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Sleep Master ULTIMA Comfort Memory Foam 10″ Mattress

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Sleep Master ULTIMA Comfort Memory Foam 10″ Mattress, Foam

Style: 6 inches. 10 inches. 12 Inch. 8 inches
Conforming memory foam comfort and support for a better night’s sleep; Full : 75 x 54 x 6 inches
Mattress layers include: 1.5 inches Memory Foam, 4.5 inches High density Base Support Foam
Only the Highest Quality of Foam Foam is CertiPUR : US Certified for durability, performance, and content
The latest evolution of memory foam, BioFoam, replaces some of the traditional petroleum with natural plant oil to help keep your mattress fresh
Smartly Shipped : Our patented technology allows our mattresses to be efficiently compressed, rolled and shipped in a box

Specification: Sleep Master ULTIMA Comfort Memory Foam 10″ Mattress


Narrow Twin. Two. Two XL. All. Queen. King. King size, California

39 reviews for Sleep Master ULTIMA Comfort Memory Foam 10″ Mattress


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  1. Michael A. Englebrecht

    So far so good. My dog and I love the mattress LOL. Seriously though, this is really comfortable if you like a somewhat stiffer mattress. If you need the really super sinking soft style get a thicker mattress. For those who like the firmer feel, this is outstanding and honestly the value is amazing. I bought a mattress cover at Walmart for $3.97 and between that, this mattress and the Zinus (Elite) frame I had an extra bed fully ready for sleep for like $200. Hard to beat that anywhere and on top of it I don’t feel like i’ve comprimised at all, this is waaaay better than my old bed with the huge heavy box springs (this and the frame require no box springs).

  2. Darsen

    Waking up in the most intense pain I have ever experienced, it became abundantly clear that a guest-bed mattress of the “old school” style, at my parents’ home, was the culprit. I attempted to rehab my back, using the traditional methods of ice/heat, stretching, Ibuprofen (max dosage) and a board under my back. Eventually, I was able to stand without screaming, brush my teeth without fainting and begin to walk, again. However, I have never been the same. (Granted, I’m sixty-two years old and one stressed-out woman of the Trump era…) Time to research a new sleep system.
    This mattress was the result. It is all it is made out to be, and, at the cost, way more than I could have dreamed.
    I have been sleeping, and healing, on it for months, now. Admittedly, coming out of the cool packaging, it did have an odor. However, as promised, it was not unpleasant and it has faded. (It is also not dangerous and did not trigger my asthma or allergies.) When the mattress arrived on my doorstep, no one could believe it would unroll and “poof out”, full sized. Well, after about 30 hours, it did, and has never gone down nor deflated, since. Best of all, I could manage hauling it to the upstairs guest bedroom and placing it on the bed all by myself. Kudos, People. Next time, I think I will go for the King!

  3. Jasmine

    Purchased this bed for my sons top bunk and he loves it. I can tell that he sleeps better. He never wants to get out of bed anymore. I made the switch to memory foam a while ago and he likes my bed so for the price I couldn’t pass this up. It actually arrived a day early which is plus since his bed came in early as well. It was full to size almost instantly. I actually purchased another Zinus the following day for his bottom bunk hopefully that one is a comfy as this one.

    Oh yes I laid on it as well for a little and surprisingly it held my weight. I figured with it being a thinner mattress I’d sink right to the bottom. It that was not the case here.

  4. Peter j. Hamilton

    Uh YEAH!! I just saved a bundle!! No way did I want to pay for this mattress in a store. Less than 400 bucks and I have had this bad boy for more than two years. It’s still holding up perfectly! Every time my wife gets in this bed she says she love it! My aching bones love this bed. My herniated disc has always given me trouble but after a week in this bed I don’t have pain while sleeping and I wake up feeling fresh. I have arthritis in my hips, but I manage very well with this mattress and can sleep the whole night through. What a great investment, what are you waiting for, pull the trigger! Wish I would have had this mattress years ago would have saved me from taking ibuprofen.

  5. It’sMe

    First of all, a bed that comes in a box is very suspicious! Especially at a good price. I’m old school and had a Costco purchased, Sealy Posturepedic mattress for about 10 years and needed something new. But, I read the reviews and thought I’d give it a shot. It arrived promptly on my doorstep. Although I didn’t need the help, other customers may want to consider enlisting another person to bring it inside. It was mostly easy to set up by throwing it in my bed frame and waaaaallaaaah! The paperwork does warn you that there is a smell (initially) that will dissipate, but it did not bother me. It just smelled new to me with a slight aloe vera tint. I also bought a mattress protector, and with multiple sheets and layers, I could hardly smell it. Now the transition from a spring mattress to a memory foam was tough for me for about 3 nights. By the fourth night, I just melted in to. I’ve had this a few weeks now and so far I’d recommend it. I’ll update this is there are any changes. The price, convenience and comfort are outstanding.

