Sleep innovations 10.2 cm double mattress cover

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Sleep innovations 10.2 cm double mattress cover, polyurethane, white, queen

Luxury inch double mattress with body curve, pressure point relief and improved blood circulation
Exclusive double-layer design features a down alternative to the plush comfort layer and a layer of 3.81 CM bottom suresure gel memory foam
Detachable, machine washable cotton made of 100% cotton padding securely attached to the mattress
After unpacking, it takes 72 hours, the mattress cover is fully extended; it is suitable for single bed, ordinary double bed, medium double bed, large double bed size

Specification: Sleep innovations 10.2 cm double mattress cover


Two. All. Queen. King. King size, California

40 reviews for Sleep innovations 10.2 cm double mattress cover


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  1. c s.

    Have had the most comfortable sleep since getting this topper 4 days ago. I sleep through the night and do not wake up with any back pain. Read reviews of many mattress toppers before deciding to purchase this one. So glad that I did. Unlike some reviewers experience, I didn’t notice a smell at all and the gel pad popped up right away when out of the box. I do feel that it is a bit warmer with the pad, but not uncomfortably so. I was going to replace our king sized mattress but with this purchase, I feel that I can hold on to it for a few more years. Great investment!

    Wanted to add an update. I purchased this 1 1/2 years ago and I still stand behind this product. It is still as comfortable as it was when I first put it on my bed. In fact, I recently broke my ankle and have essentially been bedridden for the past 6 weeks. This mattress topper made my confinement that much more comfortable. I did rotate the topper today as I noticed that it seemed slightly lower on my side of the bed—but after being on it 24/7 for a couple of months, that is understandable. So glad that I made the purchase.

  2. Happy Camper

    This item arrived within 3 days of ordering.

    I ordered a King size and had no problems at all with unpacking and setting up. Absolutely no smell! The foam immediately began fluffing up and the mattress pad was very fluffy, too.

    Best night sleep I’ve had in a while! So comfortable! Very soft and if I could imagine sleeping on a cloud this would be it! My bed already has a “pillow top,” and it was fine when I first purchased several years ago. It’s in excellent shape and too early to replace, just needed more softness and this topper worked like a charm.

    My youngest daughter laid on it and said it was too soft…she’s 16.

    I’m 51 and have active exercise habits. I love it! No pressure point aches, did not toss and turn, did not wake up in the wee hours with a shoulder or hip that ached and had to turn over.

    I did not want to get out of bed this morning and can’t wait to get home, take a bath and crawl back into my super comfy bed again.

    Thank you!


    This was purchased to replace an older memory foam pad. It is being used on a spare bed that isn’t used daily. The foam came packaged in a compact plastic bag and the two inch quilted topper was in a sealed bag. The foam mattress rolled out flat and was easy to position on the queen mattress. The foam wasn’t at its full hight, but is said to expand within 48 hours.
    The quilted pad fit nicely on top of the foam pad and didn’t move around.
    To keep from having to wash the quilted cover,
    I purchased the Utopia Bedding Zippered Mattress encasement. It is waterproof, so it will protect the complete queen matress. The reviews of the quilted part of the set say the padding bunches up when washed, so this complete zipped waterproof mattress encasement will eliminate having to wash it. It was used to sleep on 6 hours after putting on the bed and the quest said it was really confortable, with no chemical odor.

  4. run2088

    I had an older mattress that I wasn’t quite ready to replace so did a LOT of research before deciding on this mattress pad and it did the trick for a couple months and helped me decide I definitely needed a soft mattress for my needs rather than firm I was always led to believe provided more support. Not so if you weigh less than 125lb and can’t sink into a firm mattress to get pressure point relief along your body curves! I have now purchased the softest Wink mattress but figured, what the heck! I’ll add this on top anyways for that much extra comfort! Living the marshmallow life now 😉

  5. Kenn

    I have an old sleep number bed and can’t afford a new bed at this time. I decided after a vacation to Texas visiting a family member who had this sleep topper on the bed I slept in for a week to purchase one for my bed. It has made a world of difference in my sleep. Great improvement over my old mattress! I recommend this product!

  6. krazk8t

    I just received this Tuesday (speedy service! I ordered it on Sunday). The foam mat is compressed, but expands in a reasonable amount of time, and the cover is absolutely Heavenly! I’m very pleased I that I got the cover, I’m pleased period with the mattress topper! I haven’t slept on it enough to give it a 5 star rating for pain relief, I am sure over the next few weeks I will notice some improvement. Haven’t slept with a pillow between my knees since Tuesday night.
    I recommend this for anybody with back problems, or maybe even an old, worn out mattress to poof it up and save some money by not having to buy a new mattress!

