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Primasleep 27.94 cm WAVE Cool Gel infused Memory Foam Mattress

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Primasleep 27.94 cm WAVE Cool Gel infused Memory Foam Mattress

Rest on the perfect top layer to keep your body contours at their best
Soft memory foam supports body soft power
The I GEL temperature is concentrated and dispersed to the mattress to maintain a constant temperature.
HD foam prevents defection’s memory foam
3-layer structure provides a perfect solution for support and pressure release lulla

Specification: Primasleep 27.94 cm WAVE Cool Gel infused Memory Foam Mattress


Two. All. Queen. King. King size, California

50 reviews for Primasleep 27.94 cm WAVE Cool Gel infused Memory Foam Mattress


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  1. Amazon Customer

    I have an Ashley-Sleep memory foam mattress I spent $1200 on years ago and bought this mattress for my spare room. I had previously bought a mattress on Amazon and it wasn’t great so I was pretty wary about buying another but after the reviews I decided to give this a shot. I was utterly amazed at how similar this is to my Ashley-Sleep. Soft enough to contour, and firm enough to only let pressure points sink to right where they should be. I honestly can’t believe how comfortable this is for the price. I can’t speak to the durability yet, but the fabric around it seems to be good quality and again the memory foam feels almost exactly like my much pricier mattress. I’m a contractor and I’m often straining my back and various body parts so I love that on my mattress when I lay down the discs in my spine and neck feel relieved. This $200 mattress? Same thing! Seriously blown away by it. Definitely don’t hesitate to buy this, it’s gotta be one of the best deals on Amazon, period.

  2. Nicole

    Tgr matress came a couple of days early, wich was awesome. Very soft and comfortable, and well made. It’s definitely not made from fiber glass and caused no irritation for me. 100% satisfied and woukd recommend as a purchase.

  3. Amazon Customer

    I purchased 3 different mattresses for my 3 kids each around $150. This was the cheapest of the 3 mattresses and all 3 of my kids fought for this mattress. I just bought myself a $2200 serta icomfort mattress and this is surprisingly similar feel. Very worth the price! With a 65 lb 10 year old I am hoping that it holds up to last him a few years.

  4. Michael Roley

    I normally don’t do this.. but the mattress was well more than expected. Based on the cost I was planning on using it while waiting on a more expensive bed set. However after receiving this, I have not had any complaints. Upon delivery and setting it up, it went right to the 10 inches within hours. The comfort was perfect.. not to soft and and fairly firm which is perfect for my back.
    I read a lot of reviews before purchasing this and was kind of hesitant. But all my worries went away after my first night sleeping in this..

  5. Laura M

    I ordered this full size mattress to use in our guest room. I would say that it is easily the most comfortable mattress in our house! It came to height only a few hours after opening the box up and there was no weird smell or anything like some mattresses in a box. Very happy with this purchase and will buy another one when we replace my kids mattresses.

  6. Cornelius

    Love this matress firm yet soft comforts yur body from head to toe. Just what I need after a long day at work..ahhhhhhhh

  7. Amazon Customer

    I was skeptical.. after reading some reviews I was skeptical about spending money on a mattress online. It took maybe a few hours to fully inflate and we slept on it the next night. It is so comfortable! I’m almost 30 weeks pregnant and have been having issues on our old mattress and we’ve heard ours for a week and I haven’t had hip pain since! I have noticed waking up sweating now, but my husband hasn’t been and neither has our 3 year old who sleeps with us.. but again I’m pregnant so I’m thinking that’s why. I’m very happy with our new mattress!

    There is a slight odor to it but after it fully inflated it was gone and it wasn’t that bad to me even with a sensitive nose.

  8. RangerFan

    My old mattress was a thin crappy innerspring mattress that left me sore all over and had me tossing and turning all night. This mattress is so soft and comfortable I literally fell asleep on it the first time I laid on it of course after waiting 24 hours to let it fully expand which it seemed to quicker than that. It definitely sleeps hotter than my other mattress, but with the cold season upon us I’m not really concerned about that. For the first time in months I actually slept until my alarm and got up feeling rested and relieved of some of my body pains I have. Great purchase, already can’t wait to go back to sleep.

  9. Brenda

    And I don’t regret it for one second.