  6. Polyn

    Incredibly comfortable. I originally bought one for my bedroom, and we liked it so much, we got one for our guest room. Now we are saving to replace our kids mattresses too.
    Delivery was great — it came packed in a box, in a big plastic bag, and sealed inside another bag (previously we had bought a different brand that was shipped just with the sealed plastic bag, and of course the plastic got damaged in transit, the mattress inflated, and I found a dirty, half inflated mattress on my front porch. It went back the next day, of course). The experience with Zinus was completely different — great packaging, fantastic quality. The mattress inflated to its size in about 24 hours.
    It’s very comfortable, medium firm. My parents slept on it for 2 weeks and commented on how comfortable it was. For reference, my dad is a big guy and my mom is petite.
    The price is right too.
    I have nothing negative to say. Give it a try!

  7. kaileerachele

    This is amazing!!! I couldn’t believe the price on this mattress, but I read through the reviews and I was sold. It took about two weeks to arrive, but with free shipping I have no complaints. We ordered a King Size 12 inch to replace our pillow top mattress. I have lower back issues and the pillow top did not provide enough support. The box is pretty big and heavy, but I was able to slide it into our house. The mattress is shrink wrapped in thick plastic and is also in a thick plastic bag. I cut off the plastic bag and the shrink wrap, and the bed expanded in about 10 minutes! I read some of the reviews and they recommended taking your fist and firmly hitting the sides of the bed to help it fully expand. Worked like a charm! It is a full 12 inches high after only 10 minutes! I’m not sure what the negative reviewers are talking about? I am laying on the mattress right now and I don’t want to get up. You sink right in, but it supports you quite nicely!

    Update: over a year later and we still love our mattress. My brother has now purchased them for every bed in his home after trying out this one. Seriously, you are not going to find a better deal. My back still feels much better. I always miss my mattress when I travel.

  8. Anonynous

    This is the second time we have ordered this exact mattress (6-inch twin). The first we ordered for our daughter about 4 years ago, when she turned 4. It has held up remarkably well, and she is still using it with no complaints. The whole family (2 adults, 3 kids) has found it so comfortable that we ordered another for our younger daughter, who has just moved into a big-girl bed at age 2. (Our middle child has allergies and so we got him the hypo-allergenic, mold-resistant version. Slightly firmer, and not quite as comfortable, but it does the trick.) I lie down with our 2-year-old every night to get her to sleep, and even at 8 months pregnant, I find the mattress very comfortable. Soft, but not too soft, and supportive at typical pressure points (hips, shoulders, etc). I think this thickness is best for children, but a teen or adult could make it work as well. I expect it would show signs of wear faster when used by an adult, however. Edit: I forgot to add that we allowed this mattress to air for a day or two before putting it on our daughter’s bed, but we did not find the smell overly strong or unpleasant. In any event, it dissipated quickly.

  9. Randall Bryan

    Got 2 of these for my 8 and 9-year-old. I personally use a Tempur-Pedic but I wasn’t going to spend that kind of money again. The funny thing is I like these better! They are soft and comfy. My children absolutely love them!! They were easy to set up, came packaged very very well and I had NO STINK! My Tempur-Pedic smelled for 2 months! people that complain about the funny smell don’t understand the game. It’s not a sigh of a cheap Chinese made product, it just is what it is. These are completely worth the price, grab a good waterproof cover and you are good to go! I highly recommend the covers from IKEA

  10. Amazon Customer

    First things first. Our bed contains me, 5’3 about 140. My significant other, 6’4 about 285. Our two dogs. Both a solid 90-100 pounds. The trick is, ROTATE THE BED. Once a week just give it a 180! Then it’s not lumpy, NO CON-CAVES. Also, it won’t get ‘too hard’ like a lot of reviews read. Appropriate disbursement of weight fix that. I’m a power lifter, work in an office, and do yoga daily. My other half does construction and concrete. We work HARD. this bed gives us the best sleep ever. Previous to this I had a $2000 sterns and foster for 3 years. How is it that a bed, FROM THE INTERNET, BEATS THE HELL OIT OF A ‘designer’ bed. It arrived in a giant heavy box. So be prepared for that. UNWRAPPING IMMEDIATELY is important. So, let it open up and breathe for a day. Our just hung out in the living room. Also, spend the money on a water proof protector. They’re like $20. You’re spending the money on the bed. Do it. Anyone complaining in these reviews either didn’t rotate, didn’t take it out of its packaging as soon as they should have, or is just bitter.

