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Pack n Play mattress [2-sided] with solid side (for babies) & soft memory foam side (for toddlers) | Memory foam bag and play mattress pad | Game mattress

The only double-sided game pad; the best design to meet the growing needs of your baby’s growth. The baby side combines safety-critical compaction with gentle foam support. For superior comfort and child support, simply flip the mattress over the plush and use CertiPUR-US high-density memory foam.
Thank you very much for being super comfortable; if her amusement park baby mattress mattress cover has no important support and comfort, your baby will not be happy (and will not let you down). 3.25 inches, ie pack n play Baby mattresses are thicker and more comfortable.
Hypoallergenic, ultra-safe *; super soft jacquard cover waterproof, anti-bacterial and anti-allergic, lock stitch binding to resist liquids and stains. Durable, mildewproof, odorous, bed bugs and dust mites. High quality zipper for easy disassembly, machine washable and dry.
No difference – perfect fit, four corners and superior edge brackets fit snugly into the standard play area every time. The unsafe space or nipple loss of the side or corner of this game bed mattress.
The highest standard is ࿰; Hitcapop is committed to providing the highest quality and safe products for the family. CertiPUR-US seals ensure double-sided Pack n Play mattresses meet the most rigorous and comprehensive content standards for durability.

40 reviews for Pack n Play mattress


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  1. Sara

    I haven’t had the chance to use this for a full night yet but so far my 16 month old seems to really like it! I took it out of the box and let it expand and layed it on the floor and she wouldn’t stop laying on it and giggling. I bought this mattress to use when we go to the beach so she will have somewhere to sleep because she hates the hard pack and play mat that comes with it. It fits perfectly in my Graco pack and play. I put her in there last night with the mattress long enough for me to take a shower and she was content the whole time whereas normally she screams and hates being in it. I think she’s going to sleep nicely on it!


    I had trouble finding a mattress for our ingenuity pack n play. It’s a little larger than the average pack n play. This mattress was a pretty good fit, still a little small (about 2 inches short) but I rolled a blanket and put it under the sheet and the end where it was a little short. It’s definitely nice and soft and doesn’t make the horrible plastic sound when my son moves around in his sleep. I like that is has a removable cover that can be washed. My son has definitely slept better in the pack n play since we got this.

  3. Martha Magaña

    I got this mattress for a pack and play yard for my grandson 9 months It came fast and was packaged nicely. The mattress was the perfect size for the play yard/crib I didn’t want my bot sleeping on the extra firm play yard pad and this mattress sure is nice he sleeps longer. the matters comes in 2 different firmness for o to nine months and 9 month plus which is nice.I love this mattress and I would definitely recommend this for anyone whom is using a pack play as an extra crib Like me.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Son sleeps in pack n play every night with this mattress, no issues.
    Love the two sides.
    Safe and fits in pack n play perfect.
    Would buy again!

  5. Lalayatzil

    My 8 month old grandson approved! He didn’t have any trouble sleeping on it. I thought it was very comfortable too!

  6. Terri White

    This mattress came compressed and rolled tightly packed in the box. After opening the package, it was plumped up into a great little mattress for our pack & play in a very short time. I love that it has a firmer side for infants and a softer side for older babies. It is clearly labeled which side is which. A great mattress!!

  7. Brittany Salazar

    I like this mattress pad. Being that this mattress pad is being advertised as a Pack n Play mattress pad and I automatically think Graco for Pack n Play I assumed it would fit perfectly in my Graco Pack n Play but I was wrong it’s a little big I reached out to customer service thinking I had a defective mattress but they got back to me stating that my Graco pack n Play is a bit smaller than the mattress pad I didn’t think to pull out a tape measure and measure my pack n play before I ordered because they did have dimensions listed… but it is still usable and more comfortable for my little one to sleep the ends just ride up a bit but I use that to my advantage while he’s eating.

  8. Amazon Customer

    I ordered this mattress to replace the thin pad that comes standard in the pack & play. I was concerned about it fitting properly- but it fits perfectly into even the corners of the pack & play with no gaps. It’s so comfortable- our granddaughter has slept SO well since we made this purchase! Also- I’m very impressed with the option to choose which side of the mattress to used based on the baby’s age. This is a quality product!

  9. JenArie75

    My grandbaby had been very restless and wasnt sleeping well in her pack n play. Now she sleeps like a rock!!! She settles down quickly and sleeps soundly through the night!!! The only way this product could get any better is if it were twice as thick!! Its about 2.5 inches thick, but the baby definitely loves it!!

