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Milemont Memory Foam Mattress

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Milemont Memory Foam Mattress 2″ Cool Swirl Gel CertiPUR-US Certified Blue

¡ 3⁄4Sleeps Cooler¡ ¿ A 2-inch memory foam pad is injected into the gel to help regulate the temperature and is cooler than a normal memory foam pad.
¡ 3⁄4Alleviate pressure ¡ ¿ The lightweight, breathable open memory foam matches your body’s curves, aligning the spine and relieving pressure points.
¡ 3⁄4 quality assurance ¡ ¿ Certified by CertiPUR-US, it contains no harmful chemicals, meets all safety guarantees, is healthy at night, and sleeps well. For 24 hours, let the new foam smell and the ornament stretch completely.
¡ 3⁄4 upgrade old mattress ¡ ¿ Don’t worry about falling on other mattresses and let it try this mattress!
¡ 3⁄4 satisfaction guarantee ¡ ¿ With our 100 night warranty and a 3-year limited warranty, your sleep is safe. Your comfort, health and rest are our top priorities.

Specification: Milemont Memory Foam Mattress


Two. All. Queen. King

40 reviews for Milemont Memory Foam Mattress


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  1. Jie

    Highly recommend this mattress topper! I am living on campus and the school’s mattress is too hard for me. I cannot sleep well until I bought this mattress topper. I also noticed that this topper can create a cooler sleeping surface. Very nice and definitely recommended.

  2. Tharindu

    My mattress was spring and it wasn’t comfortable at all! It was like sleeping on flat stone table. This topper gave new life to it. Now it is quite comfortable to sleep! Shockingly. I honestly thought the mattress was out and it cannot be done but its pain reliving and gets you sleep like a baby. The topper came wrapped in a small box and slowly it expanded.

  3. WayP

    I love my new mattress topper, I sleep so much better with the added comfort. I bought one for my daughter and she loves hers as well. Great product and great price. I would highly recommend this brand. I have noticed I am sleeping sounder and waking up less stiff.

  4. Mike Pollak

    bought a new mattress from sears and it ended up being too hard but my wife didnt want to return it. woke up with neck pain every morning. Found this topper and i am finally waking up pain free. Doesnt make be hot either.

  5. A. Rhodes

    Very pleased with the speed of shipping and how quickly the foam expanded when first put on my mattress. It has made my bed comfortable again, I highly recommend it.

  6. Amanda

    The packaging was very good and easy to move around. I spread out the mattress topper and let it fluff up for a few hours before I put it on the bed. It fit on the king size bed perfectly. It is so soft. Only thing is my husband wishes it was a little thicker. It doesn’t get to hot at all.

  7. Cashina

    I purchased this queen size mattress topper, in hopes to save money on having to buy a new mattress altogether. I have had a lot of trouble sleeping lately in my last trimester of pregnancy. Lots of back pain throughout the night, this is an absolute game changer for a good nights sleep. great quality, fits right on the queen mattress, & does the job. Much cheaper than buying a whole new mattress which is a win win in my book. Very thankful I went with this topper. Definitely recommend.

  8. Daisy W.

    I really love this mattress, its really soft and comfortable that helps my back pain and I easily can sleep.

  9. Jennifer S.

    We put this mattress topper on our camper mattress, yesterday. Woke up this morning with no back pain at all!

    We bought the queen size and may have to trim it, but we were too excited to want to take the time this trip to trim it.

    Very happy we purchased and price was perfect.

  10. sheasanborn

    I liked our old 4″ memory foam topper well enough, but after sleeping on this one I will never go back! I sleep cooler and move easier now, and I can really tell the difference in the morning when I wake up. Great topper!

  11. Alan

    It’s definitely harder for me to want to get up for work after getting this topper for sure. I actually fall asleep quicker too and it was noticeable after I got it. It beats out those pricey ones you find in stores and does the trick the same way, can only highly recommend it.

  12. Jennifer Allen

    My husband and I love this mattress topper. I have extreme joint and body pain that wakes me up all the tine. While this hasn’t taken it completely away it has helped lessen it. I definitely recommend this product.

  13. Jody

    I have is this mattress for 2 weeks now, and I total in love with it. It so comfortable and give me a good night of sleep. This mattress not too soft not too hard it is sturdy, which help release my back pain and keep my body cool/right temperature. It so worth the price.

  14. Hunter Watson

    Purchased for my spare bedroom. I’ve been told the mattress was lumpy and hard. Because it was my spare room I didn’t want to invest too much. I bought this 2” topper to see if it would help. I was surprised! It did. When I received the box I opened it up immediately. Within minutes I was able to put it on my bed. It stayed in place when I put my sheets back on the bed. It feels like an entirely different mattress. It’s now soft. Most importantly it stays cool. Some foams trap heat. Not this one. Recommended.

