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Zinus memory foam 6.35 cm green tea mattress

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Zinus memory foam 6.35 cm green tea mattress, full, foam, white

Style: 6 inches. 10 Inch. 12 Inch. 8 inches
Knitted Jacquard
7.6 cm thick layer of high quality memory foam + super soft sponge + HD PU base foam
Luxurios polyester sleeve washable
By, formaldehyde free, low emmission certipur-us certified foam
Memory cotton is dust-proof and natural antibacterial.
Meets all flame retardant standards

Specification: Zinus memory foam 6.35 cm green tea mattress


Narrow Twin. Two. Two XL. All. Short Queen. Queen. King. California King

50 reviews for Zinus memory foam 6.35 cm green tea mattress


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  1. Viola Wong

    This bed is amazing. It contours my body so perfectly and at $300 for a king , you can’t go wrong. Came in about 5 days. Unpacked it and set it up with my husband. We let it decompress for about 3 days and then put it on top of our 14inch metal bed frame we also got of amazon for $91. The bed sits pretty high off the ground which I like. This bed is awesome but I would not reccommend sitting on sides as it does not give much support. My husband said he misses sitting on the side of our spring mattress without the bed sinking in. Also sex is not good on this bed lol there is no bounce whatsoever !! Lameeeee:/ My husbands knees sinks in so much when we do doggy style. But I knew that spring mattresses are the best for sex so I didn’t expect anything of this one hahah. Other then that , I have been having the best sleep of my life and I’m not even joking ! It’s literally hard to get out of bed lol. As for smell it had a very very slight smell but it went away. So I think all in all this bed was a really really good purchase and I am happy I bought it !

    I will update if anything changes 🙂

  2. Josh

    My experience with zinus is as follows. And I’m going to stay unbiased as possible. After all I’m still trying to find the perfect mattress for me and my wife.

    Firstly I was drawn to the zinus due to the fact that it was a fraction of the price and tens and thousands of positive Amazon reviews.

    Upon sleeping on it a few days, my wife complained about Lower back pain. She is less than 120lbs and I’m 175lbs. I didn’t feel and pain but my wife literally could not get out of bed due to her back pain.

    After my experience I decided to call zinus for a refund and purchased a very popular mattress call nectar. After all it was 3x it’s price. Surely it should be better.

    My wife said it was literally the same quality bed and she didn’t feel anything different other than the fact that I paid three times. Although my wife cares how much I spend, I paid it with my own money and I’m pretty comfortable up to the sense that I don’t just blow money. I just wanted to find a bed that will work for both of us. So I decided to have the mattress picked up and got my refund.

    Now since we did not have a bed to sleep on, I had to go back to the zinus that was given to us by Amazon even after the refund. It was literally trash to us because who would want to sleep on a free mattress that caused sore back pains everyday. But since it was better than sleeping on the floor and I promised my wife it will just be a few days until we find a replacement, we sucked it up

    Now if you were following me through this whole post
    THIS IS THE TWIST. the zinus mattress started feeling better and better everyday.

    She said her back didn’t hurt as much and she started to grow on the mattress. Now after 1 month of sleeping on it, she said she’s about 95% content with the zinus and climbing.

    As for me I never had a problem with zinus but I wanted my partner to sleep better too. Now that over tried a so-called premium mattress that costs three times as much, I can say with confidence that these companies charge money depending on how well it is advertised and how well they pay bloggers.

    Either way. Spend 300 for a king and save your money. Or atleast give it a fair try. I cant speak in terms of everyone but anyone between 120 lbs and 180lbs should be fine.

  3. E. D.

    Wow. After looking around locally at the crazy-high prices for beds – of all kinds, not just foam – I reluctantly ordered this one. I wanted to keep my $ local if possible but there were no options I could find at less than $1K+.

    After reading the comments and reviews, then after reading how this is made – with green tea, environmentally aware construction, etc. I pulled the trigger.

    Big, heavy package was delivered right to my door by UPS (thanks!) and unboxing, unpacking was really not too bad. Within 5 hours it was at full depth, and though cumbersome, easily flopped onto the bed frame (by the same folks – excellent quality!).

    Not only is this bed reasonably priced, but it’s as comfy a bed as I’ve ever slept in. When I lay down my hips and shoulder sink in a little, but everything else is nicely supported and you feel well cradled and very comfy. When I first tried it out I had a hard time talking myself out of taking a nap right there – it’s that comfortable. My old bed was softer but this one is more comfortable – better underlying support.

    All told – this bed and frame (both by Zinus), plus the mattress pad and a good set of sheets cost less than a local bare mattress, not even including the box springs! Couldn’t be happier – just about as good as it gets for a high quality bed. Thanks Zinus!

  4. Derek S.

    I waited a while to review this one because I was super skeptical of the price, but holy crap, this mattress is great. I’m a heavy set guy and I sleep mainly on my stomach/side. I was scared because of some of the reviews saying it was too soft and others saying it was too firm, but as a chubby guy with back problems that sleeps funny, this thing is a game changer. Super comfy and has started making my back feel better slowly night after night. One issue I had was that the thing smells pretty gross when you first get it, and the mattress liner was really weirdly creased on one side a ton that affected comfort for a day or two but then it smoothed out a bit. Still looks super weird when there are no sheets on it, but it doesn’t cause any problems. Zinus if you are reading this, feel free to send me another liner! Even with those two things it still gets 5 stars because it’s almost too good to be true for this price! P.S. got a few other friends to upgrade their mattresses as well and all love this so it’s not just me!