  10. Hmrose1201

    This mattress fits perfectly in the bassinet portion of my baby trend pack n play! I bought another mattress prior to this that I returned for being way too squishy. This one is double sided and the newborn side is soft but firm. I was very impressed and can’t wait to use it! I didn’t even know these existed with my other two kids!

  11. kaitlin11m

    Came in a small box that I didn’t even think a mattress could fit in. My 8 month old started waking up every hour in his pack n play! Got this mattress and he actually slept 5 hours! So comfy, and fit perfectly in our pack n play! Wish I would of purchased this a long time ago, plus I think it will be an easy transition to his mattress in his crib! It’s better then the hard cardboard that is in the pack n play! We haven’t turned it over to the soft side but the firm side is soft but not too soft!

  12. Amazon Customer

    This is a complete game changer. We travel a ton and my son never slept very well in his packnplay. Now he sleeps as well on the go as he does at home in his crib. It’s so comfortable. I wish it was more travel friendly and could be rolled or folded up into a travel bag or something, but other than that it’s perfect.

  13. Lauren S.

    I am so happy I went ahead and bought this! My son just turned one, and we travel often to my in laws where he sleeps in the pack n play. Last time we went, he slept TERRIBLY and I assume it was because he was uncomfortable on the thin cardboard-like “mattress” it comes with. This mattress came right on time for our trip last weekend and HE SLEPT GREAT!! So happy I got it, it made a huge difference. I think it will also be fun to throw it down on the living room floor for movie watching too. I know it says mattress pad, but it’s like a cushy mattress. Highly recommend! I didn’t notice any smell to it either, I got it out of the box and let it fluff up during the day before we hit the road after dinner.

  14. Latie

    I am thrilled with this product! It came packaged very nicely and was easy to unwrap. My son is 3 months and he sleeps in his pack and play in our room, and it was so hard and the vinyl material was noisy and uncomfortable. This mattress was the answer! It fits perfectly and I really like that it has a firmer side for younger babies. When he wakes up in the morning he doesn’t even cry now! I really am happy with this product and definitely recommend it!

  15. backpacker

    Very nice mattress, solid feel and great fit
    Come vacuum sealed so don’t think it is small, once out of the wrapper it will expand
    be aware of which wrapping is the packaging and what is part of the mattress so you don’t damage the product unwrapping it

  16. Halley Reading

    My son has been a side sleeper since he was 4 months old and we don’t feel the need for a big wooden crib so when I saw this comfy mattress with a firm and soft side to grow with him I ordered it right away. It’s perfect, he’s sleeping better than he has in weeks.

  17. Kelsey

    Works great! I like that there’s a firm side and a soft side. We bought some sheets and it’s super comfy for our baby. He had outgrown his bassinet and this made the pack n play perfect!

  18. Chiquille

    I love this mattress and so does my baby!

    Before purchasing this mattress my baby would not sleep in the Pack N Play but that’s not a problem anymore!

    I love how this mattress is 2 sided!
    One side is firm yet comfortable for infants 0-9 months.
    The other side is soft for older babies and toddlers.

    I also love that it comes in a zippered protective mattress cover.

    My baby sleeps so much better now and so do I! Highly recommended!

  19. Lily Bell

    It’s thick and much more comfortable than the regular Pack n Play pad that came with it. Another cool feature is that one side is for babies 9 months and younger or flip it over for older than 9 months (softer for older, firmer for younger). My baby was already older than 9 months when I bought this so we use the softer, but what a cool feature! So glad I found out about this.

  20. K.R

    Our family travels quite a bit and our son who is 19 months was struggling to stay asleep in the pack n play on that hard mattress that comes with it. My husband asked me to look for a supplementary mattress and this one caught my eye because it is dual sided, memory foam, and had good reviews. We shipped it to our hotel, got there on time, out of the package no chemical smell and it expanded to full size in little amount of time. Our son slept so well. I think we found our solution! I was worried I wouldn’t be able to fit it into our large roller board suitcase, but it folded down the middle and I sat on the suitcase as I zipped it and it fit! Just be sure you leave room in your suitcase. We recommend this mattress to everyone!!

