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Saatva Luxury Mattress

The Saatva mattress is an ultra-premium, eco-friendly Saatva, sold exclusively online for under $1,000. Saatva mattresses are built with a distinctive high quality feature known as ‘coil on coil’ construction. Our lower coil unit offers a connected hourglass shaped steel support base. Our top coil unit features a luxurious individually wrapped coil system that contours and responds perfectly to your body, eliminating most motion transfer. This construction coupled with our advanced euro pillow top, can only be found in ultra premium mattresses . Our 11.5 inch Saatva mattress is also compatible with adjustable bases, including the Lineal adjustable base. Lineal provides weightless zero-g support with a whisper-soft motor and wall-hugging design. Saatva offers exceptional customer service. You can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via phone or live chat at with any questions about our products or your order. We also provide in-home set up and old mattress take-away service if you need it. Saatva is truly mattress buying made easy. Start your 120 night trial today.

98 reviews for Saatva Mattress Review


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  1. Jeff Edwards

    I was skeptical about buying a bed online, and without testing it out first. However, after reading all the reviews and the 120 return policy, I decided to go for it. I chose the "Luxury Firm" in a Cal King. The delivery went accordingly, and they removed my old mattress. The guys were very professional. I was concerned about the firmness of this mattress, but this bed is the perfect combination of firmness and comfort. I have had the bed for over a month now and am very pleased, with no regrets. I also bought a Saatva king pillow and have found my forever pillow. I have purchased Tempurpedic pillows and others, but they do not compare to this pillow. It is the bomb, so is my mattress!

  2. Ramon

    Excellent company and stellar customer service.

  3. Janet Eshbach

    Love the mattress we bought! Price was much lower than what we would have paid locally, and the service was good. Quick delivery and set up perfect.

  4. Janice L

    We love our mattress. We've had ours since Feb 2015. No issues at all. It is firm enough to provide support and soft enough to feel like the most high end hotel mattress. My husband travels every other week for work and each time he comes home he declares that "we have the best bed in the world." The quality is amazing and the customer service was delightful.

  5. Mary

    We purchased our first Saatva mattress in December of 2016. We love it. We are purchasing another bed for our second bedroom this month. Would be very interested to experience an even plusher version of this mattress if the company offered one. Other than that, very satisfied.

  6. H Wilson

    I will never, ever buy a mattress that isn't a Saatva mattress. Everything from the ease of navigating the website, the streamlined options, the courteous customer service when we had a question, the delivery was a dream. And the mattress — from the first night to two years later, I still love crawling into my bed every evening. I've recommended Saatva to everyone who has asked me for a mattress recommendation.

  7. Chris M

    I have had 4 surgeries on my spine. The last surgery was a fusion. Since I have arthritis which continues to grow on and inside my spinal canal, the pain gets worse each day. I have purchased other mattresses over the years, and it wasn't until I purchased the firm mattress from Saatva that I feel some relief. It's the support and comfort I feel when it's time for bed that makes going to sleep bearable and sometimes very enjoyable. I want to thank everyone from the people that made my mattress to the wonderful delivery staff for making such a difference when I sleep. Thank you all so very much. I highly recommend the Saatva mattress to anyone who has back discomfort. It will make a world of difference.

  8. Caroline Alberg

    Comfy mattress, Saatva mattress is excellent, great customer service

  9. Manjula

    Saatva mattress is excellent, customer service is great Agent Eric P. is very knowledgeable and kind, he gave us concerned advice and exchanged the slightly ripped stretch mattress with out any hassle. Our split cal king Mattress is very comfortable on adjustable bed, its truly luxury firm, their 15 yrs warranty gives so much comfort to buy their product with ease.

    Manjula Bhagi

  10. Randy Dutton

    Great company to deal with! They take good care of their customers! Our concern was quickly handled & resolved on a SUNDAY! This is a very professional company. Steven M. did a great job and was highly professional Saatva is strongly recommended!

  11. Gordon

    First mattres ultimately turned out to be too shifty for our comfort. Even though we had exceeded the trial period, Saatva helped us find a great solution by allowing us to trade our mattress in for a firmer model.
    In addition, the customer service is excellent. The two times we have contacted them they have been very quick to respond and knowledgeable. And each time quickly we're able to address our questions and concerns. I would absolutely recommend this company.