  7. Brian B.

    I ordered this mattress topper out of desperation while my wife & I were living in employee housing furnished with a mattress that was decades past needing to be replaced. Since we were only sleeping on this bed for a few months, it was crazy to buy a mattress, but our bodies were in physical pain and we were not getting any sleep. We received both the foam layer and the padded layer as advertised. It took a bit for the foam to expand but we noticed the improvement immediately. We still use the blue foam pad under our futon mattress once we moved into more permanent accomodations. When guests come to stay, they can’t believe how comfortable the pad is. Even my mother-in-law purchased this pad after sleeping on it for 10 days. She put it on an air mattress and raved that it was more comfortable than her mattress at home. We feel that we have fully returned on the investment with this purchase. We highly recommend this product.

  8. Krystal Q.

    My husband and I bought a new bed, but the very expensive mattress we bought was extremely uncomfortable. We went with a firm mattress because we both have back issues, but this mattress caused us to both to be stiff and sore each morning. We made the best of it for a few months and then started looking at toppers. I chose this mainly because it was two pieces. I thought if it was too soft on the bed, I could take one off and still get some use back on the money I spent. The good news is that there was no need to separate and just use one! What a difference this made! It took us a couple of weeks to get used to it, but we are both sleeping so much better and we feel better in the mornings too! I definitely would recommend this topper and would buy it again!!!

  9. heather

    WOW! Was searching for solution to dented/sagging memory foam mattress issues and thank fully stumbled on this.

    Photos are from today – purchased 1 month ago- Have washed in washing machine and tumbked dried low twice since buying. (Have a messy 2 year old)
    Like other reviews say – to me this feels like sleeping on a cloud and i dont consider myself fan of “soft” beds…. this is a truely comfortable topper. I am waking in same position fell asleep in and not hot not causing me to sweat as other toppers have.
    Amazon photo a little misleading for how pillow topper attaches to mattress- casing is huge and grips well. Fits my extra large extra deep mattress and inches of additional memory foam just fine.
    Lastly can attest that it hold up very well yo machine washing and drying.
    The filling feels just as it did when firsr received month ago.

  10. MonadnockGirl

    I had been considering a product like this for some time, but I was hesitant about if it would really make a difference and if it would be too hot in the summer. It does make a big difference-sleep is so much better and it is not too hot. I would recommend this product to anyone.
    There was mild odor the first few nights (and I did let it air out for about 8 hours before putting the top layer of the topper on the foam and put the sheets on the bed), but it was not overpowering.

  11. Sara

    This pad and cover was ready to go and I was ready to sleep. It popped out of the box, unrolled, and invited me into its welcoming embrace with a knowing blue aura. The mattress I have was used when I got it, and it’s 2 years now since I’ve had it, so long story short I was ready to file a restraining order against it, but I don’t plan on living here long enough to buy a fresh new mattress.
    Anyway, this does the trick. It’s real comfy and my cats really like it. It smelled kinda funny for a few days.

  12. cheryl keeneysachs

    Bought this topper as mattress becoming uncomfortable. Love it! I would generally wake up a couple of times throughout the night, now sleep like a rock. Difficulty sleeping post menopause and this product has been awesome. Really like the cover that keeps both sections in place by completely wrapping around current mattress…highly recommend!

  13. Erich A

    So far its great. We have had it for a few weeks now and I love the feel and comfort. We got the 4″ but I kind of wanted the 6″. Ill never know if I am missing out, however I do know this. Im 200lbs (ish) and sleep in all different positions. I have issues with my back and neck…. this is why we were looking for a topper in the first place. This one has done what I sought out to accomplish, which was better sleep and and have more support/cushion then the regular bed could provide.

    It did not smell out of the packaging at all. I let it rise the time is recommended in the instructions (which were very clear about what to do) and it has been w/o issue from the start. It shipped QUICK! Thanks again and if you have questions and want to know what its like and its 8 months or a few years out from the time I wrote this, ask away!

  14. Kristine

    This system of blue pad and mattress pad, is helpful with my left hip pain. No pressure points digging in.
    It is a tiny bit helpful as far as my hot flash heat spots.
    It’s not AS hot, but I do not fault bedding for menopause, so keeping the 5 stars.
    I bought the whole package with the tuck in thick cover and (2) pillows..
    The pillows are comfortable and they do NOT get hot at all.
    I thugh they would be too flat but they rock.
    I’ve been sleeping on this combination for a couple weeks now.
    Can’t comment on washing machine.
    Why would anyone need to wash the thick blue pad? It’s under 2 other sheets.
    If its the mattress pad that tucks in, then thanks for the warning.
    I’ll use gentle cycle.

  15. J Ragan

    We purchased this the first part of February. Our 9 year old mattress was sinking a bit and we were not ready to replace it. I had not kept up with mattress advances and starting reading about the memory foam. I was tempted but, unsure. I decided to see if there was a topper to give it a try. After lots or research and review reading we chose this one. Its a king size. I have the cover over it that it came with and another mattress protector. I want to keep it clean. No idea what to expect. My husband has pain from a blood cancer and I have lots of general aches and pains and hip bursitis. My pain is 90 percent better and my husband is sleeping better and needing less pain med. It is a small miracle for us. I ordered more for my guest bedrooms. You sort of melt into these a d feel so much better the next day. No one asked me or paid me to write this. I am very impressed and hope these hold up a long time.