  11. Shavon Reed

    I’m not going to lie and say this is the BEST bed I’ve ever slept on but I just moved and anything would’ve been better than a blow up bed. I did a lot of research prior to purchasing this bed to find the best “broke girl budget” friendly bed including multiple YouTube video reviews and Zinus had an overall positive consensus. It took a week to be delivered and the packaging was okay. After you take the bed out the vacuum sealed packaging the instructions advise you wait 24-48 hours for the bed to inflate to its full size. I’ll be honest I had just got the keys to my apartment and I was exhausted from hauling all my belongings up 3 flights of stairs so I gave it about 5 hours and it was fine. Also I noticed in other reviews people mentioned a smell, my bed didn’t have a smell at all so I guess I was lucky 🤷🏿‍♀️. I personally wish it was softer, I prefer to be cuddled by my mattress and this bed is more on the firm side. So if you’re a person who has frequent back pain or things of that nature I highly recommend this bed especially for the price. The foam is soft but it has good recoil. Minimal to no motion transfer. Like I can rest a glass of water on one side of the bed and walk on the other without the cup spilling. I haven’t had any issues with it making me hot or holding heat. Ultimately, it’s an awesome bed for the price, I’ve only had it for almost 3 weeks now but so far I’m happy with my purchase.

  12. A.Kunetka

    We bought this mattress in hopes that it would help my back out from some serious back pain I was having. Sadly, I don’t think a new mattress is going to be the ticket for my issue (its unrelated to mattress comfort), but we needed an extra bed for a guestroom either way so we gave it a shot.
    That said this Zinus mattress is soft and comfortable and to be quite frank, I don’t feel any discernible difference from our Serta iComfort foam mattress except for the outer cover material. (The Serta material is just slightly thicker and its removable though it says not to remove it anyways). The two mattresses are almost identical in terms of firmness and feel! So save yourself $700+ and get this mattress if you were intending to buy an iComfort foam mattress.

  13. S. Fields

    I’ve only had this mattress for three nights, so longevity is not a factor yet, but I am SO PLEASED so far! I was replacing a very worn-out 12-year old Tempurpedic mattress that cost ~$4,000 in 2006. I really didn’t want to spend that again, particularly considering that while I loved what it did for my back and joints, it had permanent valleys in the foam by 5-6 years. At 12 it had deep cracks on both sides. I’m 5’10” 195lbs and my partner is 6’3” 200. So for a CA king with proper Tempurpedic foundations and an iron bed frame, I expected better.

    I first replaced it with a Casper Wave. At $2700 with the cover and tax, I expected excellent memory foam comfort. I was wrong. The Casper Wave was hard as a rock compared to the Temp, and after two days I could barely walk, my low back was so messed up. I had to sleep on my son’s memory foam bed while he was away, because the Casper literally bruised my hips if I tried to sleep on my side. Needless to say, I “returned” it (they sent a Junk pickup service to take a brand new CA king mattress to the DUMP!) and I started my search again, THIS time being far more diligent about what type and density of foam are actually in the mattress.

    I settled on this Zinus after a ton of research, and DESPITE THE PRICE. It was exactly what I was looking for on paper, and with the price being so reasonable, I figure if it develops those permanent valleys in 3-5 years, at least it’s a more bio-friendly foam product to send to recycle, and it’s certainly affordable enough to replace that often.

    I even purchased a 3” memory foam topper for it, and after the first two nights it was so hot to sleep on, I ditched it. The Zinus is more comfortable on its own! I couldn’t be happier!

    It’s still out-gassing some, but I know that’ll dissipate soon enough. The corners are nice and full and square on this mattress, too. No complaints at all. It’s SO nice to sleep on one big level bed again, and my poor fibromyalgia and degenerative joint disease suffering body could not be happier!

    Thank you, Zinus, for making such a high quality mattress so affordable! 😍

  14. Koyi

    I don’t usually write reviews, but this bed is so amazing that I feel the need to do so. I received this bed yesterday. I’m someone who is pretty picky about my bed, but this bed has a perfect balance between soft and hard. If you sit on the side of the bed, yes, it will sink (and that’s because it is memory foam!) but if you actually sleep on it, in any positions, it won’t sink in and will stay up. The overall experience is just very nice. Some people say that this bed is harder than expected, but I would say that it is softer than expected for me, but not too soft like college dorm bunk beds. Moreover on the smell, I am a very sensitive person but I am not affected by the scent that this mattress gives off, because you really need to put your nose right on the mattress to even smell anything, so this is not a problem. Last but not least, the bed expanded quickly after taken out of the box, but you should wait at least five hours to let it fully develop before trying to sit/ sleep on it.

