughter when she turned 4 and we moved her from her toddler bed to a twin bed. It was a decent mattress and she slept well on it. After about 6 months when my son turned 3 he got a junior loft bed and we decided to use this mattress on that bed because it is a smaller (low) mattress. It fit PERFECTLY. It gave plenty of cushion and was low enough that he had several inches of guard rail to keep him in bed. This was my son’s first bed in his own room and I didn’t expect him to want to stay in the bed but he did!
    Now we have three twin mattresses and a full size mattress for our kids beds all different types and brands. The two other twin mattresses while they are plush mattresses and much more expensive, my kids don’t have a preference for those mattresses over this one. Which means I can save a few hundred on getting plush replacements and stick to the lucid foam mattress and they are just as happy. In fact our full size bed and mattress we are saving for my youngest daughter is quite OLD (it came with a jenny kind style bedroom suite from my grnadma’s house and is older then I am) so I’m planning on ordering the full size
    Of this same mattress to replace it.
    For kids you really can’t beat this mattress and I appreciate that it can work for any size bed. Daybed, platform bed, loft bed or bunk bed and isn’t too high.
    Also, When we moved to a new town last year we got to the new house quite late and didn’t want to unpack all the beds and set them up so we made pallets on the living room floor. My husband can’t sleep like that so he pulled this mattress out of the truck and laid it in the floor and slept all night on it. He had to get up early in the morning and run to work at his new job for a while and he said he slept great, no back pain. (Meanwhile my pallet on the wood floor left me stiff and unable to make any sharp movements for a few days) so an adult can sleep on this too and be okay. I’m not sure if I would want it for my full time bed as an adult. I have sensitive hips after three back to back pregnancies and c sections but for a night or two occasionally it would be perfectly fine.

  10. paintedcouture

    It’s exactly what it says. This is the 3rd memory foam mattress I’ve bought, and I’m pretty pleased.

    It arrived in a neat box, and took the full 48 hours to fully expand. We opened it 4 days ago and it still has a mild chemical odor, but I expected that. It’s firm, but very comfortable and for the price of a king size mattress, it’s worth the price.

    I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a new mattress. I won’t ever spend a ton of money on a mattress again.

  11. Amazon Customer

    Our other room have the true tempurpedic beds, we have tired other online heavily pushed-less expensive toppers, of which no matter what where returned after trial. I knew this 5″ Lucid was different upstanding quality the moment it was unwrapped and now after the recommended expansion time, it is even better. I will purchase another for the second guest room, can’t beat the price and low VC rating or “statement” the company is claiming. For sure would highly recommend to a friend.

  12. sw

    I have chemical sensitivity (I can’t be around any fabric softener, for example) and wanted an affordable bed without flame retardants. This worked out great.
    I lit soy candles and opened the windows when it was airing out since the smell affected me a little the first day (candles help to burn off VOCs). But after that it was good.

    The bed felt a little too firm at first and I was SCARED, but it turned out OKAY since it truly did get more soft as time went on.

    I have it on my floor, no bed frame, and I lift it up sometimes to see if it’s getting musty and it doesn’t seem to be. The cover is more water-repellent on the bottom or something. I live in a dry area (southwest desert) so maybe that’s part of why I can have it on the ground.

    Good bed for people with some degree of chemical sensitivity.

    Relatively comfortable. It’s thick enough. I was worried 5″ would be too thin but I can’t feel the floor at all.

    Wonderful bed.

  13. mamaV

    I was a little skeptical about ordering this mattress considering how thin it was compared to your standard sized mattress Thickness. This is a really nice mattress it’s not super thick I wanna say it’s a few inches tall no more than five Lucid mattresses are great in general I have one in Cali-king. I ordered this one for my daughters twin size bed I’ve laid in her bed many times and this thing does not budge it is a really nice little mattress for how thin it is a comfort is grand!! Whether you’re using this as a pillow top on your mattress or just as your actual mattress this is a nice one very comfortable and doesn’t sink in. Tip** I did not notice this mattress sinking into the boxspring but I did add in a very thin piece of wood right on top of her box spring then this mattress. Just Incase it did slip into the box spring.