    Growing up, I’ve either slept on the floor or a hard springy mattress. Thus, I can never say that I’ve truly slept comfortably due to all sorts of back aches and a mild form of insomnia keeping me up for long hours during the night.

    Once I secured my own apartment, I decided to “splurge” on a mattress as I considered this to be an investment. I’d heard so many good things about memory foam mattresses, so I figured why not?

    The bed arrived at my door vacuum sealed tightly and packed inside a large box. After unwrapping everything, I left the mattress to expand for 48 hours per the instructions.

    When it came time to finally sleep on it, I will say now that I went out like a light. It wasn’t too firm that it felt hard nor too soft for me to sink into it, but juuuuuust right. I felt like Goldilocks, Sleeping Beauty or whatever you want to call it!

    My point is that I’m a generally thrifty person and will usually berate myself if I spend over a certain amount of money on one item. This was not the case with this mattress at all.

    I did my research before purchasing this item obviously, but I can assure all potential buyers that this mattress is well worth it, especially if you’ve never owned a memory foam mattress.

  10. Amazon Customer

    It’s hard buying a mattress online because you can’t try it out. I just relied on the reviews. BEST mattress ever!!! I love it. I bought the 10″ blue wave, queen size. I don’t like firm mattresses at all … I like the super soft ones (I guess they’re now called “plush” or “extra-plush.”) This was easy for my 14-year-old son to unbox and lay on the box springs. It took just a few hours to expand to the right size. No odor. I noticed that it’s a little wider than a queen … either that or my metal bed frame got put together a little funny. You sink into the mattress but not a crazy depth. It’s memory foam gel that really contours your body. Yes, when you sit on the very edge it stinks down a lot, but that doesn’t bother me one bit. The cat climbed onto the mattress and slept there all day … so she approves!! I slept so well on this the first night. With my memory foam bamboo pillow, new sheets, and white fluffy comforter, I felt like I was sleeping in clouds. If you like soft mattresses, get this one. I only paid $211! It feels like an expensive luxury mattress! HIGHLY recommend.

  11. Cynthia J.

    I am in love with my new bed! Bought the 10″ full-size to use on a metal slat bed without any sort of box spring. It arrived really well packaged. It instantly started expanding once I opened the innermost bag and within an hour had expanded to about 9″ in height. The only plastic smell I found was from the actual plastic wrappings and once I got rid of those I had zero odors in the room. The bed has been up four days now and has expanded to a full ten inches in height and has firmed up considerably compared to the first night. I’m a plus-size gal and it supports me wonderfully. Honestly these past three nights on this new mattress were the best sleep I’ve had years.

  12. Jay Bee

    I bought this mattress for my dad to go with his metal platform bed and he loves it! When I visit I sleep in it and I like it better than my $600+ Tulo mattress!! I can sleep on my stomach, back, and side. The bed really does take the shape of your body and I like that. Just like any bed it took a little time to adjust..maybe like 2 weeks or so but other than that it is doing pretty good rest wise. It’s not saggy or dented. The foam goes back to shape when you get off of it. He has a metal bed which is good for his back but I’m going to put mine on a wood platform bed. I think the wood is flatter and more sturdy than the metal bed. Definitely recommend it! I’d like it in a 12 or 14 inch if it were available. I bought the mattress around November 2018 and it’s still doing well as of April 27, 2019 Also, the price was perfect for a queen size.

  13. USAF RET

    There’s just no reason to spend a bunch of money on a mattress anymore when a mattress like this can be delivered to your door for under $200. I already have a hybrid mattress (springs and memory foam) that makes an arthritic neck and back very happy…and it weighs about 110 pounds. This 55 pound guest room mattress is just as comfortable and supportive.
    It expanded to the full 10″ about 24 hours after opening the box, and what smell there was dissipated quickly. Lots of Goldilocks reviews here; too hard, too soft, but I imagine every mattress gets those reviews. I’m 6′ and 190 pounds, and this mattress is just right for me. I don’t sink to the bottom and I don’t feel like I’m sleeping on a board…but it does provide decent support. I usually sleep hot but haven’t noticed any added heat from this mattress.
    An unsung benefit about these type of mattresses is that you don’t feel anything when your sleep-mate tosses and turns; your side of the bed stays as still. I have this on an 18″ high foldable metal bed frame.