  12. James Sawyer

    All communications with the company were warm, efficient, and very professional. Product quality is excellent. Although I had to make an exchange, again, this was handled diplomatically, with a fine, professional staff, who stand by their trial period and warranty. Great company! No issues with delivery either.

  13. Marilyn

    Problem with my mattress: he gave advice on how to pinpoint the problem and encouraged me to call back so Saatva can get to a resolution of the problem. I liked that there was a positive outcome of my complaint call, so far.

  14. Griff

    Customer service excellent.

  15. Dale Conrad

    Hassle-free return policy that I had to unfortunately exercise. Saatva was very accommodating and didn't push-back.

  16. Tim Kenny

    Great mattress. We've had it for about 8 months and saw a minor issue with some stitching. They're replacing it under warranty. No hassles at all. That's what you want in an online mattress seller. Very pleased.

  17. Caroline Hunt

    My experience is that after 5 and a half years of happy sleeping, the mattress had developed a fault with the seams. I contacted Saatva and within a few days I had a new mattress delivered and installed. That is customer service!

  18. Lisa Lewis

    I purchased a mattress set for my son in 2015. Recently there appeared to be a deep depression in the center of the mattress. I called and was able to discuss the problem. It turns out that I was given an opportunity to purchase a brand new mattress to replace it at only 25% of the original cost. After four years, I appreciated that type of response with a minimal out of pocket expense. Granted, I wish it had held up better, but, I am hopeful that the new mattress will do so. The new mattress will come with a brand new warranty. My son had been very comfortable on this mattress, up until the center seemed to develop a 2 inch depression….

  19. Katie Bartlett

    Friendly, helpful customer service. Transparent invoice practices providing detailed fabrication and delivery process – very helpful!

  20. James Zoland

    Saatva has a professional team that showed us effective listening skills when honoring their satisfaction guarantee. A real pleasure doing business with Saatva.

  21. michelle chris

    Customer service was outstanding through the whole purchase and delivery process. We absolutely love our Saatva. I was reluctant to purchase a new mattress since the one we were sleeping is only 5 years old and cost more than double the Saatva, but my husband hated it. He likes firm, I like squishy. We went with luxury firm and everyone is happy. Best purchase!

  22. Sarah Byrd

    Customer service is top notch!

  23. Carla Stanford

    In this day and time good service is just not common. Teresa has helped me with everything I’ve needed. She’s been professional, caring and fun. I’m still in my trial period but I feel quite confident that I have finally found a bed that I can sleep on. There truly is no outgassing, which is a huge deal for me. The bed is well constructed and so much more plush and supportive than any bed I’ve tried so far. I think Saatva has got it right!

  24. Michael Rose

    Sales and customer service were efficient and responsive. My order was processed quickly and they kept me the loop the entire way.

  25. Edward

    Barry went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with the whole process.

  26. Jeffery Firth

    The Saatva Mattress experience was indeed five stars in all respects – unfortunately it ended up not being the mattress for me – but the pleasurable people who helped through the orderind and delivery process to the customer service reps who tried to help us fit into the mattress we purchased. When we decided that the mattress was just too firm for our sleep needs, there was no pressure, just friendly helpful people who stood behind their product and warranty who politely set up my refund for my mattress. Truly a unique experience in today's society!!

  27. JDS

    Saatva sold me on their product by explaining its material and construction: both excellent. Saatva's 15 year mattress warranty; their 120 'trial period', and that their mattress is made in the USA. I did shop around and came to the conclusion Saatva was the best value; not the cheapest, the Best Value. If you can afford Saatva you won't be disappointed.

  28. Pat Walters

    I had never heard of Saatva until I started searching on the Internet for a new mattress. Based on all of the great reviews we decided to chance it. Buying direct lowers the price so you get quality for a lower price. Delivery was professional. The mattress is incredibly comfortable and we are very pleased to have found Saatva.