  14. Allan Sewell

    A very comfortable mattress to sleep on. I added to a futon in a guest room and it fit perfectly and my 1st guest that showed up in town got up saying what a relaxing and comfortable sleep they had experienced. I couldn’t be happier!

  15. turk dog

    When this arrived in a long, thin box, I cringed. When we opened it and the contents emerged looking like an enormous anemic egg roll, I cringed more. THIS was a mattress? Sheets fit on it poorly because the depth is lacking, so it seemed to be an egregious situation all around. Then my sister-in-law came to visit. I have a couple of guest rooms, but one was already taken, so I apologized and told my SIL that she’d have to sleep on this bizarre new arrival. She loved it though! In fact, she loved it so much that when she returned and the other room was open, she chose to go back to the flat mattress. I slept in it the following night and have to agree. With that all said, I have a caveat: my brother and son have also slept on it, and neither of them were so smitten. They both weigh over 200 lbs and are pretty solid guys though, whereas my sister-in-law and I both weigh about 130-140, so be aware that weight may be a factor.

  16. Marilyn B. Philip

    Lucid mattress was recommended to us by a young couple that has been touring the US in a van; they love the comfort of it. Surprisingly firm and comfy — much more than I had expected from a 5″ mattress as I am very overweight and didn’t expect the mattress to support my weight so well. The gel-topped foam is wrapped in a good quality slip cover with an additional very well-made outer zippered cover. We did need to cut it down on two sides to fit a specific area. Using a bread knife, it was easy to slice accurately and quickly with a minimum of mess. I would absolutely buy this product again and recommend it highly.

  17. Lindsay K. Evans

    This mattress is AWESOME! We bought it to fit in the top bunk of my sons’ bunk bed and not only is it short enough in height, it’s incredibly comfortable. He LOVES it! Came packaged in a box and was fun to unpackage–both of my boys were wowed as it unfolded and fluffed to full size. Would highly recommend this to anyone!

  18. Taína

    This mattress has been in my life for over 4 months now. I was skeptical but desperate because my previous mattress was soft. I was dying for a firm mattress but unable to afford a full blown mattress. Found this and hoped for the best. It truly was worth it. Although it is a pretty “skinny” mattress, and at first I was troubled it wouldnt be able to do the job, i was pleasantly surprised. as long as you have a supportive base (e.g. a bunky board) to hold it up, this mattress is so supportive and comfortable. I definitely don’t sink thru or feel the bottom despite it seeming thin. even my boyfriend who is 6’1 was surprised by how firm, supportive and comfortable it was. A+!!!!

  19. Jess C

    I bought this mattress for my toddler’s new twin bed. I wanted something that wasn’t super thick so she didn’t need to climb mountains to get into her bed. 5 inches is the perfect thickness to sit straight on her metal bed slats, with no box spring.

    We are a family that prefers the memory foam durability and a firmer mattress. After comparing several other memory foam mattresses, Lucid was definitely the right choice for our taste. My husband and I like to sit on her bed and read bedtime stories and it does a great job withholding all of our weight. I would definitely consider buying a Lucid mattress for my bed when it comes time to replace ours (Tuft & Needle). For the price point and the quality, we have been very satisfied with the performance of the bed.

    A few other things to note:
    -The bed comes in a zipper enclosed fabric covering! Which means I can remove and wash if needed. Such a plus, esp for a child that has accidents of all sorts in bed. It’s like an extra barrier under my mattress protector.
    -There is a chemical smell when you first open it (not overly alarming). I would suggest taking it out of the plastic wrap and airing it out for a day. We did one day and it was perfectly fine afterwards.