  15. B. baysinger

    So first off, it came sealed in plastic, packed in a box, packed inside another box, which is good because it sat out in the rain for a bit. There was no odor whatsoever when we opened it up. It took a few hours for it to plump up and expand. There were no ripples or waves so it was ready to use right away. The ventilation holes are pea size. Size was just as listed. We bought our mattress 4 years ago, and already lumpy and uncomfortable. Every morning we’d wake with back and hip pain. We’ve seen a significant difference since using this pad. It’s comfy (although a little more firm than I would prefer). In my opinion it doesn’t retain heat, like some reviews said, and believe me my husband would have complained if it did, he’s always the first to complain about being hot. It always plumps back up when we get out of bed. Honestly, the only complaint I have about it is I wish it were more pillowy. All in all pretty comfy and saved us from having to replace our mattress. You may need to get some sheet straps to hold your sheet in place depending on how deep your mattress is, but haven’t had issues with it sliding around. We’ve had ours a month now

  16. Rich

    This mattress topper is exceptionally comfortable. I received the product in record time and once removed from the packaging, took about 15 minutes to contour to my mattress. I did notice a very faint factory smell but I discovered that pouring baking soda on the topper and leaving it for about 30 minutes seemed to eliminate the smell. It was a little messy and you have to remember that the holes to allow for air flow will mean anything you place on top will end up on the bottom. Small price to pay for results. What was also a surprise was the speed of the processing and delivery with my first experience with the Amazon shipping in the little brown trucks. What I didn’t know is that you can monitor the movement of your delivery truck once you’ve reached a window of delivery time. I literally sat and watch the truck move through my neighborhood via their GPS system and when there was an icon positioned on screen that I was “next”, I went to the door and there was the delivery person. Nice touch. All in all, good purchase experience, product is comfortable, and will certainly monitor durability.

  17. Confessions of a Shopaholic

    The best sleep I’ve ever gotten in my life!

    I don’t know how I ever slept without this product. Who knew a couple of inches of foam above my mattress could make falling asleep easily and waking up well rested my reality. I used to be an insomniac who would toss and turn for hours before being enveloped by the soft caresses of sleep…but no more.

    The memory foam topper molds to every curve of your body so it almost feels custom made. The material is soft and flexible and it feels like you’re being wrapped up in a warm hug you just want to fall asleep in. This is honestly the best sleep I have ever gotten in ny whole life. I feel like I require less sleep but also end up feeling far more well rested.

    I can’t stress enough how much I love this topper. It is the perfect sleep aid! I It’s cushiony, soft but sturdy, and provides the perfect amount of support.

    It also really helps your posture by keeping your spine erect. The texture is really soft.

    The plush texture is so comforting! The material is memory foam so it really curves and shapes to the shape of your body.

  18. sherry w

    Bought for our bed in the travel trailer because as we all know those beds are hard as a rock. We put this on and slept like babies. Woke up without stiff pains all over. So glad I found this! Let the camping/glamping begin!

  19. Fion

    When I sleeping on this mattress topper , I was feeling my back very cooler , more comfortable and squishy . I have backbone pain, after use this mattress topper, when I was wake up, I feel more vitality , buy the right mattress is very important for my life , i was happy I found the right one and will continue to use it.

  20. Nina Mitchell

    I was gifted another topper for my bed but couldn’t use it because it was too thick to use with my sheets. I decided to try this one out since it appeared thinner. I was afraid that it wouldn’t be as comfortable since it was thinner, but it is probably more comfortable than my original one. My boyfriend agreed on the comfort and is considering getting one for his bed. I worried about it making g my bed too hot, but with my microfiber sheets I haven’t noticed a difference in temp. Considering purchasing another for my guest room before I have visitors in the next few months.

    Sidenote, there will be a strong odor when you take this out of the bag (as there always is with foam toppers, pillows, etc. I left mine out overnight and the smell was gone by the next day

  21. Kristine

    Watch the PRICE!! I bought This may 4 2019 for $82 now it’s $65 2 weeks later?! Not cool!!
    This was GREAT for relieving pressure from a too firm mattress (which I thought was supposed to be good-firm but back pain every day)
    lower back pain is GONE after a few days.

  22. Prasanth Kamatham

    This is my second product from this brand previous one being a memory foam pillow which I loved it and use it. I am starting to like this foam topper too, it fit my king size mattress perfectly as you can see from the photos. Unboxing it was pretty easy and it really didn’t take that long for it to regain its size. I have been sleeping on it for thr past week and see a definite improvement in my sleep pattern. I hope it lasts long and I would definitely recommend it to a friend.