  15. prime numbers

    review update january 2018 … this mattress is still retaining its firmness and is still incredibly comfortable. doesn’t have any divets or soft spots in the middle or edges etc that i notice. the mattress is made of firm base foam with thick memory foam on top and the piece of memory foam on top isn’t glued down to the base foam or anything so it has shrunk/shifted about a half inch on the edges which is visible under the mattress cover at the corners. it may have just shifted slightly because its the side closest to the door and i usually come into bed and push and lean on that edge the most getting in and out. does not effect comfort in any way. i saw some reviewers that were a little upset about little things like that but at the $300 price point for a king size its totally fine and i barely notice it.

    TLDR: we bought the firm one if i recall.. in case people are worried about choices that way… it was a little firm to start but it has broken in with use but does not have noticeable soft spots or low spots after 10 months of two people sleeping on it almost every night. ive been to tempur pedic stores before and the difference between this and a tempur pedic is not worth an additional $1000 imo.

  16. Amy B.

    I bought two of these because I have twins. I researched so many mattress and read so many reviews. By the end I felt like I could find good or bad on anything. I decided to take a chance with this one because of the amount of positive reviews and the fact I could return it fairly easily.
    I’ll be honest the price almost made me not want to try it. My husband had just bought us a mattress for $1300 and he did so much research as well, so I was skeptical of buying such a cheap one for my kids.
    They’ve now had this mattress for 8 months and I can’t say enough good about it. I tell everyone who needs a mattress they should get this one.
    I hate the one my husband bought and find myself sleeping in their room because my back always feels better after I wake up from a nap on their mattress.
    We are in the process of returning the expensive one we bought and greeting a king size of this one.
    The firmness and quality are amazing. Again especially for the price.
    I highly recommend this.

  17. zwaudz

    I had been sleeping on a 4 inch slab of foam rubber on top of a 3/4 inch slab of plywood since 2000. Reason: I injured my back, probably a ruptured disc, in 1970. I could not sleep on a regular mattress for more than about 2 weeks. With a regular mattress (even the really expensive ones) after about 2 weeks it would begin to feel as if my back was being mechanically twisted and the pain would wake me after less than 3 hours.
    This mattress was advertised on a “Prevention.com” email I had received and I thought why not try it (the price was nominal and the risk was practically non-existent). It has now been 6 weeks since I bought the mattress and, except for a brief period of about 2 weeks, this mattress has solved my back problems. Sleeping, comfortably for 6-9 hours, is a regular occurrence now. After 17 years of pain and very restless nights of partial sleep, this mattress has completely taken care of my problems. The incredible thing is the low price. I have spent, over the last 17 years, over $5,000 trying to find a mattress that would provide me a night without pain. This one did the trick. Maybe not for you… but for me: YES!

  18. Eileen Santiago

    Speechless with this mattress, I put of buying it for a few reasons but looking at the video and many good reviews I said to myself why not let me try it. I am extremely happy I sleep better and has help with how I sleep and back pains. Thanks! And the money is just right for someone like me on a budget.

  19. Jen

    This was my first mattress I’ve ever purchased and I don’t regret it!

    The mattress arrived packed tight and certainly had a smell, as other reviews have stated, so I knew to expect that. Really, it wasn’t that bad and after letting it air out, the smell completely dissipated. Despite being only 6 inches, the mattress is firm and holds it’s shape. I can’t feel the slats of my bed frame AT ALL. In fact, everyone in the house loves it. My GF keeps threatening to move in, my housemates have offered to trade me for their’s, and the cats keep sneaking into my room to loaf on it.

    One word of warning: If you are very tall though (over 6 ft) maybe get a queen or king though. The full is quite short even for me at 5’10”, but I manage without issue and every night I’ve slept well. I don’t even want to get out of bed when I wake up!

    I definitely recommend this mattress to anyone who wants something lightweight and firm, easy to move, and inexpensive. Perfect for young adults like myself looking to stop sleeping on futons and air mattresses, but not yet able to make a bigger purchase.

    I’ll review again in a few months and see if my opinion holds.

  20. Susan B.

    I bought this full mattress in Nov 2015 to use as a comfortable lounging space in my living room while my dog was recovering from her second knee surgery. (The first surgery, we used a futon mattress and my back was killing me before we were allowed to have real furniture again.) This mattress was great. We slept on it exclusively for about two weeks before she was able to make it up the stairs to the bedroom. Then used it as a couch/lounging area for another 6 weeks. My back did not complain one bit. Fast forward to May 2016 when my other dog required knee surgery (don’t ask – apparently I’m just lucky) and we did the same thing, but for about 4 months as her recovery was not as smooth. It was so comfortable for lounging with the pups and watching TV, I actually had a hard time moving it out of the living room and back to it’s other purpose as a guest bed. In fact, I’m considering buying a twin and calling it a big dog bed so I can still stretch out with them on the floor for movie nights!