  16. Vol Poppa

    We purchased a C2 King size Sleep Number bed. We liked the adjustability of the bed, but it was not very comfortable, due to no real pillow-top padding. We went back to the Sleep number store and considered either exchanging the bed for a more expensive bed with thick pillow-top feature or purchase their 2″ cool pad ($300). I researched and found this highly recommended product.

    This was a great investment. The bed sleeps perfect now! The product holds it shape very well, there’s no odor (I did open it a few hours before installing it and let it breath). I would buy another one, if needed.

  17. Douglas C.

    I never write reviews. I buy lots of things as a prime member, and this is one product I wanted to review. It shows up tightly packaged and highly compressed. Read the directions before trying to unravel. You need patience because it says that it can take as much as 48 hours to fully expand. The full benefit is definately worth the wait. I am a big athletic guy wit hwide shoulders and it was not uncommon for me to wake up with my shoulders aching from sleeping on them. This is no longer the case, it does not get hot and I am having much more sound night sleeps.

  18. Jessica

    I was VERY Indecisive on whether or nor I should jump right into purchasing this at $100 when they have tons of options out there that are much lower and claim to offer the same (or at least very close) comfort level. I did a lot of research and I narrowed it down to a few different choices by just adding to the cart any of interest to me and at the end comparing those choices… W ell, when I looked at my cart and I had 4 of these added and 1 of each of the other items that I was going to be comparing it with, I realized that I clearly kept going back to this for a reason, so I decided after seeing the 10 year warranty it offers and Amazon allowing returns for 30 days after purchase, what could I possibly lose? Holy sh*t bombs- let me just tell you- I couldn’t even imagine, much less explain, the amazing thing this topper will do to your bed!! My 12 year old wanted a “bed like mine” and was going to be changing from a futon bed to something larger and more comfortable because his back hurt all the time from the futon and he is almost 200 lbs and needed something with more support. The problem is my bed he dreamed of is a kingsize pillow top oo la la something expensive that cost thousands of $ in which I just do not have these days, especially when I had an extra queen size bed available, it just was very firm and not comfortable and definitely not similar to the softness of my bed that he wanted. I considered just purchasing a new bed for him as he will use it for years to come but kept thinking about the fact a topper could possibly make that free firm bed into an amazing soft one, saving tons of money, but I have never used a topper and wasn’t sure if it was legit or not and didn’t (and still don’t understand the difference in that and a mattress pad) but I am sold on this forever! I remember i the reviews on this topper some people said it felt like they were sleeping on what clouds would feel like and I thought that was kind of corny and ridiculous and even remember thinking I wonder if they pay people to write their reviews ….well, I get it now and I can assure you I am not getting paid a dime for this I am just this passionate about it and want everyone considering this to know-. I can’t rave enough about this thing, I want to steal my sons bed now and I loved mine and never thought I would find another I liked even half as much and this is literally on a terribly uncomfortable bed underneath that amazing cloudliek topper. Clearly, it goes without saying at this point that I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone if you are looking for something soft and that you sink into but not in a hurt your back kind of way just perfectly and it will cause you to want to stay in bed – it even has cooling for when you get hot and for gods sake it comes with a 10 year warranty -I just can’t even! I mean who does that! Well worth it, I am going to purchase one for myself and my guest room! That is all and enjoy your best decision!

  19. Anchoragebrat

    Firstly, I seldom give five star reviews.
    I suffer from chronic low back, shoulder and hip pain due to past injuries and a low back surgery. I’m a side sleeper and this really helped in that I wake up in a much less pain, and I sleep through the night. I used to wake up in pain through the night and this has prevented that. I also suffered from pressure point pain despite having bought a new mattress and a thick high quality mattress pad. The gel pad is 2” thick, had a slight smell for about a week, not terrible but noticeable. The gel infused foam recovers nicely each day, and is not too firm. It’s perfect for my 140 pounds that I weigh. My husband is over 200 pounds and he loves it. I have to say that simply the fact that I sleep all night now and wake up without the awful pain that I’ve made a great decision. I’ve been using this now going on a month. I do not sink in the whole two inches, and it’s quite supportive. It is not too firm either. The mattress pad that comes with it is also 2” thick and quite nice. I usually sleep very hot, we yet have not experienced feeling any more heat than before thank goodness. I would encourage those who have low back pain, along with shoulder and hip pain from pressure points to try this.
    My set that I received was absolutely perfect with a little pill on the mattress cover after washing and drying as pictured. Only on two little squares. The mattress pad also wraps around the whole gel infused foam topper and the mattress. My mattress is 12” thick plus an extra 4” from the gel topper and mattress cover. It still has plenty of additional stretch if needed. I’d also like to mention that I ordered a queen size and the gel infused mattress topper fit perfect and covers my whole mattress. I hope this review helps someone else make a decision. I read hundreds of reviews before I settled on this set.
    **UPDATE** it’s been nearly 2 months since I’ve been sleeping on this set. I fall asleep much faster and still sleep through the night. On rare occasions I go to bed with back pain and feel pain while turning over but those nights are much fewer than before I bought the set. Prior to this set I was in pain all night. I look forward to sleeping on my gel infused foam with the topper! I do not experience any pressure point pain on my hips at all since sleeping on this set and I consider that a miracle.