  20. Lucas Smith

    These are pretty amazing for a 5 in mattress. We purchased 2 of these for our pop-up camper, as the old mattresses were 4 in thick and i knew i could squeeze and extra inch in, and cut them down to size. To do so we had to remove outer removable cover and cut end seem of the inner non removable cover. Then we just marked the dimensions we wanted with a sharpie and cut it easily with a hack saw, before putting the covers back on (just folded extra material right now, but will probably sew a new seam eventually). At 5 in thick i wasn’t expecting these to be as comfortable as they are, but they are as comfortable or even more so than my 18 in pillow topped mattress on our main bed. I almost fell asleep as i just meant to test it out in place 🙂 The added memory foam seems do help a good bit at cushioning motion on the pop-up camper as well (not completely gone but definitively better than it was before). Will have to see how they hold up over time but for now very pleased. The toughest part is finding fitted sheets and mattress protectors that work well on a 5 in thickness as they all seem to be made for 15+ inch mattresses. As a note, a full sized (not extra long) fitted sheet fit ok (still a bit loose) before we cut the dimensions down.

  21. Steph G

    Update: Its been 2.5 years since I bought two of these for my kids. They are still comfortable to my 5 and 8 year olds who weigh about the same (50 pounds). I have fallen asleep cuddling with my kids countless times. In about a year, I’m gonna buy the queen size Lucid gel.memory foam mattress because of my experience with my kids’ beds. Also, there was very little smell after it inflated. Its definitely worth buying especially for kids.


    In December 2016, I bought two of these mattresses for my 6 and 3 year old’s new bunk bed. My kids are both 39 and 40 pounds a piece and they love their big kid beds. I lay with my youngest 5/7 nights for 5-10 min for cuddle time and the mattresses are comfy for my 125 pound self. It is not hot at all and my son cannot feel me climb out of bed if he falls asleep before I get up. It makes me feel good to know their bodies have adequate support with the foam quality. This mattress is worth the money.
    The only con is that because it’s a 5 inch mattress, it’s impossible to find sheets that fit. I tuck any excess generated from movement while sleeping into the edges of the bunk bed. Doable and doesn’t bother the kids. If it’s something that will drive you crazy, get the 8 inch. My oldest brother bought the 8 inch version for himself and has no issues with sheets fitting.

  22. Mel

    I think I brought this some months ago for my girls mydal ikea bunk bed and I let them sleep on it for some time now. The mattresses is very comfy and cool, doesn’t retain too much heat. Even though it’s thin it’s still resilient on my weight, just perfect for the kids bed frame height & softness for a good nights rest.

  23. Tina Gundy

    We previously had a memory foam mattress from another distributor. After five years of use, it was time to find something new and what a difficult decision it can be finding a mattress that works for two people just right. After reading reviews, we took the plunge with this one and happy we did!


    ~ easy to unwrap from shipping package. They give you a letter opener so you do not damage the mattress. Kudos to them for that!

    ~ Firm or soft? We both feel the mattress is on the softer side, but not as soft as our previous one. Your body sinks into it- in a good way though. We had purchased a green tea foam mattress recently and ended up needing to purchase another one of these for on top as the green tea foam mattress was way too firm for us.

    ~ doesn’t hold heat it like our previous mattress, so that’s nice because otherwise you get too hot

    ~ I have an autoimmune disease and need to have a softer, comfortable mattress or I pay for it. If you have an autoimmune disease, arthritis, back pain, or any kind of body pain, I would recommend this! Or if you’re a first time foam mattresser- give this one a chance.

    As for the smell that comes with the mattresses, ours have always disappeared within a couple days at most. It seems the thicker the mattress is, the longer it takes to go away, but it always has for us. We’ve now purchased two of these mattresses- one 5 inch and one 10 inch. The thicker they are, the softer they are, or so we’ve found.

    Would recommend getting a mattress protector, such as this: LUCID Premium Hypoallergenic 100% Waterproof Mattress Protector – 15 Year Warranty – Vinyl Free – Queen
    We failed to do this for our first mattress (purchased elsewhere) and will never make that mistake again.