  14. MVonShweetz

    It came in a large box and weighed 62lbs so I was able to shuffle it inside the house by myself into my bedroom. It slid easily from the box and I removed the plastic and grey slip. It comes with directions, but the way they suggested unrolling it onto the bed didn’t work for the king size I ordered because it came folded in half and then rolled. It was a beast to tame, but when I finally did, it fit perfectly.

    Next it said to cut the clear plastic containing the mattress.


    THANKFULLY I noticed some freshener packets at the back of the mattress and was able to retrieve those, otherwise my pup could have found them under the bed and been poisoned, so be mindful they’re there! There was one large pack and three small inside the plastic on the bottom of the mattress that could easily go unnoticed when you have the mattress positioned on your frame or floor and have to cut the plastic and pull it off.

    It smelled like a freshly painted home, but by the time 5 hours had passed, the smell faded and the bed rose enough to sleep on.

    I love the flowers on the mattress! I was surprised to see them there, as I didn’t notice the mattress had a pattern when I purchased it.

    Comfort wise, this bed is amazing but at the same time, it’s going to take some getting used to. It’s like transitioning to sleeping on a cloud and makes every bed i’ve ever slept on feel like bricks.
    I sink maybe 4-6 inches into the bed and then it is pretty firm. I don’t agree with the level of firmness one of the last reviewers put. Firmness level for me would be a 4 or 5 out of 10, which in my case is good with my lower back pains and since I sleep on my sides. If it ends up being too soft, I might add a pillow top to help that.

    Overall, I think it’s a great mattress, especially considering the price and arrival time of 2 days.

    Since i’ve only tested it one night, i’ll update in a week to see if it really is helping our backs.

  15. VERAR72787

    This mattress is so darn comfy. I have a 12″ Zinus and this one is just as comfortable is not more. I’m happy with this product and will be buying more in the future. The price is great. They are ready to sleep on within 2 hours. Don’t leave them in the box longer than a week. You must open the box within the first few days to avoid deformation.

  16. Charlana Holcomb

    My husband purchased this for our daughter. We was in a car accident and she had to have emergency surgery on her back. She has 18 screws and 2 rods in her back it was broken in 2 separate places. When we came home from the hospital she could not get comfortable on her old mattress so my husband found this one and decided to give it a try. I’m so glad he did. Our daughter has been able to rest much better and has been able to get comfortable with this mattress. I would definitely recommend. It is worth the money that you spend. I will add it does have an odor. But with time the odor does go away. I don’t think there is really away to avoid the smell when purchasing a memory foam mattress they all seem to have that same odor for a period of time. Over all I am happy with our purchase and thankful our daughter is able to rest comfortably.

  17. TonyT in AZ

    Bed was delivered in 2 days as promised. Popped out/up as indicated in just a few minutes. No smells. This is my 1st gel foam bed and so far I really like it. I have not slept on it, but did roll around on it and it seems kind of neat, a very different feel from my conventional mattress.

    So far it seems exactly as advertised and very comfy. I went mostly by user reviews to choose it, as I always do on
    Amazon. btw, I put it on a Zinus Lorelei 14 Inch Platforma Bed Frame / Mattress Foundation and it seems a nice combination. I like the storage under the Zinus bed frame.

    Also, the poly jacquard cover is very soft and nice and does zip off, from the bottom. This is worth about $30.00 if bought separately. And the three ‘thank you’ card – notes were a nice personal touch.

  18. KSSA

    What an amazing mattress for the $$$. The packaging and shipping is ingenious to say the least. Being able to order something that previously had to be delivered with a truck, on-line is amazingly easy and convenient. We purchased this for a second residence and I am contrasting this to a sleep number in our primary residence. This gel infused mattress seems a bit softer but it’s also way more confoming to the body. There’s always the dilemma of one person likes a hard mattress while another prefers a soft version. Of course we have this same dilemma in with our Clan, but really, this mattress seems to find a nice compromise. Honestly, I prefer this $250 mattress to something we spent 10 or 15X on… I can’t yet comment on its overall longetivity, but at these prices, one could buy a new one eavery year or two which would not be a bad thing either.