  20. Lynda E.

    The picture doesn’t depict it the best because the top layer is a mattress pad that is fitted to go around the mattress and doesn’t just float on top of the memory foam. and it doesn’t have a super fluffy plush feel to it, but I had this thing in my cart for a year before I pulled the trigger and I wish I hadn’t waited. I have spinal stenosis with upper and lower back problems. I got a latex bed that keeps my spine aligned and I love it (totally eradicated by low back issues that I only had while sleeping) but my bed slept HOT (and in conjunction with my being a woman of a certain age I was sweating to death at night) and my bed was so firm, that as a side sleeper, my shoulders were killing me and I had to roll over many, many times a night. This topper provides the right amount of cushion for me while still keeping my spine aligned. This topper is still firm, but if your bed is too soft and you cave into it, adding this topper will not solve your problem and you will probably be taco’d by the memory foam, lol. I still can get hot at night, but much less so and just kicking my feet out of the covers does the trick (and my latex bed is supposed to be a cooling mattress, but I was dying in it) I highly recommend this, but it’s important to know what you are buying here.

  21. julie jacobson

    I have tried so many different mattress’ and mattress covers over the years, from sleep number bed and all kinds of brands. My husband has to have a firm mattress due to his back (he hated the sleep number bed), I sleep terrible with the firm mattress, we have a new mattress (once again) and I couldn’t sleep worth a darn!! Tossing and turning all night, so I did my homework and picked this mattress cover. I put it on the bed when my husband was gone. He hasn’t even noticed a difference and hasn’t said a thing about it being there. I however and sleeping MUCH, MUCH better. I’m so thrilled and not stiff and sore when i get out of bed anymore! Don’t hesitate – give it a try, you won’t be disappointed !! Julie J 🙂

  22. Libby Rego

    Thank God for this!!

    My fiancé and I recently upgraded to a King mattress and new bed gram and decided on a Casper mattress atop a firm boarded base. Being that I was well into a pregnancy, the new firmness of the mattress was an unexpected problem. In fact several nights I had to sleep in the spare room!

    I decided to order this mattress cover based on research and I’m so glad I did! It made such a huge difference! Not too soft for my fiancé and finally I don’t feel like I’m sleeping on a slab of concrete!

    I was worried about cleaning and was tested when my now new baby had a major diaper changing accident that seeped through the sheets! The white cover was easily washed and dried and is as good as new!

    This is so worth it!!

  23. katbob

    This is a WONDERFUL addition to my bed. Before we got this topper both husband and I were sore when we woke up. I am never sore when I get up, and both husband and I complain to even get out of bed because it is SO COMFORTABLE. It does not add ‘warmth’ to our bed, so don’t worry of dying of a heatstroke because of this topper. This was an amazing purchase and I don’t think we can ever go back to just a mattress again. We fall asleep faster, stay asleep better, and do not want to get out of bed. When i was first looking around at these I was really worried because SO many people have issues washing the white comforter type thing on top. I tried to put off washing it because of that. I sprayed the topper with bleach to clean it for a little while and let it air dry, but today was the day that I couldn’t just keep on spraying it with bleach. I decided to throw it in the washer and risk it all. I put the washer on ‘dedicates’ cycle to wash it and when it came out it looked great (no damage). I decided then to skip the dryer and just let it air dry. It took about 5 hours to air dry, and I just left it on top of my bed to dry (I put it on the bed as it would be used, didn’t have it hang dry, it was not soaking wet coming out of the washer, just damp). No extra damage whatsoever (there is some piling on the underside of the topper, but that was there already before washing) and it looks and smells great. SO anyone that is worried about the washing, just throw it in the wash with some bleach (if you want) and your reg detergent and wash it on delicate. Make sure you wash it in the am so that it has 5+ hours to dry. I think the people that have had it damaged probably put it through the dryer. I considered putting it in the dryer on delicate setting, like I dry my down blankets – I think it would be fine, but I didn’t want to risk it because we haven’t had it all that long and didn’t want to have to buy a replacement so soon. Also, we use a sheet on top of the cover part of this, so it doesn’t need washing as often as our regular bedding, so that will help it last longer as well.