  21. Evan T.

    I was very worried about ordering a bed off of the internet (I did lots of research and read lots of reviews off amazon about different beds). I recently moved away for college in September (currently it is December). I ordered the bed to arrive before I moved. I received the bed (had some shipping errors–dont need to mention due to the issue being solved by amazon) opened it up, let it sit out for 24 hrs and then slept on it. First things first. I had read many reviews talking about the smell of the mattress. People stated it smelled like chemicals. I will admit at first it did, but I expected that. The smell wasn’t that bad like some people have said and yes it does go away. If you let your bed air out like the directions tell you to it will go away. After a couple of days the smell was gone. So the smell is not an issue. This mattress states it is medium in firmness. I would say that is correct. I was used to a soft bed before I moved so that was a change. I am only 115 pounds so I don’t really put much of a dent in the bed. I decided to take another persons advice and walk around on my bed and kinda jump on it. That helped, because I thought it was to firm at first. I love the bed now. I sleep so well and haven’t had back pain from sleeping on it. I would highly recommend this bed to other people. My friend who is 240 has slept on the bed and loves the bed also. I don’t have anything negative to say. I want to make this clear that this bed is a medium bed, not hard or soft–this is why I like it. Its has just enough give for comfort, but not too much so that you feel like you are sinking.

  22. Chani Thorum

    I ordered this thinking it would be an alright bed but boy was I wrong. Seriously the best single purchase from Amazon ever!! I have been sleeping on this bed for over 2 months and it’s the best mattress I’ve ever had. Came on time, easy freaking setup and the most comfy sleep ever. Is on the firm side but that’s exactly how I like it. No back pain ever.

  23. Anna

    OMG! I could never imagine that a mattress can be so comfortable for the price. I love and desire a firm mattress and this one is just perfect for how I like it. It is firm and has just enough give to be super comfy. If you are looking for a soft mattress that your body will sink in, this one is not for you. But if you need something sturdy and firm, this one is perfect. I also love the fact that you could literally jump on your side of the bed and your partner will not even feel it. It is very sturdy.

    It was shipped fast and arrived nicely vacuum packed in a box. It was fun unpacking it. Great product for an amazing price. Very happy.

  24. ndj

    This bed is terrible if you really have to get up and be somewhere in the morning. Seriously, I am a student and have trouble getting out of this bed even knowing that I need to be in class on time. It is luxurious and comfortable, keeps you warm but not too warm and just lets you float off to sleep. I hear the company has a good policy if the bed doesn’t live up to its standards, but mine has performed its duty just fine.

  25. ehinsa

    I have no idea why people gave 1-star reviews to this queen mattress. Yes, it may take more than the Prime 2-day shipping but for the price and comfort, you can’t beat it! I waited 12 hours for the mattress to expand (it was around 10 inches) and when I laid down to sleep, I felt myself sink a little more than an inch into the foam (I’m 160 lbs). I can’t remember the last time I slept so well on 6 hours of sleep! Would recommend to everyone!

  26. jmcgouldrick

    I upgraded size (From full to queen), but downgraded in thickness, and I am glad I did. My previous full size 12 inch mattress, while comfortable to begin with, became extremely uncomfortable after getting used to sleeping on it after a few weeks. It was too much cushion for me. It also made things difficult during intimate activities in a certain way because you would sink into the memory foam too much in certain positions and over exert yourself and get tired or sore way to quick. This bed it perfect though. Love the soft but firm feel to it when sleeping or playing.

  27. Jenny

    I got this for my brother who insisted that foam mattresses are better, and much more affordable than spring or air beds.

    Let me tell you, this thing is like a spongey cloud from dreamland. It envelopes you in, but allows you to escape without too much effort.

    He placed it on a raised frame, with 3-4 inch gaps between support bars, and it doesn’t sag in between them. If it does, I most certainly couldn’t tell. He doesn’t use a box spring or anything else except the frame beneath it.

    I think he may be right. Next time I need to buy a mattress, I’m going to give a foam one a try. I would suggest getting some kind of mattress protector with it because foam will absorb sweat like a sponge. This mattress hasn’t given him any problems and he’s had it for about 6 months now.