  24. Gadgetron

    I purchased this mattress for my 4 year old’s junior loft bed and it is exactly what I was looking for! It is comfortable and inexpensive and is thin enough that the side rails on the bed keep him from rolling out of bed. I also have a very sensitive nose and I didn’t think there was any bad smell when I opened it up. I also loved the little tool it came with to open it from the plastic. Made it so quick and easy to unwrap and in 2 days the mattress was fully expanded and ready to use. Great purchase!

  25. Katelyne

    Had a slight funny smell when we received it but other that after switching from a spring pillow top mattress to this I have never felt like I have had a nice sleep in years until now!! I had told everyone I know to buy this mattress and I have even bought my children the mattresses. Very comfortable and affordable. The price I paid was a steal.

  26. Jennifer

    I’ve been sleeping on this mattress for 2 years and I love it. It still looks new. I prefer a firm mattress and I have it placed on a futon frame, no boxspring. I’m a tiny adult so I’m not sure how it would hold up for an average or larger person.

  27. Joshua A. Frye

    We bought one of each – Zinus and Lucid – 5″ mattresses for the kids’ bunks, for the same price. Both arrived promptly and were taken to be unboxed and let to air for a week. The initial smell on the Zinus was very clean, while the Lucid matresses had a strong chemical odor. However, a week later, once they were on the beds, the comfort level of the Lucid matress was much better: the Lucid had the delayed sink you would expect from memory foam coupled with the firmness advertised (firm mattresses are recommended for growing children, btw). The Zinus mattress felt more like a very cheap couch cushion… immediate depression, little support. Not completely terrible, but I wouldn’t want to spend any great length of time depending on it for a good night’s rest.

  28. Shya Rameil

    expanded to full size in seconds. smell is mild and already dissipated. This is exactly what I ordered and perfect for my 3 year olds junior loft bed. Also went back and ordered one for my 8 year olds regular loft bed. I laid on it and its super comfortable. tool to open packaging was great too. didn’t have to worry about cutting the product. Thanks!

  29. Jim

    Really great mattress. The 5″ version is on the firm side, which is what I prefer. Hard to beat the price, especially when you consider shipping and the ease of being able to buy online and have it delivered to your home. I think it’s also nice for people who expect to move around a lot, as it’ll be easy to roll and tie it up instead of moving a typical mattress. I know some people have noted the smell, but I didn’t think it was a big deal at all, and I slept on it hours after taking it out of the box.

  30. Mpeak32

    This is the BEST mattress I have slept on in years. I have a spinal disease and require firm beds. I have slept on Simmons Beautyrest, Serta Orthopedics, Sealy Posturepedic, and Tempur-Pedic all of which broke down and pitted within less than 2 years. I paid well over $2,000 for those mattresses. After many nights of no sleep and severe back pain, I broke down and bought the Lucid memory foam mattress. At first I tried it as a mattress topper which did not work well. So then I threw out my mattress and used the Lucid memory foam on top of my box springs. My former mattresses were usually 12 inches in thickness as where this mattress is only 5 inches in thickness, however the comfort far surpasses the lowered appearance of my bed. I had been sleeping on bad mattresses for the last decade, so it took about a week to adjust to my new mattress. But since then, I can honestly say that I have been sleeping peacefully and comfortably with not one ounce of pain. I did read many reviews with some being good and some being bad. But for the cost of this mattress it is well worth trying and before you give up, I would advise that you make adjustments such as I did and it is also highly advisable to get new pillows to adjust to this new bed. And for the cost being so cheap I figured that if this mattress broke down in a year then I would not mind purchasing another. I paid over $2,000 for my former mattresses which broke down in less than 2 years, so if I have to spend $160 to $180 every one to two years for a new memory foam mattress, I’m still saving hundreds of dollars and still getting the best sleep I’ve had in years.

  31. Tara Vanflower

    This mattress arrived really fast. I noticed NO smell AT ALL when opening to current. It is definitely 5″. I would say it was fully plumped in a couple hours but we still waited the full time before lying on it. (That’s what she said) My son loves it and I don’t think it can be beat for the price. Will purchase this brand again. Definitely as advertised.

  32. William Hearn

    This is the third of these mattresses I’ve purchased through Amazon. Once you sleep on one of these, you won’t be able to go back to a spring mattress!