  24. Amazon Customer

    I purchased a mattress (without a pillow top against my better judgment) that ended up being waaaay to firm for my taste even after laying on it in the store. As you know, you cannot return mattresses (this one didn’t have a sleep guarantee) and I was stuck with this horrifically firm mattress. I purchased this product because of the memory foam and pillow top cover. Let me tell you- it did the trick.!! The mattress is now very comfy! I’m very pleased with this product so far.
    Edit- and it’s not made us hot or uncomfortable while sleeping and my husband is very hot natured!

  25. Nick Babeaux

    I never write reviews, I always say I’m going to but I never get to it even if the product is the best thing on earth. But this topper is the best thing on earth, it is the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept on. I have a 10 inch gel memory foam mattress below it but I don’t feel that that it contributes to the topper being amazing. I have had this topper for almost 2 years now, I am not a large person and it’s on a California king but it has held up very well. The first Parts gel have no impressions and I haven’t flipped it ever, the second part D feather topper does move around a little bit on the bed but it is super plush.

    The second part that wraps over the gel is very thick and therefore hard to clean but I have put it in my washer and it has held up no problem. The combo contributes just to an amazing experience that is like heaven everytime I lay down, each person who has stayed over or layed in my bed has stated that it is without a doubt the most comfortable experience they have ever had. I cannot say enough about this topper it has changed my life, and I’m not kidding when I say that yes it has contributed to some laziness because you just want to lay around in it all day long. I tested out all of the top mattresses from the main Brands and on many top notch mattresses, Four Seasons, Peninsula, Fairmont and nothing comes close to this.

    If you have back issues and don’t need a very supportive mattress then this is good, I don’t use a pillow and I do not have neck problems as it is just cuz she enough without sinking too far!!

  26. Skid Row Doc

    It’s been 4 months now and it’s holding up great. A little on the plush side. But my wife loves it. And you know what they say… happy wife… It’s a little too soft for me but I knew that going in so I still give it 5 stars.

  27. Frederick A. McKenzieFred McKenzie

    I had 2 high end king size memory foam mattresses that kept developing sags where I slept and both were causing me back problems. I’m a 200 pound side sleeper, I purchased an extra firm spring type mattress. This mattress resolved my back issues, but was very hard and uncomfortable. I was also having pain on my hip because of contact or pressure from the extra firm mattress. I purchased this product and it resolved all my problems. It feels pillow top plush and very comfortable. Not to warm either. I no longer have any hip pain or back pain. I was afraid that it would be too large for my mattress because it was about an inch longer than my mattress. Works perfectly, no problems. Product was delivered on time. No issues with quality. Recommend you just let this lie in a room for a couple days to fully expand. Don’t try to pull it apart when you take it out of the box. Let this happen normally. This product is as advertised. Recommend this product very highly. Very satisfied!

  28. Andrea Rose

    Highly recommend if you have a mattress that is too firm. This will give you the soft support your looking for.

    ***This is the generic version iin of the Serta 5 inch cloud mattress topper!!!
    Just a complete coincidence that I found this out. I had ordered the Serta from Kohls and wanted to try anther topper for comparison.

    I ended up keeping the one from Amazon because it has exactly the same feel and look as the Serta. The only difference is that the foam is a blue color instead of white.

    I highly recommend this product if you are looking for a soft AND supportive sleeping surface. My tip: Be sure your actual mattress is firm and supports your back and you’ll have a great nights sleep. We have this on a very firm memory foam mattress, I don’t belive it would feel the same in an old saggy mattress.

  29. Kindle Customer

    The ONLY negative is that this has now spoiled me to other mattresses.
    The girl who inherited this from us burst into an event exclaiming she’d never slept so well in her life.
    Holy cow….bought this for a ridiculously uncomfortable bed we had that we sort of just had to deal with for unrelated reasons…I am now obsessed.
    I will definitely buy another one because I had to leave this one behind. If I could have brought it with me across the world I would have.
    I love how the gel cooling topper. It has a thin muslin like piece that goes between it and the pillow top. We lived in a subtropical climate that got extremely hot even at night and we we’re still comfortable on this.
    The pillow top cleans really well. We dry cleaned and washed this at separate times because our washer was too small to handle it but if I could have washed it myself I would have done so comfortably. For the gel cooler piece I sprinkled some baking soda on it a few times and then vacuumed it off and that seemed to do fine. Though I’m not sure it was entirely necessary since there’s so much separating it and you (muslin, pillow top, sheet, you)
    This is the best sleep I have ever had. Genuinely.