  19. Shannon J. Leifer

    As a single woman, was able to lift freshly opened package and unroll it on my bedrame. Set it up in the morning after waking up, opened my window, and when I came back home from work it was completely expanded without any odor. Now that it’s fully expanded, it would be too heavy/bulky to move around by myself. Love not having springs in my side 🙂

  20. Keikei

    This bed is extremely comfortable! At first, I didn’t like it because it made my back hurt, but after relaxing on it, I began to feel better. I guess I’ve slept on too many bad mattresses in my life. Lol but overall, this mattress is wonderful and I would most definitely buy it again!

  21. Fallon

    I’ve had this bed for a few months now and still love it. It’s comfortable and a good balance of softness and firmness for me. Best mattress I’ve ever had. It also doesn’t transfer any weight, I can set a glass of wine down on the bed next to me and it won’t spill if I stand up! Came in a relatively small box and the mattress expanded to full size in about 30 min

  22. Brian McKeown

    Didn’t know how well I could sleep at night until we got this mattress. WOW.

  23. WorkingMomx3

    Don’t hesitate on getting this mattress! We got a full size for our daughter and after waiting a few days for it to fully expand its so so comfy. I love that when the dog jumps up on it he doesn’t wake her because it’s not like the old style spring mattress, she doesn’t get bounced and awoken when he jumps up to cuddle! I had help getting it out of the box and opened to expand since it’s a bit heavy. The smell wasn’t so bad either. After 2 days of letting it air and expand we put a bed bug cover and it doesn’t affect the comfort of the bed! You can’t beat the price for something more comfortable than a fancy and expensive spring mattress.

  24. A. Lansky

    I’ve been sleeping on this mattress for four months now & can only say great things about it. This bed is a fraction of the cost of other expensive models & sleeps BETTER. If you are considering a memory foam style mattress, this one is going to be really tough to beat.

    I used to have back pain every morning from my old garbage mattress but every morning I just wake up wanting to sleep more. Probably because I stay up too late & my alarm goes off before 7am, but hey, the mattress is always there for me.

    Do your back a favor & sleep on this one. Also great for intercourse. Just sayin

  25. Sarah

    Let me start by saying I never leave reviews. And I have waited over a month to write about this mattress because I wanted to give it time. But now, I have to let people know. I have bad back problems, I used to roll out of bed in so much pain I could barely walk. When I decided to try this mattress, queen size, when I moved into a new apartment, I was very skeptical. I let it sit unwrapped over the weekend as we moved things in and got the bed frame set up, so it has a total of 48 hours to fluff up. And it definitely did! I honestly thought the first night I slept on it was a fluke. Then it kept happening, I’d wake up, sit up and not want to scream. It was amazing! I have never been happier with a purchase than I am with this mattress! No weird smell, it expanded to the full height, fits sheets perfectly. My ONLY minor issue is that it doesn’t seem to disperse body heat as advertised. I go to sleep chilly under my blankets, wake up in a sweat blankets on the floor, which has never been an issue for me. But the comfort is worth getting a little hot, I just got a fan!

  26. Nicole

    I am so glad I bought this mattress. I am over 40 and sleep is elusive. I have chronic back pain and it is difficult for me to get comfortable and stay asleep for long periods of time. This bed is the Holy Grail for me. I truly love it . It isn’t too hard or too soft, but just like Goldilocks, It is Just Right!! I wake up refreshed. I toss and turn much less. The best thing is that I am not aching anywhere near as much as I used to. A Huge Difference and blessing. Don’t hesitate to push BUY.

  27. John L.

    Bought it for my son and for one of my sisters. They love it.

  28. LisaG

    After letting the queen size mattress sit for 1 day, it expanded the full 10 inches.
    It has no chemical smell that I can notice.
    Bought for guest room but ended up using it instead.
    The mattress lets you sink down til you feel surrounded by the foam and feels very hot, so gel temperature control does not seem to work.
    It is too soft, waking up with pain in shoulders, hips and back.
    Also cannot comfortably sit in bed and read a book. sink down to the frame.
    Hate to return it, but we gave it a couple of months, and it just is not working for us.

  29. brad

    I have 3 of these, one in my house, my mother-in-laws, and daughter. They are very nice. Good value for the price.