  28. Jocelyn M. Okeefe

    loss of star is for Amazon. I ordered the 10 inch Queen, but received the 12 inch Queen, and it did not arrive within 2 days under Prime as promised.

    this mattress is for a 13 year old, so I was looking for a medium-firm, which after all my research, I was hopeful the 10 inch Queen mattress to be. I hope the 12 inch that was delivered will be ok for her. the mattress was packaged well and was only slightly difficult for just me to get up one flight of stairs to the bedroom while compressed. the mattress inflated beautifully and in just a few minutes, was at a 10.5 inch height. the mattress is slightly longer than the queen box-spring underneath it, as I’ve seen others mention. a few hours later, the height is 11.5 inches! I made her bed and we’ll see how she sleeps on it tonight.

    will be sure to update as needed.

    edit review 6/11/18- Amazon got their star back! my daughter is 13, 5’8″ and 120lbs-ish. she loves how the bed feels really firm until she settles in and then “it gets comfy with [her].” I’ve laid down in various positions and can see what she means! this kid has a high metabolism and doesn’t even stop moving in her sleep- until she got this mattress. I check on her and she’s in pretty much the same position all night, and you can tell she is sleeping so much more restfully than ever before. I am super impressed with this mattress, don’t even care that they sent the wrong one, or how long it took to get here.

  29. npay222

    This mattress is insanely comfortable. We bought it for our toddler’s first twin bed and we regularly almost fall asleep on it ourselves. Our son usually sleeps through the night but he used to take a long time to fall asleep when he was on a crib mattress. Ever since we got this new mattress he falls asleep in at least half the time!

  30. Jessica Jane

    I was hesitant on getting the 6″ but glad I did. We already own the green tea 8″ in twin and the green tea 12″ in king. The 8 inch is rather firm and the 12″ perfectly plush. I was looking for two full sizes for my twins new bunk beds. We needed mattresses less than 9″ in height and my twins prefer a plush mattress so I bought a 1 1/2″ green tea topper to go with the 6″ ultima mattress thinking that it would be rather firm on it’s own. I was wrong! It’s super comfortable all by itself and feels slightly more plush than my green tea 8″. Its sitting on a slat system and I cannot feel any slats under it at all without the topper.
    Only draw back….The mattresses did have a strong smell when opening but after airing it out it has gone away. The two green tea mattresses I previously bought did not have any smell.

  31. txsweetater

    I had a huge ordeal getting the USPS to deliver this. Be aware it weighs 41 lbs in the box.
    Now, on with my product review… I am very impressed with my mattress! The company packaged this beautifully. It was in a white bag (like the old drawstring laundry bags, but plastic.) The instructions stated to cut that bag open. Nope! I spent a half hour inching the mattress out of that bag so I could save it for laundry. LOL After that, it was in a sealed clear plastic bag that had all the air sucked out of it. I put the mattress the way I wanted it, then cut the clear bag as instructed. You have to hurry at this point because the flat mattress starts to expand when the air hits it and you have to get the plastic off! There was NO odor from the mattress at all! It only took about a half hour and my mattress inflated to 5 1/2 inches already! Very, very good quality with a 10 year warranty. I have back problems and can not sleep on a mattress that is hard or too soft. This mattress went on top of my regular mattress and boxed spring. It has been the BEST sleep I have had in many, many years! Oh, 2 inches of it is memory foam and the other 4 inches is a type of GOOD foam.

  32. Jacki

    Between three houses, we have 8 of these, in 10” thick. I (120 lbs) have a queen, kids have doubles. At their father’s (210 lbs) house they have all have them, as well. We got the first one about three years ago.
    My girlfriend (120 lbs) is replacing her older spring mattress with another queen 10” like mine, soon.
    I have a ton of joint, neck, and back sports injuries from horses to dirt bikes to skiing and in between. So, getting comfortable in bed is hard for me. I’ve had Sleep Number beds, high end spring mattresses, rubber ones, and slept in a hundreds of fancy hotels over the years. To be honest, nothing has been as comfortable and wonderful as this mattress.

    It’s firm enough to support you, yet still soft enough to be cozy and not hurt my shoulders or back. The kids (ages 5-13) all love it and guests of all sizes and weights and ages have raved.

    I really can’t say enough good things about these mattresses, especially considering the price.

  33. Sue Duvall

    Purchased the 12″ Queen. Was hesitant to try a fully foam mattress; mainly due to so many complaints of mold, but i’ve also never had a foam bed.
    Bed arrived and was completely clean. I hate firm beds. I like to sink at least a few inches. This bed is great for me. I’m a mechanic and do in-home remodeling on the side. My knees, back and neck are always killing me. Especially since I had an accident a while back that caused slipped discs in my cervical vertebrates. I added a 3″ gel topper, so this bed actually sits 15″ high and I sink almost a foot into it. I’m 6’2″, 195lbs. I also get very hot when I sleep. This bed seems to dissipate heat pretty good. Then again, the full bamboo sheet set helps as well.

    The only downside I can see is what some customers have already complained about… The fitted sheet does not like to stay on the corners. But, I’m not going to drop a star on the rating because of that. It’s foam, not Styrofoam. What do you expect?

    Now, I can’t speak to the longevity. If I remember to update this review a while from now, I’ll let you guys know. BUT.. I will say this.. My alarm has to work overtime to get me out of this bed in the morning!