  29. Beverley Andalora

    I was skeptical about buying a mattress without being able to try it out first. But moving circumstances, the great reviews, and only a $99 return fee convinced me to give it a try. We bought the Cal King Luxury Firm 11.5" mattress. It was easy to order online and the mattress was shipped quickly. The delivery company out of Fresno was very professional and accommodated our schedule to deliver on a day when they didn't usually deliver to our area. The mattress itself is wonderful! I weigh 250 lbs and have had problems with painful pressure points on other mattresses that I'm not having with the Saatva. I'm sleeping better than I have in years. Overall a great experience. I'm a very happy sleeper!

  30. Kevin McGinley

    Excellent over all. Great for my back.

  31. Eric Harritt

    Thanks for the mattress, the best one I ever purchased, Thanks!

  32. David Duval

    I have a cranky back. I had never found a comfortable mattress at any price before finding SAATVA late last year. While apprehensive about buying online without trying it out in person, it all worked out just fine. We’ve just purchased a second home. The first furnishings are three new SAATVA mattresses. I’m hooked. Yesmin S took the order and provided exemplary service working through long distance logistics while meeting the condominium association strict requirements. Great product and great service.

  33. Nadine Hernandez

    Hi sleepless friends,
    It can be one of the most confusing decisions we must make. So many choices, so much conflicting information. I went into research mode when my hubby and I needed a new mattress. I must have had a million questions when I found Saatva, and customer service was there for me at all hours to answer every one of them! There is so much more to our story, but I just want you to know you can trust this company, the product is unrivaled. Just superior in every way! We enjoy the most restful sleep EVER! And isn't that the bottom line?

  34. gail

    We had great delivery people and love our new mattress! Didn't even take one night to get used to it~~ it was perfect from the get go!!

  35. Anne Tessitore

    Purchased the 14.5" luxury firm mattress with 8.75" box spring approximately 4 months ago. While we were hesitant to buy without the ability to physically lay on it, absolutely no regrets. 100% satisfied. Best mattress we have ever owned. Has relieved ongoing back pain from sciatica. The buying process was efficient and professional from order through to delivery. High recommend! Thank You Saavta

  36. Steve

    We bought the 14.75" Plush and 4.5" base and it is the best mattress we have had, EVER. I studied mattresses to insure we would get the right one after trying the VERY EXPENSIVE Sleep Number i8, not sleeping well and the 100 day trial cost me over $1500 (Read sleep number terms-conditions) . We had a Kings Court that cost over 4K 12 years ago that WAS our best ever until now. I highly recommend this mattress and company. Sales process was easy, delivery on time and setup as any local big box would sell for $199. I must mention, My Wife told me yesterday that she is dreaming now and has not dreamed in quite a while because she had trouble sleeping. I am dreaming more as well which means we are getting to a deeper sleep. TRUST this choice.

  37. Cathy

    A truly miracle mattress. I have had back issues for years, no surgeries, just disk issues. Pains down my legs, hard to sit or stand for long, etc. We received our Luxury Firm Saatva mattress approximately 10 days after ordering after many months of researching. The delivery guys were right on time and were in and out in 45 minutes (this included taking down and removing the old bed). The first two nights I thought I had made a mistake and should have gone with the plush because my lower spine and hips and sides of legs (I'm a side sleeper) were really sore and I thought the mattress was too firm. By the third night and a week later, I'm thrilled with this mattress. I had a long day outdoors Sunday, lots of walking and knew I would have a hard time getting out of bed on Monday but that didn't happen. All the radiating pain from my lower back is gone. I sleep through the night and can't remember the last time I did that. This is our best purchase ever. (My fiancé agrees – and he weighs about 110 lbs more than me.) You will not regret this purchase.

  38. Maria

    Very happy, great customer service. Beginning of November 2018 purchased Zenhaven. Bed was not for us, called Frank from customer service back and exchanged to Saatva Luxury Firm. Love this bed, we are very happy with this company. Thank you very much.