  23. Jon

    This topper has transformed my bed. Sleeping is hard and brings me a lot of pain due to arthritis and fibromyalgia however getting a new mattress is not affordable for me. I picked this because it looked like the best value and it did not disappoint. My mattress feels like a brand new bed. It is soft yet supportive and the foam molds to support me in the right places. I no longer feel pressure points on my back like I used to on my mattress. I recommend this for anyone who has chronic pain or just needs better sleep but can’t afford a new mattress

  24. Lilili

    OMG. I was nervous about buying a mattress topper because you hear some of them smell or they can be hot. I have a pillow top mattress I purchased in 2015, and we were not sleeping very well on it anymore. It feels lumpy or like it is sagging in the middle or something. I decided on this one. I took it out of the box and let it sit out overnight. it didn’t smell but it did need to get its shape. I put it on my bed yesterday so last night was my first night on it.

    I slept like a DREAM!!! And my wife suffered chronic back pain for a long time, she needs good support for her back and this absolutely was a great help. I wasn’t hot one bit and it felt like my bed was hugging me all night. I already love laying in bed and lounging,and now this mattress topper makes it even more difficult to stay out of my bed. This is my favorite purchase I have made in a long time. Definitely worth every penny!!

    If you’re looking for something extra soft,this wins. Best choice I’ve ever made. I don’t have nearly as many problems now. The only issue I have now I force myself to leave the bed in the mornings now. lol!!!

  25. Peter

    First off, I already had a 3 inch mattress cooling topper from wally world. It was good, comfy, but when I saw this topper at 2 inches with so many great reviews- well why not try this out at a cheaper price for another mattress in the basement for visitors. It took a couple days to be shipped, unboxed it, and immediately fell in love. The design is elegant. Its really weird how the artwork is done on the mattress topper is done, but it just says “rest now, my child”. I put it on the visitors mattress, and after 3 times our friends and family said they had the best nights sleep in a long time, I had to try myself. I loved it. It was SO much better than the wally world one. I switched the toppers and now the visitors use the wally world and I use this one hehehe

  26. LT6173

    Really like how comfortable it is. We went with a serta hybrid firm and wow it’s way too hard, got this and it has made a difference. Only complaint it still makes us hot at night. All this stuff about cooling gel if you ask me is bs. I’ve tried 5 types with it and none of them cool you down. If you want comfort this is a great buy. If you want to stay cool, lower your ac at night bc the toppers aren’t going to do it.

  27. AngelAnnie

    This holds your body heat. It is nice for winter.

  28. Diem Phan

    So, my husband never commented or involved in what I bought, but here’s what he said and I quoted “ it’s good. You should give them 5 stars.” I heard about mattress topper, but I was not sure what is for. I thought it’s gonna feel hot. But I was wrong. It is cool all the time, even with the hot weather right now, it still gives me a good night sleep. I like it that it always bounces back to shape no matter what you do.

  29. tammy romine

    I bought a new mattress …. nice supposedly soft ….it was horrible. Purchased this mattress topper and slept like baby last night. Will be buying more for my fifth wheel trailer.

  30. Duck2787

    This mattress topper is just wow 😮. The design and look is so appealing as compare to other mattress toppers. The packaging was mind blowing and super secure. It came in 2 boxes, one was the brand box and then the amazon box and inside the topper was packed in a vacuumed plastic which made it easy to ship. Opening the packaging was very easy. As you can see in the pictures and video, the mattress topper return to its original shape immediately. The gel keeps body cool. It is super comfy and soft. I slept on it and did not experience any neck, shoulder or back pain, which I used to get earlier. I felt so good sleeping on it, got a very deep sleep. It definitely does everything said in the description. It’s a hypoallergenic, high quality breathable gel mattress topper. I recommend this 👍

  31. Luna

    I ordered this topper to help save my old mattress until I can get a new one. My bed is springs, but I really love the feel of foam and this helped tremendously! It is thick and heavy duty- much better than eggshell crates. I also noticed I slept a little cooler at night. This helped my sleep a ton and I woke up without pain for the first time in weeks. If you’re looking for a cooling mattress topper, this one is a great price and works wonderfully!

  32. AngNorReviews

    I received this mattress topper yesterday. It was packed in a pretty small box and I was worried it wouldn’t expand fully by bed time but it did! I slept very comfortably last night. It allows you to sink in a little but is supportive. I didn’t feel like I was too hot or suffocating. Very nice bed topper. Seems like we will be able to make my 10 year old mattress last a little bit longer.

  33. Moran N

    Comfortable Comfortable!!!!!
    This completely changed my last week sleep
    I truly enjoying this ! Thank you guys ! It’s very comfortable . It’s like sleeping on a cloud .