  34. JoslinTop

    I was skeptical about buying a memory foam mattress on Amazon, especially without laying on it first, but my pregnant self was not about to schlep into a mattress store and purchase some cumbersome mattress that I would have to wrestle to get into my house. So, after discovering that this mattress had good reviews and that it came vacuum sealed in a reasonably sized box, I made the order.

    It arrived on time and I was able to carry the box to the room it needed to be in. I carefully followed the instructions about unpacking it, cutting the box and outer wrapping away and rolling out the still-sealed mattress. Once it was rolled out where I wanted it, I cut a hole in the plastic and watched it morph from a foam pancake into a mattress. Once it had expanded I cut away the rest of the plastic and left it for 24 hours to finish its transformation. After 24 hours, I dressed the bed with linens and laid down for a nap…because making a bed while 9 months pregnant is exhausting.

    That same evening we had our first guest sleep on it overnight and she awoke well rested, no aches or pains whatsoever. This guest stayed for three nights and enjoyed the mattress. I have also utilized this mattress for daily naps, as this guest bed is in my office and walking to my bedroom has become annoyingly tiresome. The mattress is currently on the floor, but we are building a platform bed frame for it.

    Overall, I am highly satisfied with my purchase. I didn’t have to go out to a store to get it, it was delivered to my door, easy to open and is extremely comfortable. If I could I would give it 10 stars.

    **FOUR MONTH UPDATE** I have slept on this wonderful mattress every night for a week while my husband has been ill and hogging our master king size bed. I LOVE this mattress! It is more comfortable than our $1000 BeautyRest Hybrid mattress and cost way less. When it’s time for a new mattress on our master bed I will be purchasing this one in king size. You will not regret this purchase!

  35. Olivia

    If there is an issue with this mattress anytime after this review, I will update my review. I want this to be an informative and useful review.
    7/4/18: It has been almost 3 weeks since opening it up and using this mattress. First impressions? Well, the mattress inflated almost immediately to the entire 8 inches. I let it inflate all day while I was at work (a full 8-hr shift) and it was 8 inches by the time I was home. I put it on my bed frame (which is metal) and laid down. It was extremely comfortable and had just the right amount of firmness. 3 weeks later and it still feels the same. This mattress doesn’t get too warm and doesn’t sink in, even with two people (both 150 each) laying on it. I bought a mattress online primarily because I don’t have a car to go buy a mattress in person, and it was a lot cheaper on Amazon. So as of right now, I recommend this mattress to anyone looking for an inexpensive, yet quality memory foam mattress. Hopefully this doesn’t change because I don’t want to go through that hassle so early on.

    10 months (4/9/19): I’m happy to report that its still holding up! Nice and firm when I get home a long day of being out. However, if you’re using it all day (I’ve had a fair share of lazy days) then it does tend to lose said firmness. Temperature is still good in both hot and cool weather. I even moved this to a whole new apartment, which meant I had to fold it in half to fit the back of a land cruiser! And its still the same firmness!! Overall I am plesantly surpised and satisfied with both the comfort/durability of this mattress.

  36. TheBeesKneeds

    Bought 2 for my boy’s and the best part is those jerks can’t jump on it and demolish it like they did to the previous mattresses (no springs suuuuckas! Never saw it coming).

    If you’re tired of closing your kids doors to hide the dilapidated remains of what was once their beds, constantly barking at them to “quit $@&! &*! jumping on the god $@*&$?! bed!” and sounding like an over all nut job, then this is the bed for you.

    It expanded right away, is nice and thick so they don’t bottom out, and came with a zippered cover to prevent them from chewing their way through the foam and back to the underworld of which I believe they came from.

    I’m really happy with this purchase. It’s going to save me a ton of money on wine, medical bills, and Xanax.

  37. Amazon Customer

    To everyone who gave a bad review: If you have money for a better mattress, buy one. If you are looking for the miracle mattress that is going to be “one heck of a bang for your buck,” don’t buy a mattress for under $200. If you are buying this for your “spare bedroom,” either buy the same mattress you sleep in or don’t complain lol. I AM VERY PLEASED. This mattress is nothing but perfect. The “smell?” You realize it was probably made in a factory right? That’s the smell of fresh product…… it’s also SO COMFORTABLE AND NOT TOO FIRM AT ALL! I am 125 lbs and of course it doesn’t “form to my body like memory foam should,” but it is better than spending $1k on a mattress. I am thankful a company is able to sell me something so great to improve my quality of life for under $200.