  33. Viktor Lutskiy

    I had really bad back pain in last 10 months. Only after two nights sleep on that mattress that pain just disappeared . It a miracle. Thanks a lot.

  34. Amanda M.

    I’m in the bed 22 hrs a day. This was a God send. Amazing topper for my hospital bed.

  35. Alexandria Beresford

    Love it! 4 months in and still incredibly happy. I have chronic pain (ehlers danlos syndrome, fibromyalgia and osteo arthritis) and I sleep GREAT on this mattess!

  36. breezieb

    We got this for our son when he needed an inexpensive mattress at college. Crazy comfortable and is holding up very well under regular use for more than 2 years. Pleasantly surprised.

  37. M.G.Free207

    SUCH a comfortable matress! I’ve had this for nearly 2 years and it’s just as firm as the day it came. I’ve had countless nights of restful sleep on this wonderful matress. It works great with platform beds. I would definitely recommend this product (I have 3 in different sizes).

  38. Heather

    I am almost embarrassed to admit this but in the 7+ years of shopping on Amazon & buying an average of 2-4 items per week in the last 4 years, I think I have maybe written one review years ago if any at all. However tonight I had to write one after reading the negative reviews & trying to cancel my order because of them but luckily it was too late.
    First of all this mattress is extremely comfortable, supportive and IS a memory foam MATTRESS. My photo was taken 10 minutes after opening & it had already expanded to 5″. Why people are writing it only expanded to 2″ I don’t know, but I highly doubt that is accurate & it’s irresponsible of them to write when that seems impossible. The photo of the mattress on the bag shows what it would look like from the inside but it’s not supposed to actually look like the photo, LOL.
    The “chemical smell” I read about is why I wanted to cancel my order because I am very sensitive to odors etc…this is so minor, to be expected & already dissipated.
    What a wonderful deal this was & I am so happy I purchased this for our guest room. Love it!

  39. chaiwallah

    I am a big guy and have been sleeping on the 5″ version for about six months. I use it on a flat platform without extra padding below and happily sleep every night comfortable and warm. Great matress!

  40. Allison

    I ordered six of the Lucid five inch mattresses two years ago and loved them right away. It has been 2 years now and since I am always looking for reviews on product longevity I thought someone might find this review useful.

    Some background info as far as usage is concerned: these mattresses are in our boys rooms. We have six boys ranging in age from 2 to 16 and weight from 38 to 200 pounds. The mattresses are placed on built in beds with platforms for support (as recommended).

    What we LOVE about these mattresses:

    1. These beds are comfortable. I don’t just mean acceptable for kids comfortable. I am talking about if you lay down to help your toddler take a nap you will likely be taking one, too. We seriously were not expecting this level of comfort for such a reasonable price.
    2. They come with a removable washable zipper case. Clutch if you have messy boys and like clean beds. It’s not water proof though, so if you need protection be sure to get an appropriate mattress pad.
    3. The smell some reviews are talking about I don’t even remember. I’m not saying they didn’t smell at first, I’m just saying it can’t have been that bad or I’d remember.
    4. All six mattresses went from pancakes to fully inflated in a few hours. It was magical.
    5. My boys sleep like a dream every night, and when we leave the house for road trips or vacations they look forward to coming home so they can sleep in their own beds.
    6. Quality. No joke, not one of these mattresses sags in two years. No flipping required to keep them comfy. Neither the memory foam on top nor the base foam layer underneath have shown any signs of wear. If I didn’t know they had been slept on for the better part of 730 nights, I wouldn’t believe it.

    Things we don’t love about these mattresses:

    1. In two years I can honestly say we have experienced zero cons. None. Nada. Zip.

    I 100% recommend these matresses. If you’re on the fence, give one a shot. On a final note, my husband and I just built a house including built in beds for our 5 girls, and we are DEFINITELY purchasing these mattresses for all of them. We are also bringing the six still pristine condition 2 year old mattresses along for our boys. Just saying.

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