  30. TB

    I bought this Primasleep mattress at this price, Expecting it to be a good (based on reviews) but temporary solution for me as i am in the middle of a move because i didnt think this low price mattress would be so good.. I didnt expect to keep it longer than a year as i will move again, But the comfort of this mattress so far says , i am bringing it with me for long term use and what a great price for what you get. Its terrific! I am 5`9 165 lbs and it supports me grea,t as well as my dog..A 90 lb Pit Bull. I look forward to getting into it for a nights sleep. I didnt realize how sub par my higher priced mattress was until i slept on this. I couldnt bring my old mattress as it was a Cal King and would not fit for my current situation. I am glad that worked out this way because i love this mattress, Very comfortable and i sleep far better!

  31. Macie

    Best Money I have ever spent. In high school my parents bought me a hybrid pillow top mattress… Serta, around $350. I hated it. I thought I was just mattress picky, but for 3 years I woke up constantly, couldn’t fall asleep, felt stiff.. And I was a highschooler. Finally in college I’d had enough of the thing. I had never owned a memory foam mattress and was worried that being overweight as I am it wouldn’t support me well. I LOVE this mattress. My sister actually commented on how comfortable it was for her as well. I sleep so much better, and this mattress was pretty easy for me to afford. This thing is a diamond in the rough

  32. Dianna

    Bought this for a guest bedroom bed that will not be used very often. Great price point. I had no issues unpacking it, it expanded quickly and without distortion anywhere and there was NO smell. I read a lot of reviews that complained about the smell – my mattress has no odor. I also saw a lot of reviews complaining that the mattress compresses too thin when you’re on it. No, it doesn’t. When you lay on it, unless you’re mega-obese, it does what a foam mattress does and conforms to your body. If you point load it (sit on the edge) it does mash down more than it does when you lay down and distribute your weight more evenly. That’s normal and not a defect as some might whine about. It’s quite soft and definitely not on the firm spectrum. It’s true to size (I ordered a Full) and full sheets fit nicely. I ordered the 10 inch and it did expand to 10 inches, so those claiming otherwise are incorrect as well.

  33. Tammy Burns

    My boyfriend and I are really poor college students when he moved into his new apartment we needed a new king sized bed since my boyfriend is really really tall and takes up most of our queen bed when I spend the night. I searched days, hours and stayed up all night looking for a bed in a box pretty much stressing over it everyday reading reviews, etc. I almost settled for an Ashley chime hybrid but when prime day came around this bed was only $170 after my $50 amazon gift card I’ve been saving for a moment like this. I couldn’t resist the price even though I had no idea what I was getting and just took the chance anyways. This bed is absolutely perfect!!! And we both agree it’s the best bed we’ve ever slept on. I thought the 10inch height wouldn’t be enough and we would sink down but that’s not the case at all it’s firm and hugs our bodies perfectly. It’s like literally sleeping on a cloud! Btw the picture we took was before it was fully inflated Don’t be discouraged by the bad reviews it’s everything you’d hope for especially when you’re on a budget! We wanted to see what it was like before we bought a frame and we decided to go with the zinus 18in high metal frame, but we found the same thing on Walmart for only $70 which is $50 cheaper than the price on amazon and still get free shipping! We will try to remember and update this review with pictures when we get the frame!! But in conclusion I hope my review will stop you from constantly searching and spending hours looking at reviews because that becomes really stressful and time consuming! If this price beats others just go with this one you won’t be disappointed I promise

  34. Joshua D. Wicks

    Love these mattresses. Everyone in my home has one now. All new this past year. I’ve been sleeping on one for almost a year and I love it. My kids like theirs as well. Hope they hold up for a few years. The price point is great so even if they don’t last as long as other mattresses not such a big deal. You could buy 2 or 3 of these and still spend much less than buying 1 of those high priced name brand mattresses that still manage to screw up your back.

  35. Maggie

    Bought for guest bedroom. We don’t have many guests but it is there if needed. We also have the king size mattesss in our bedroom. Very good for price.