  30. Luna’s Bunny

    I’ve only had the mattress topper for a few days, but so far I am super thrilled. We have a Tempurpedic bed that is super firm. 8 years ago when we bought it, we loved it, but with age, weight gain, and injuries, we both dreaded going to bed at night. This topper has changed that.. Drastically. It’s like sinking into a marshmallow that hugs you all night. Every inch of my body is supported. You do sink into it, and I find that I can’t use, or need a pillow anymore. But I sleep better, and I don’t feel beat up when I wake up.
    As far as people saying the fabric portion is smaller than the gel portion, yes that was the same for me. However, the fabric portion is built in o hold e erything onto the mattress, so it needs to fit snugly. Trust me, it’ll fit. I put the gel down, the included puffy cover, then covered that with my water resistant cover I’ve used for years, then my normal sheets. It was a workout! The included puffy cover does not seem to be water or stain resistant, hence the reason I covered it with my own cover. I’m not trying to risk staining or ruining this topper, especially since other people have stated it doesn’t wash well.
    Onky noticed a slight *new* smell on the puffy part, which disappeared after allowing it to air out over night before putting on the bed.
    If you are looking to make your bed substantially softer, this is what you’re looking for. Definitely worth the money.

  31. Alysia M. Liberatore

    At first this giant rolled up thing came and I was not sure how I’d like it. I haven’t had a memory foam mattress topper in a few years since I got the sleep innovations memory foam mattress a while back. But I had recently stayed in a hotel with a down alternative topper and I liked the idea of adding the extra height with the memory foam and the cooling feature when summer hits again.
    Once it finally fluffed up I put it on my bed and then the topper and was SO disappointed. It had turned my nice functional bed into a hard lump.
    That was until my body heat warmed it up. Once that happened it became so comfortable. It molded to my body and now my bed feels like a cocoon. The down alternative adds the softness and the gel memory foam contours to your body.

    As it is now the middle of winter in Buffalo, NY I cannot comment on the cooling ability.

    But the full cover it comes with is very nice and keeps everything in place, which is something I’ve never had with a foam topper before and now would never go without. I should have never doubted sleep innovations as they have not done me wrong in the past. Would recommend this to anyone looking for a nice, cradle sleep.

  32. Teresa A. Scott

    I was skeptical that this mattress topper would help with my sciatica pain. However, the few months, the pain has been getting worse. My husband would also complain of having back pain and would toss and turn to look for a spot that would be comfortable for him. We purchased our mattress less than a year ago, and it was not cheap. I was looking for a solution that would help with my issues, but would also be comfortable for my husband. The mattress topper hangs over the queen size mattress a little bit, but the down alternative mattress pad helps secure the mattress topper so that it is smooth. When I first laid down, the sensation was soft and gentle and was so comfortable that I could not believe that this would help with my pain. I found that I did not toss and turn, looking for a position to relieve my pain, and my husband stayed on his back for the whole night without moving. I woke up feeling very well rested and with hardly any pain, whereas before I was not able to put much weight on my left leg without having a burning pain. If you are having back pain, sciatica, or other issues, this might help you. Again, I was very skeptical that this mattress topper would make a difference because people have commented that the sensation they felt was being cradled by a cloud especially when doctors have told me that for back and sciatica the best mattress is a firm one. My husband likes semi-soft, and we could not afford a sleep number bed. This appears to be the solution to both of our problems.

  33. Richard L. Eilers

    I am really happy with this product! My decision was to spend $1000+ on a new mattress and foundation or attempt to modify my existing 40 year old foundation and 30 year old mattress. For the last several years, I have awakened every morning with a stiff neck and lower back pain exacerbated by my pillows and bed. Over the last 10 years I bandaided the problem with a sleep Inovations 2” filled bed topper for which I paid $130 at Bed, Bath and Beyond….comfortable but did not alleviate the physical abuse of a misspent youth! It wore out a year ago and I went with several lower cost, thinner bed toppers. Things came to a head in June when during recovery from cataract surgery, I dislocated a shoulder injured 50 years ago. Since then, I have spent numerous hours rehabbing the shoulder and awakening several times each night in significant pain needing to stretch out the shoulder and reseat it completely.

    Long preamble to set the scene. I received the set over a week ago, installed it including the thinner bed toppers for a total thickness approaching 6”. The results has been no shoulder pain, no back pain, and no muscle pain each morning for the last 10 days. Before I got out of bed stiff as a board, now the muscles are relaxed and flexible. At 250 lbs wearing a size 52 coat, the SI plus two additional mattress pads provides contoured support of my head, shoulders and hips lacking in my well used mattress and foundation.

  34. J. Zeigler

    I don’t normally write reviews but I just have to say how awesome this topper has been for us! We had been sleeping so restlessly, frequently turning back and forth throughout the night in attempt to get comfortable. Because the mattress is 13 years old, we knew we should just replace it. Through a conversation about buying a new mattress, my sister-in-law said she had bought a topper and it made a big difference. I hadn’t even considered a topper to be a possibility and decided to give this one a try after reading many reviews.

    When I first took it out of the box, the memory foam layer expanded fairly quickly & easily, and the pillow top layer fit nicely over everything. I was a little concerned that our fitted sheets wouldn’t be big/deep enough, but they were. We are able to use all bedding the same as before.