  39. SWalk

    I hate shopping for mattresses! I find it to be as annoying as car shopping. We thought we were buying good quality mattresses with good warranty’s from good company’s in the past and ended up learning a lesson afterwards every time. So when I researched the mattresses I wanted, Saatva came up and it sounded like the perfect fit. I really wanted to see what the reviews were, how people liked their mattress and more importantly how the customer service was. I was super impressed with the whole package. I’m not going to lie, it did take me almost a year to convince my husband to do this, but I assured him they would come take it away if we didn’t like it after our 120 day trail. So we’ve had our mattress for almost 2 years now and we love it! It’s organic, made to order, made in the USA, 120 night trail period and the customer service is outstanding! And that’s why it’s so important for people to leave feedback to help others with such a big, important purchase. Even when customers are not happy (cause you can’t please 100% of everyone) this company tries to do whatever they can to make it right cause they understand good business runs on word of mouth, and they’re ethical and they care! That’s why we tell everyone about Saatva. I mean the ones looking for a mattress…. lol.

  40. Walt Thurston

    We have had this bed a while now and, I can tell you it is just as described and better. Wife says she hates to get out of it every morning because it is so comfortable and I agree. We rate it Excellent
    You would not be disappointed purchasing a Saatva Mattress.

  41. J Bond

    I've had this mattress for 3 years and I would not recommend it. My back hurts each morning after sleeping on it and I can't afford another brand yet but as soon as I can I will get one of better quality.
    Yesterday the handle on the side tore off while sliding mattress while changing bed sheets and created a hole st the seam line which exposed the inside of the mattress. I hope the inside of this mattress doesn't start falling out.

  42. Jon Lehtinen

    I have had my queen size SAATVA mattress for 3 years, and I really love it. I have only had to contact customer service twice, and both times they were great. I have told all my friends about them, and will get another when the time comes.

  43. Debi Levine

    Seven weeks ago I ordered a Saatva luxury firm king mattress. The online staff were outstanding, giving me all the advice and suggestions possible, their goal being to help me make the best purchase to meet our needs. The research, order process, communication, and delivery were all flawless. My mattress arrived safely. Very easy!

    Like everyone I was apprehensive about buying a mattress online, however, I was very frustrated with all experiences purchasing mattresses from retail stores the past seven years, and sick about all the negative reviews on name brand mattresses. Decided I had nothing to lose in trying something new. Ordered the Saatva, sight unseen, and we have been sleeping on it for over a month now. Didn't have the "curb appeal" of our trashed Sterns & Foster, but the Saatva is definitely well-constructed and MUCH more comfortable, and finally, after five years, and three mattresses later, we are both sleeping deeply and comfortably! The first few nights felt firmer than I had anticipated, but it has settled nicely and adapted to our needs. Couldn't be happier!!!! Thank you, Saatva!!!

  44. Carole Harkness

    I received my Mattress on August 31, 2018 and it’s absolutely beautiful!!! I noticed an immediate difference in my sleep experience. I would normally wake up with awful hip pain with our old mattress. I woke up pain free!!! You don’t realize how bad off your situation is until you experience a better way. Our previous Mattress was over 20 years old, and I spent several hundred dollars on foam toppers and mattress pads to improve comfort. The modifications would help for a little while, but the hip pain would comeback.

    This entire process was better than shopping at a store. I always felt like the salesperson was looking for a commission versus meeting my needs!! I’m very proud of myself for doing the research and selecting a super comfortable mattress!!
    Best Decision Ever!!!!

  45. Meritt

    You don't find service like this anymore! Stave has been an outstanding company to work with. During my purchase process I had many questions to ask. Every single representative was not only helpful but extremely kind and courteous. It was an absolute pleasure to deal with them. My mattress has been perfect in every way. Great experience from purchase, to financing, to delivery, to the outstanding quality for the mattress. I am so impressed with Saatva!

  46. Jeff

    Absolutely the most comfortable mattress I've ever slept on in my 65 years of existence! Any initial reservations I had about buying a mattress online sight unseen evaporated the first night I slept on my wonderful Saatva mattress. For the first time in decades, I sleep through the night and awaken refreshed and NOT sore! Truly one of the best purchases I've ever made!!!

  47. Mary G Cadagin

    Great service, smart people and the best beds. My thanks!

  48. Jeanne Simpson

    Love my Saatva mattress. Especially liked the white glove set up and reasonable pricing!

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