  34. cp_beautybar

    I have searched for a memory foam topper that works for a long time. They always seem to leave imprints and lose the bounce back quickly. However I have used this one for 2 weeks and it still springs right back like brand new. It cradles my body perfectly every time and gives me the most comfortable best nights sleep. The foam is super soft yet firm enough to support your back and neck. Also the design is so gorgeous like a glittery galaxy I wish I didnt have to cover it with a sheet! The size fits my queen mattress to a t too. Very satisfied will be buying more for the whole family to sleep like a baby.

  35. Nicole

    So pleased with this purchase. I have been looking at toppers for awhile. Current one was 2 twins cut to fit a queen. This one is supportive but cloud like. On my mattress the topper goes over the edge. This i like so there is no weird edge from
    foam to bed. It does slide around a bit but i have lots of movement on my bed. 5 dogs. Great material and fits well. Between bedtime and naps it is broken in and still just as comfy.

  36. Anna Busy Mom

    So after my awful flight with Spirit. I slept on my new mattress topper and it was amazing!!!! My back was hurting as crazy and after the night it almost went away. My husband is super happy too because he is not so hot anymore.

    FYI we have a simple mattress from IKEA.

  37. brittany

    My boyfriend and I are so happy with this mattress topper!! I like the color and design on it to…we have a pillow top on our bed but it does nothing for comfort so I wanted to see if this would help with my back pain. I laid on our on the floor and I could have slept on it right there! The memory foam is great and I slept alot better. I didn’t want to get up in the morning! 5 stars all the way around

  38. sai

    I purchased this because I was in desperate need of a decent night sleep. After purchasing a FIRM mattress, I was not able to get a decent night of sleep or wake up without pains in my neck and back. I prefer sleeping on a cloud, but my husband prefers hard surface; so the only solution was to get a memory foam topper for my side only. The instructions suggest to unroll the foam and allow 2 hours to achieve full “fluffiness” before using. what a difference my sleep pattern and body is now! No more aches, and I can rest in the bed with sleep always wanted ! So happy with this memory foam, it’s very cushy and soft and takes the pressure off my entire body while sleeping. Don’t wait and waste precious time sleeping miserably, invest in this topper, it’s absolutely worth

  39. c.cahill

    I am loving this mattress topper. The topper was the perfect addition to my squishy bed. I have a 10 inch thick memory foam medium firm mattress with a water proof mattress topper on it and another 1 inch plush mattress topper on top of that. The bed was a bit too firm for my back, but I added this topper to the other two toppers and layered a blanket over it, and my bed is perfectly squishy now. This topper is about two inches thick, blue and white, and it keeps its shape. I have squeezed it like crazy like a stress relief ball as I am laying on it, and it goes right back to its shape. This topper, coupled with my already squishy bed and squishy memory foam pillow, makes for the ultimate just enough squish bed where I sink in just a little bit but still have enough support. I highly recommend this for anyone who likes their bed firm but soft at the same time.

    Update: I just purchased this queen sized one for my mom’s bed because I love mine so much. My mom’s bed is a normal metal spring mattress, and the bed creaks where you can sometimes feel the springs inside. My mom put this topper on her bed, and it has made her bed feel completely different. She loves it. She says that her bed is way more comfortable, and she is getting better rest because of it.

  40. Jac

    I did a lot of research before buying this mattress topper, and this one is rated better in consumer studies than all those pricey foam toppers. Even though it has few reviews on amazon, it performed better in the short term than even the thousand reviews models!
    I was skeptical that a 2″ topper would really make that much of a difference and almost bought a 3″ topper, but I was very happily surprised with how much of a difference a 2″ topper made! Especially laying on your back, this topper made it feel like a completely different mattress. I would say that if you’re a side-sleeper only and you’re going to invest in a mattress topper (especially for your bed you use every day) that will seriously eliminate any shoulder/hip discomfort, go for a 3″, but if you’re a mixed back/side sleeper, you’ll probably be pretty darn happy with a 2″ topper. The mattress topper was well packaged, we did not experience any chemical/bad smell from it, and it “poofed up” to its full 2″ size within 15-30 minutes.
    I didn’t follow the instruction to wait 24 hours before using… I was afraid that I would somehow damage it by not waiting for the full amount of time, but to be honest, it was totally expanded, was great to sleep on even after only 4 hours, and is still in perfect condition. Sleeping on my back was a dream, and sleeping on my side was leaps and bounds more comfortable than it had been without it, but still my shoulder would be a little sore if I slept on my side the whole night. We didn’t find that it got too hot during the night, not any more so than our mattress at home.
    I will say that the regular fitted sheet we had just barely fit over the topper and mattress (which is not a thick mattress at all), so I would recommend having sheets designed for a thicker mattress. Overall, very very happy with this purchase – it revolutionized our sleeping experience! Hope this review helps you in making a decision!

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