    We’re still getting used to it having only been sleeping on it for a week. It feels firmer at first when getting into bed, not uncomfortable, just different. After we get settled in, it’s so cozy. After the very first night, my husband noticed a lack of soreness when he got up, having been used to the aches and pains for so long. He thinks it’s more difficult to wake up now because he’s sleeping so soundly. 😉

    I’m happy to extend the life of our mattress for a comparatively small investment AND to sleep great in the meanwhile!

  35. Chrissy

    This is awesome! I did research this topper and it had all the things I wanted and needed. I had purchased the Tuft and Needle Mattress and the Smart Box spring but needed the topper. I have severe back issues, MS, Fibromyalgia and a sheath tumor on my l-spine. I live in AZ and the last thing I wanted was something that retains body heat! Also, a shout out to Prime! My topper arrived on Sunday which was awesome. Back to the Topper. This topper has a 10yr warranty, 2 inches of cooling gel memory foam and the cover is layered with 2 inches of fluffy fiber-fill, for deeper sleep. The cover fits over the bed mattress not just the topper which holds it in place nice. The cover is also machine washable. I must say, it does feel much better on my back. I did not want to get a second mortgage on a mattress lol! The entire setup I now have for my bedding is complete! All purchased by Amazon!

  36. makayla

    Came faster than expected. Everything was included. I am just concerned with the gel and memory foam padding, mine came in very blotchy and it wasn’t even doubt throughout the whole topper, so I don’t know if the gel is going to keep it cool or if it will somehow distribute evenly even though it’s not. You can see in the photos like big chunks are gel and big parts are just memory foam, BUT only time will tell. Mine also already came with some small “aging strips”, like the kind on the old original mattress toppers, but not an issue for me since it’s a little amount, and it won’t be seen. MY BIGGEST ISSUE WAS, unravilning the gel topper. Mine was so stif I had to use so much force to try and pry it open enough to lay it flat enough to let it take its course. I haven’t seen anyone mention that so I’m bringing it up. To be fair I live in Wisconsin so it’s still very cold here so I’m assuming the gel got slightly frozen on its way here and that’s why it was so stiff. It literally was like rigors Morris in the gel topper, could barely pry it open.. the overall unraveling time was pretty quick givin it’s cold here, it was maybe 2 or 3 hours to unravel completely (could of been less, I didn’t keep track with a timer). The top mattress pad was perfectly fine, soft, comfortable, and what I didn’t expect was for the topper to have sides on it to wrap around the bottom gel and the mattress. Basically a big padded sheet for the bed, so that was cool.

    OVERALL: I think it is comfortable, I like that I can slowly feel my body melt into the bed slightly, especially because I am a curvy girl, and with my hips it does help to feel more comfortable, and not so strained. Actually feels good on my heels too (plantar fasciitis). I slept on it only one night, but I already have a cold and my body has been aching and it’s always hard for me to sleep when I’m sick like that, so bad night to try it, but hey maybe it helped me get more sleep than I originally would of. So for the one night sleeping on it and for the time I just relaxed on it, I would give it a 5 star, comfy, durable, more firm than I’m used to but because the memory foam, it eventually gets to a decent feel, still slightly firm, but I think it’s what I need for my chronic back pain. I would recommend this. I had no odd smells from mine, like others said they did. Had no issues with it at all. Highly recommend! But will update after a few nights on it.

    But I also want to say, every body is different and adjust to toppers differently. Might work for me good but might be bad for someone else, all depends on your body, if any medical issues, constant pain, might need more firm might need a cloud. So all I can do is give my Input on what I think about it and hope it does help someone.

  37. wwII buff

    We currently own a very old spring mattress and hubby had started to notice some sagging on his side of the bed that was becoming increasingly uncomfortable for him. At the same time, for the first time in my life, I was experiencing a very intense lower back pain that was so bad it was interrupting my sleep. Because I didn’t notice any sagging on my side of the bed I was more inclined to attribute the back pain to straining from activity, poor posture while sitting, or merely age/arthritis. We were planning on moving in less than 2 years so wanted to avoid investing in a new queen mattress and purchased this topper instead due to all the positive glowing reviews from others using old uncomfortable mattresses and alleviating back pain.

    This product changed our sleeping-lives and were both immediately impressed from the first night of use. Hubby no longer feels any sagging but instead is more comfortable than he ever remembers and, more startling, my back pain went completely away almost immediately. Every guest who sleeps on our bed comments on how extremely comfortable and luxurious the bed feels.