  36. Maria Coronado

    I got this mattress around 2:48pm today (11/9/18) and it’s currently 4:35pm its almost at its original shape but it did say to wait at least 48 hours before using it. Once I unboxed it didn’t not have any odors but keep in mind it does come from a factory(or such). I am loving it so far

  37. Michael Edwards

    I bought these mattresses for my two teenage boys. The older one is 6’5” and about 265lbs and the younger one is 5’10” 170lbs. Initially I was worried about the support (especially for the big boy) so I bought the 10” mattresses and crossed my fingers. They both love their beds and pretty much fall asleep as soon as they get in them. My wife laid on one and it completely changed her mind about foam mattresses. Now she wants one and we’re shopping for a 14” model.

  38. Anonymous

    Whoa, guys, Whoa. Lemme tell you- I was being cheap when I bought this mattress. I expected cardboard and I’m cool with that cuz I’m a cheap mofo and anything is better than the air mattress I was sleeping on while waiting on my bed. Not only do I have no regrets in purchasing this mattress, I want to tell everyone to stop wasting their money on the expensive stuff. You ever go to a fancy hotel and it’s like a marshmallow bed you don’t want to get out of? This is that bed. I slept like a damn baby and if I had a choice I’d have stayed there all day. Even my animals love it. It’s like one big marshmallow party. You need to get you one.

  39. Ashanti Muhammad

    Omg first night with the bed and I Overslept a good 2 hours for work.. I slept the best I’ve slept in my life ..just imagine sleeping on clouds .

  40. richard chavez

    I bought this bed for my daughter she is 15 years old. She loves this bed and I would definitely recommend this item.

  41. Jeff

    It’s only real fault was that it was just short of being as wide as claimed by about one half an inch; no big deal in my case. It did not have the awfull stink that I had read so many of these types of mattress’s have, it just was not there in my case. It’s just as comfortable as my ‘old’ spring mattress was that cost more than double in cost. I will be buying again but I even think that might be longer than with an old spring type; time will tell.

  42. Elizabeth Troutman

    Absolutely in love with this mattress! It’s so soft, and cloud like to sleep on. I wake up feeling great, no sore back or anything. There’s no need for a box spring with this mattress, and the second I opened it and layed it flat, the mattress expanded almost immediately. Give it at least half a day to expand, it says 48 hours but I slept on it the same night I got it and it feels the same three days later.

  43. Armani Meehan

    This thing is phenomenal! I was kind of scared because what was my first memory foam mattress and so cheap … but we’ve had it now for a month and it is absolutely perfect!! We let it sit for 24 hours and it inflated to the proper dimensions and we couldn’t be happier! Finally some good sleep!!

  44. KrisLovesOrcas

    I am so glad i chose this mattress. it took almost 2 months for me to buy
    it i kept changing my mind.i have fibromyalgia and i don’t have a
    money to spare if it didn’t work. so soft. nothing i don’t like yet

  45. Haley

    I have never written a review on Amazon but felt I had to after buying this mattress. I searched and read reviews for days looking for a good quality mattress and decided on a whim to buy this one. I have horrible back problems, so it was important to me to get a reliable mattress that wouldn’t make my back any worse than it already is. Let me tell you, for the price this mattress is unbelievable. I have had no back pain since buying it and sleep wonderfully every night. It is a little firm (which I was surprised about since it’s made of foam) but not in a bad way, it is sturdy so you will not sink in, yet still soft when sleeping. Literally for the price you CANNOT beat it. The quality is comparable to the $1000 mattresses I have tried. Totally worth the money! Cannot suggest this purchase enough!

  46. Kera F.

    I love my mattress..Great Price!!! Paid 256.99!! I bought the California King. The first day ..I thought it was the wrong size because of the box size but it was wrapped very well. It was easy to unwrap with instructions . Once un wrapped my mattress inflated to 9 inches.I didn’t lay on it at all not even to test it..I waited 2 days before laying on it..it has a cover already. I let it sit on my living room floor for 2days even though the next day I measured an it was at 10 inches. It doesn’t have a smell….an I been sleeping on it for 2 weeks now an I just love it love it.. I never want to get up because it sleeps so well an comfy. I will buy again.!! Great product. I read reviews an was scared to order because it didn’t have many reviews but I’m so so happy I tired it…..I’m not being paid for this review I just had to post to help someone decided . Its medium soft….I made my own bed with frame an choose to make it with slacks. But its a great buy….

  47. Sara

    Adult activities on memory foam is way different then spring mattresses. You don’t get any assistance in rhythm or help fight gravity from the springs. It is not bouncy. Think banging on the floor. The tactile feel and recoil comes from your partners curves and/or your thighs.