  38. Anthony

    This review is after about 3 months of usage. In short, simply blown away! This is by far the best ‘thing’ I’ve ever slept on. From floors to air pads, dorm room bunks, blow-up mattresses, dingy motels, and 5-star hotels – you name it, I’ve slept on (or in) it. In detail, I’m 6’5″, 180lbs and went with the queen 8″ mattress for me and the full 4″ mattress for my daughter. I slept on a luxury queen pillow top mattress and box spring for the last 6 years. We moved into a new place and I decided to use these mattresses temporarily while I took the time to test out my next long term set. On morning number one, for both my daughter and I, we couldn’t stop talking about how insanely comfortable the mattresses were.

    Here are some factors that coincide with my experience. With my Garmond health monitor, I could see a distinct positive difference in my deep sleep cycle between the previous mattress and this Zinus Sleep Master. I used to fall asleep with books, magazines, remote control on the bed next to me and wake up with them on the floor. Now, they stay right where I left them. I may roll over once or twice but I usually wake up in the same position I fell asleep in and when I wake up, I’m awake! It’s almost scary to realize how much of my life went by without this kind of rest.

    I did read a ton of comments and the ones that cause most concern I’ll compare. First, the packaging was fine. The box is big and bulky but I could carry it up 2 flights of stairs without rest or the need for help. The mattress comes vacuum sealed in a thick plastic wrap. Be careful slicing it open as it’s tight on the mattress and you can accidentally cut the removable (and washable) zippered wrap or even into the mattress itself. Regarding the odor that people have noted in other comments. There was a factory/chemical/plastic smell. I’d have to say something closer or comparable to a very light ‘new car’ smell. Like anything new I wear or sleep under, I washed the thin zippered wrap by itself and dried it once. I’ve always put a couple dryer sheets on a mattress when I change sheets and did so again with the Zinus mattress. There was no chemical smell after washing the wrap and I’m actually in bed now laying on it while writing this review and there’s no smell at all.

    There was no mold anywhere to be seen. It’s unfortunate that people experienced it and I’m not sure if it’s a factory issue or a storage issue. Both mattresses came vacuum sealed in heavy plastic – heavy enough to keep the mattress compressed until it was removed from the box AND cut open. I didn’t see it mentioned whether or not the mattress seal was broken or the box it came in had any damage. I’d be turned off as well if I saw that kind of mold and wouldn’t buy again but having slept on it – It’s worth returning for a new one in my opinion.

    It did take several hours to uncompress. No more than 24 hours for the 4″ and 8″ sizes but we both slept on them the same evening and experienced an incredible sleep.

    I did purchase two collapsible smart frames (another great purchase I’ll have to review later). There’s literally no need for a box spring in my setup as the smart frames are high and built to use bins underneath for storage. As is, they would replace your current mattress and sit on top of your current box spring.

    My daughter had a fruit punch Gatorade (red) that was not sealed all the way in her soccer bag. It leaked into the center of the mattress about a month ago. To clean, we used a little detergent and warm water to saturate the spot and pressed a towel down to absorb it. Repeated until there was no red coming up but there is a noticeable red stain (as there would be on any mattress I’m sure). What made it easy to absorb is that you can push down into the mattress without air or spring coils so saturating the spot with clean water and detergent really got the bulk Gatorade out.

    In the future, I would get the 12″ for myself (because I enjoy a high bed) and the 8″ can go to the guest room. I’ll be getting another 4″ full size for the pull out sofa mattress and I’ll get my daughter a 4″ twin when she goes off to college.

  39. Berta L.

    I was very leery about purchasing a mattress online, however after seeing a couple of reviews on Amazon I purchased a 12″ zinus king size mattress. A big box shows up at the door and we did not wait to dispose of the old mattress and opening the new one at 7 am on a Friday. The mattress starts to gloriously unfold and to my surprise, the mattress isn’t big enough. I panic, check my order and it says I ordered a king, check the inside of one of the boxes and nothing states the size of that thing, checked the other box and it says queen… at that point I have no bed since I throw the old mattress away, and I have a queen mattress growing on a brand new bed frame but it’s not what I ordered. I contacted Amazon (which is where I purchased it from) and they are no help at all… they guy is like “well let’s get you a full refund and I’ll give you a discount on a new one, it will only take about two weeks to complete” what does that do for me? Nothing. And how was I supposed to return this queen mattress, when it’s already unfolding? It came in a box, how do I fit it back in that box? Oh and I have no bed to sleep on! I panicked a little bit more, started sobbing and then I contacted Zinus via Facebook… Immediately received a call from a guy named Chris, he apologized for the whole thing and says “we are so sorry for this, we will send you a new king size mattress and you can keep the queen you received, we will cover the costs to make it an expedite shipping”. Next thing I know after a couple of days I have a brand new king size mattress at my door. I put it on the bed, watch it magically grow and I can honestly say I can’t be happier! Not only your product is amazing but your customer service was beyond great! Thank you Zinus for turning a crappy experience into something outstanding!

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