  21. Lira

    It came in a little “bed in a box” type which was cute, and it inflated immediately after cutting the plastic. I let it air out on the floor w/out the mattress cover for about 30mins so it could get to the right size, which it looked like it did. It fit my cosco pack n play perfectly and is way more comfy than the Dream on Me mattress I had previously for my first. My second baby naps better now in it 🙂

  22. Richard Johnson

    We hurriedly ordered this 2 days before leaving for a big trip! We had started sleep training (which was amazing btw) a month before leaving and our 9 month old son was sleeping great! We were afraid a week and a half sleeping in a pack and play might mess things up! Especially since his regular crib mattress is a memory foam style, we wanted something similar for traveling w the pack and play. This exceeded our expectations and he continued to sleep great (possibly even better?)! Maybe we should set up his pack and play in his room! 😁

  23. Maryann L. Sadlon

    We went on a family trip for a week and I needed my son to be comfortable in the pack-n-play for naps and nighttime. This is by far my favorite purchase! I will definitely be using the pack-n-play a lot more because it’s actually comfortable now. I covered mine with a crib fitted mattress pad, it was a little big but it got the job done. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who uses their pack-n-play for sleeping. My son who was using it is 10 months old.

  24. Amazon Customer

    I was up at 2am looking for a crib mattress in preparation of us moving my daughter to a full size crib. Ran across this item and it’s buying me a little more time in assembling her crib ( i know it’s going to be crazy to put together). This fit perfectly in our pack n play and my daughter slept through the night uninterrupted for the first time in a couple of weeks. I think the other pad I had was just not supportive enough. This one is MAGICAL. Buy it if you use a pack n play!

  25. Ginger

    My daughter (8 months) slept on this mattress for 5 nights. We used it in place of the standard Pack and Play mattress. It fit appropriately snugly with no gaps. A standard pack and play sheet fit perfectly. The mattress was labeled with “0-9 months” so it was easy to figure out which side was meant for infants and which side was meant for toddlers. Most importantly she slept exactly the same at the hotel as she did at home- quietly through the night. Thrilled with the purchase and absolutely worth the very reasonable price.

  26. The Claassens

    Worked great and fit perfectly in our graco pack and play. The baby was super comfortable on it. And we’re stocked that it is too sided and we can flip it for her toddler years.

  27. Mari

    The absolute best mattress for my Greco pack and play!! The fit was perfect! My baby is 10 months and he absolutely loves it! He would never sleep in the play pen and now he stays in it and takes his naps! Thank you!!

  28. JM

    I don’t typically write reviews but this infant/ toddler mattress is amazing, I use it for a 2 year old in a pack and play and it fits perfectly and is SO well made and comfortable, my toddler slept so well and so did I :). So we replaced a dream on me mattress which a suppose to be a good one for pack and play but as she’s became heavier I was concerned the coils might be uncomfortable.. so if you want a comfortable high quality mattress to place you most dear toddler to sleep look no further , exceeded my expectations. Only difficulty I had was my order was lost in mail and amazon notified me it prob will not come , I had to call them to get a refund and then buy again and the price went up. Great mattress I feel good putting my toddler down to sleep on 🙂

  29. C. Moore

    Why didn’t I find this sooner? I bought a Nuna playard and it comes with a mattress and cover. The so-called mattress is hard and my grandson’s weight caused it to sag. I felt so bad I knew I had to do something. I read the reviews and ordered and am do glad I did. The most honest review I can give is that I know my grandson is sleeping better, longer and wakes up happier. What more can I ask? Oh yes, it reverses for toddlers…very ingenious!

  30. Jessica Marie Passmore

    It fits my Baby Trend pack n play perfectly, the firm side is pretty darn firm(which is great for him)and the soft side will be perfect when my son is older, he sleeps much better on this than he did the flat insert that it came with. He’s 13 pounds and slept for 4 hours and he left no indentations in the mattress. Also I was able to fit a playard sheet and quilted sheet around it.

  31. bookworm101

    We ordered this to use in our pack and play since our son had to start sleeping in it, and the pad that comes with it is very hard. I love the double sided aspect of it. It also fits in my pack n play perfectly without any space or gaps in the sides, which is a relief because I am not worried about my baby getting his face stuck in there and suffocating.

  32. MariPer77

    I was looking for something in between a mattress topper and full mattress for my baby’s compact pack n play and this mattress pad is perfect!! Still it’s a little thicker than what I wanted because now my little one is a bit too “high” so we will need to place the mattress pad all the way at then bottom. She isn’t rolling yet, but soon will and to be on the safe side, better drop it all the way down flushed. It arrives vacuum sealed and expands within hours for a tight fit in the pack n play. No gaps whatsoever! I appreciate the 2 sided feature – firm for now that she’s little and softer for when she’s bigger. Great product and highly recommend!