    A solid base/bed is most important during a good romp. Expect the whole unit to travel a bit if the foundation is flimsy. See photo for bed travel example.

    If you enjoy ropes and chains during your copulation sessions, ensure that your partner has sank into the mattress a bit before strapping them down. This will ensure a tight fit and no escape possible.

    I’ve had my mattress for a month or so, and have had many a carnal knowledge. I give the mattress a B rating, and my own performance an A-.

  48. Dejah S.

    I was reading about 1000 reviews on beds before finally committing to one. I will update this review in time to see how it performs in the future, but for now I wanted to add to the reviews the overwhelmed shoppers like myself will see. I wrote this review after having it for 2 weeks, but now after almost a year, the comments still hold up!

    Overall, I absolutely love this bed. It came right when it was promised, and I let it expand for nearly the entire 48 hour recommended time. It’s only gotten to around 9″, but I’m not too worried about it, it’s comfortable and a very good size as is, wouldn’t change a thing. There was a slight chemical smell that has gone away as I let the mattress rise. I also read that people had trouble with fiberglass… well don’t remove the cover. I believe it is to protect the mattress from some liquids, and it isn’t intended to be removed. So I avoided that and don’t have a problem with it at all.
    My biggest worry was mold. Thankfully no other reviews mentioned mold, so I thought I was safe. And when I received it, there was no appearance or smell of mold whatsoever. Good stuff!

    When people explain that it is both soft and firm, they are absolutely right. The first maybe 2 inches are soft, while the rest is supported by a more firm foam. This allows me, a small 120lb woman, to sink in but not keep sinking in. I hated memory foam because I would never sink the way I wanted so it felt way too firm. I really feel like I am supported in all the ways I need to be. I have never woken up in any pain, and I have even been sleeping all the way through the nights. I guess you don’t realize how much you were suffering on a bad mattress until you get a new one!

    Finally, it is even a very comfortable mattress for 2! I don’t find my arm getting sore or loosing circulation in any cuddling positions so far. I know that is a little weird, but for anyone looking for a mattress for 2, I hope it helps. The “medium” feel of both soft and firm has kept us both very happy, as I am someone who loves a soft bed, and him firm.

    The other biggest complaint I’ve read is that it doesn’t last very long, so I updated my review about a year later. So far, it works just as well as the first day I got it! I’m still so comfortable!!

  49. Matt Oberg

    Don’t hesitate by it I bought a $800 mattress from Costco both Posturepedic or memory foam as you call it this one on Amazon is better great price Great Value great mattress

  50. Amber E Lelak

    After sleeping on the same brick for 20 years, I decided to upgrade to a fancy memory foam bed. And I gotta tell you, I was nervous. Buying a bed is a huge undertaking. I read reviews. I went to bed stores. I laid, flopped, tossed, and hopped on mattresses. I asked my friends if they loved their beds and why. I researched back issues. But finally, I landed on this one. And it. Is. Awesome.

    It came in less than a week. I sweet talked the UPS man to bring it upstairs for me, because it is a hefty haul. Then came the unboxing, which was exciting. It was a race against the clock to get it arranged before it was already a mattress (it took less than 2 hours for it to reach the full 10 inches on all sides).

    I held back on immediately laying on it, because I wanted the full effect. I put it in a mattress cover, and made the bed with all my fancy sheets, duvets, blankets, and 30 pillows. Then…came the flop.

    Have you ever smoked a bunch of weed and then got into comfy pants, arranged all your snacks and things you need, then found that perfect position on the couch to both watch TV and charge your phone? Yeah? Well, this was like that. But better.

    A lot of people post on how firm this bed is. Au contraire. I found it to be very plush. Like maybe a 6/10 firmness. And sitting on the edge definately has a squash effect that is surprising. But I didn’t get this to sit on the edge, I got it to cradle me like a baby, and it does that for sure.

    I had the best sleep of my life. No tossing. No waking up. The hardest part about getting out of bed was just that it was so damn comfy. And the back pain I’ve been having? Not there.

    I polled my dog and my cats, and they also agreed that this bed is amazing. For the price, you can’t beat it. 10/10, will sleep again.

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