    I would say this was our best purchase of the year. (it’s been almost one full year of use and it is still feels like we are sleeping on a cloud)

  38. Michelle R Stair

    A few months ago, my soft Serta mattress started giving my major aches and pains each morning from a not so restful sleep. So I bought one of the ever popular mattresses that is delivered to your door. Turns out that mattress was much, much too hard for my aging bones and joints. I’m carrying more weight than I should and I’m a side sleeper. I started traveling weekly for my job, so each week I’m in a new 3-star hotel bed. I wasn’t waking up sore. But, Saturday morning the soreness had returned. I debated taking advantage of the return guarantee, but the thought of trying to find a mattress was stressful. Instead, I bought this topper. I thought, my mattress was hard, so if this is too soft they will balance each other.

    I was right! I knew from the moment I put it on it was going to be amazing. Not only is the foam thick, but there is a pillow top cover for it. I finally just got the best sleep of my life and no aches, pains, or joint issues. On top of that, I didn’t get the night sweats like I do every night thanks to hormones. Save yourself some money and get more life out of an old mattress, or make a hard mattress better with this topper!


    As I begin to write this, I realize that I must not seem cheesy, so I will get to that part later. I bought this topper for my king size bed two years ago and not only is it still perfect in every way, it has been put to the test far more than most people could ever imagine, and sadly not like certain dirty minds might think LOL, rather in an altogether different manner. Sure, I immediately purchased an ever-so-thin water resistant mattress protector elsewhere to put over it; in fact I’m on my 3rd one of those now just to be on the safe side. At this point I must say that this mattress topper immediately changed my life and especially how well I sleep as my mattress was so very hard and uncomfortable. If it ever wears out, I will definitely buy the same one again simply because it has been tried and true, and like no other. I have yet to get to that LOL … I have recently checked (just out of curiosity) on the king size My Pillow mattress topper for $499 and wasn’t at all impressed, especially for that ridiculous price, but I will only dwell of that long enough to say that (1) I hate their straps that are supposedly meant to hold it in place, (2) they would always be in the way when changing linens, and (3) the incredibly deep, durable and stretchy fitted skirt that my Sleep Innovations one has – has never once popped off, not even with extreme and heavy traffic on my bed. Again, not what dirty minds may be thinking Lol. No, I run a no-kill dog rescue/ shelter with 300+ dogs. Since it is near impossible to rehome rescued adult pit bulls being that most people think they are bad, unpredictable and possibly might turn on them, I certainly wasn’t about to allow my NINE to be euthanized, so I brought them home. Since I am an older single man with no mate to yell at me, they all have eventually ended up on my bed and I always allow 4 or so of them to sleep with me each and every night. Now, if their torturing this topper by constantly probing it with their very strong feet and down and deeply into it is not the perfect and ultimate test of it’s long-term endurance, then absolutely nothing else ever could be. Yes, I am telling all of you that after all of this and for two years now, this Sleep Innovations mattress topper is just as awesome as day one. I must also say that, although I have protected this topper by adding the thin, water resistant protectors, I have taken the liberty of having the fiber-fill topper part professionly laundered twice and it still looks absolutely fine and is just as comfortable as when it was brand new. I honestly just hope this particular Sleep Innovations one is still available should I ever need another. Thank you so much, Sleep Innovations!!!

  40. Live2Smyle

    Let me help you out & save you tons of time… I spent HOURS online researching for the best, most cost effective mattress topper & I kept coming back to this one. I also checked the consumer reviews website as I do before I make any big purchases & this rating was high. I knew to not get anything less than 3″, really 4″ high, since over time you would have no benefit.

    The first hour I received this, it was already on my bed & it was so incredibly comfy. Everything is at first though, right?! I didn’t realize it then but as the days go by this just gets better & better & better. I suffer from fibromyalgia & insomnia and was desperate to find something, anything, that would help instigate & sustain a better night sleep for me.

    I am still bewildered some mornings when I wake up with zero lower back pain & less aching in my body. If for some reason this one ever wears out or is destroyed, I would pay twice the price for another one. That is how much I love this thing!!

    Unlike some of the other mattress toppers I’ve had, this one does not move during the night nor does it move when I slide off my bed in the morning. With many others I have owned, I have constantly needed to readjust or pull more to one side or pull it back up to the top of my bed. I have none of that hassle with this. It stays completely put. This mattress topper is all one piece and is exactly like a mattress pad only everything is built nice & tidy into this one piece and you put it on just like you would a fitted bed sheet. So you would put this on first, then make your bed as you normally would with your sheets, blanket, comforter. There is no need for a mattress pad as this is all in one piece already. So when I first put this on my bed, I looked at it & figured the reviews I read lied!! LoL! I didn’t believe something that looked so simple, could provide such comfort. I was so so wrong & this is one time I am ecstatic to be wrong!!

    I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to buy this. If you’re on the fence about it, just know I did hours of research & have been using this now for over a month & I am in love!! This is hands down, one of THE BEST products I have ever purchased for myself! There is no reason to stay on the fence… I’m telling you, if you’re looking for a better night sleep, more comfort at night or both, this is exactly what you need!

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