  33. Amazon Customer

    I could not have gotten through my pregnancy without my hiccapop wedge, so when I saw that they sold other products I knew the brand was trusty. This mattress did not disappoint! I appreciated the easy packaging and the mattress expanded in no time at all. My daughter seemed to enjoy how soft it felt. It’s a fraction large in our mini crib but it will work.

  34. Kevin

    Before my daughter wouldn’t sleep in her bed at all it wasn’t comfortable It doesn’t seem that they make the Graco New Born Napper DLX Playard, Nyssa very comfy but I bought this mattress thinking it would help and she loves it she slept in her own bed and was completely happy and comfy we are very pleased

  35. mvaughn

    I don’t think that I could be more pleased with this purchase. I took the gamble without there being many reviews to go on but only because I know and respect this brand. The features that attracted me were the dual sides (extended use as baby grows), non-crunchy foam (as opposed to noisy, crunchy vinyl pads), and the washable waterproof cover. The cover is exquisitely soft, the mattress is divine, and the quality is exceptional. My baby is sleeping so much better now that there is soft support in the play pen. The firm side has just the right amount of give to be soft but safe. I am using this as his primary crib for now and I do not plan to travel with it much, if at all. If I did, however, I think I would just roll up the mattress pad to bring along. Lastly, the mattress fits my pac n play like a glove with no gaps.

  36. Angus

    We leave a pack and play style crib in Florida at my in-laws place, which we visit frequently. Our youngest (1.5 yo) never seemed to sleep well and I always felt it was due to the pack and play being too uncomfortable. Ordered this and it worked like a charm. Mostly slept through the night and you could tell it was way more comfortable using the soft side. The baby is old enough to flip around and we weren’t concerned about the softness, it was actually a plus for us. The mattress does have a distinct newborn side that is slightly more firm but I would still hesitate to use until a baby is able to move around a bit more. Came well packaged and very quick. The removable/washable cover is a huge plus. Overall, very pleased with the purchase and look forward to using it again on our next visit.

  37. Lindsay

    I bought this in preparation of my toddler having to stay at my SIL’s house while I was in the hospital delivering my second child. My toddler has never slept well in her pack n play and I thought it might have to do with the hard piece of cardboard that comes standard with those portable cribs. I bought this mattress along with a fitted sheet from American Baby Company. The mattress fit perfectly with no gaps and my daughter slept very well away from home. This totally gives me hope that we can take trips and stay overnight at hotels with this comfy addition to the pack n play.

  38. amywho

    Absolutely love this mattress for my 7 month old grandson’s Pack’n’Play. Since he spends every weekend with us, I felt like he needed a better mattress than what comes with the playpen, so I purchased this one. At the time I bought it there were no reviews, so I was a little hesitant, but the description of how it was dual sided and the fact that it has a great mattress pad included with it sold me on purchasing it. I am so glad I did! It is the perfect fit for the Graco Pack’n’Play and he has no problems sleeping through the night on it. I sleep better knowing that he is more comfortable. Great product!

  39. Kristin S.

    I cant believe how wonderful this mattress is.
    How did I survive without it. My baby boy sleeps in our pack an play in our room right now and has never slept a whole night in the 6 months hes been alive i have had this mattress for a few days now and starting the first night he slept from 7pm to 7am and every night since..
    I dont know how but this mattress is a life saver for a first time mom
    Also i was never asked to review this product for anything from the company. I know alot of places do and so you cant rely on reviews anymore but you have got to try this mattress its a wonderful thing

  40. Layla

    I purchased another mattress by a different company initially, because I thought it would fit the Pack N Play. I was happy with the quality, but it was 2 inches short and left huge gaps that I felt were not safe for my baby.
    Then, I saw this and made sure to look at the reviews (as I always do).
    The reviews were very good. It was 15.00 cheaper than the competitor’s price and according to reviews, fit the Pack N Play perfectly. So I thought, “What the heck, we’ll give it a go.”

    Let me just say, I am so glad that I bought this mattress. In my humble opinion, it was even better quality than the one I originally bought. I like the removable cover and it fits snugly in the Pack N Play so I feel like I can rest easy knowing my child is sleeping safely. It has firm and soft sides for babies of different ages. My son sleeps like a rock in this. Before he could NEVER get comfortable enough with only the flimsy pad that comes with the Graco PNP and would cry to be taken out.
    If you are hesitant to order, l say go for it. The price is great, it seems like a fantastic mattress so far in quality AND comfort, and fits perfectly. I highly recommend it!

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