  5. Lisa

    I wanted to try this mattress out a while before leaving a review. We are right around a year now and this mattress had been than expected. There was no off gassing when we opened the mattress which was exciting since that seems to be s problem with a lot of the mattresses we were looking at. We hadn a very expensive name brand pillow top mattress for about 4 years. I was waking up with shoulder pain and lower back pain that progressively got worse. I would have to roll out of bed and slowly stand in the mornings because my back hurt so bad. I am only 36 with no back problems so I knew the mattress was the culprit. I sleep from side to side and on my back. From day 1 this mattress has been incredible comfortable. It has become more comfortable with time. I more all over in my sleep and used to wake my husband up with our old bed. He doesn’t stir on this mattress. The first month, if still wake up with slight lower back pain but it seemed to get better and better. At the time, I wasn’t sure if it was just my mind thinking that. I know now it wasn’t. I haven’t woke up with shoulder or back pain in many months. I wake up out of sleep if I am too warm so I worried about getting to hot as I read can be s problem with memory foam . This hasn’t happened at all with this mattress. Now I know just how much of a waste of money expensive name brand mattress are. I’ll never buy a different brand. This mattress of great

  6. Alex Pierson

    My husband is a very large man. Tall and heavy. I am a short lady who is pregnant and always complaining about it. This being said, I just want you to understand we kind of get the whole range of size.

    We had the chance to sleep on a queen size of this mattress at a air b&b and really liked it. When I asked the owner the bed type he said it was brand new! It gave just the right way and seemed to hold my husband up with him sinking to much.
    We ordered a king because again, his big, I’m pregnant. And now, let the story begin.

    First he ordered the bed and the mattress pad. It said it was coming in 4 days. Ups delivered it to the wrong address. When I called amazon to tell them what had happen, they where so nice and sweet about it. Knowing it wasn’t there fault I just wanted to know what they could do for me. They sent out another one with fast shipping and apologized. Right after I hung up I got an email that it was being shipped. When I looked at it they where sending a Queen, not a king. My husband ordered the wrong size bed, right size mattress cover. So I called back and asked them to switch it and I would pay the difference. But because they fast shipped it there was nothing that could be done. So, they refunded me for my full order. Told me to order the right size and when the queen was being deliver to tell them we didn’t want it. So, that’s what we did. The king was delivered that day also.

    When we set it up we had ordered the recommended Frame for it also. Let it sit the 24-48 hours and it filled up very nicely. We did notice it was a lot firmer then the queen. Other reviewers say this also. We slept on it 2 nights and decided to get a gel cool 2in topper that amazon sells for $100. It’s prefect now and we love it. For $500 all together with the frame, mattress, mattress pad and the topper, I’m very happy with it. Can’t complain when just a mattress is 2000 at art van.

  7. Amy Bryant

    THIS BED IS AMAZING. It felt like a huge risk because, tbh, who the heck is going to effectively return this thing? It comes in a heavy box and once that mattress comes out and starts to expand ain’t no way it’s going back to where it came from. I pulled it out of the box and let it expand on the ground for a week or more in the guest room while we finished our master bedroom remodel. If you wait the suggested amount of time you will have no problem with it expanding fully- I didn’t measure whether it made it’s way to 12 inches (mostly because I don’t really care) but it rose to the same level all around and is nice and square on the edges. It fits perfectly on the Zinus platform bed we ordered and feels like an absolute dream. Maybe it’s because I’ve never had a foam mattress before but OH MAN THIS ISH IS A GAME CHANGER. I’ve slept on a Casper before at friend’s house and this feels essentially the same (totally anecdotal and non-scientific estimation) and it’s wayyyyyy cheaper so I feel it’s worth it. The mattress itself has a removable cover on it which is great because I’m an idiot and I didn’t buy a waterproof cover and then my dog peed on the bed (legit could have cried because I’m so into this bed) but was able to get the smell out of the mattress and washed the cover and it worked out ok. Buy a waterproof cover tho! Don’t be like me! Especially if you have pets or children or a partner who pees themselves occasionally or if you like to drink wine in bed or whatever. Basically you’re gonna want to live in your bed and life is messy.

  8. Amazon Customer

    I purchased this mattress 9 months ago and could not be happier with it. This is by far the most comfortable and quiet bed I have ever owned. I will say that it is definitely warmer than a regular mattress and not good if you don’t have a/c. I have not had any of the problems people were complaining about. There was no odor other than shoving my face clear down into the mattress and breathing heavily. Even then it only smelled like I would expect any new foam to smell. People were also saying that they get stuck in the mattress and basically have to roll uphill to get out of a hole- I am a 5′ 9″ 160 lb woman and have not experienced that at all. I don’t feel like I sink anymore than any other bed… you just sink differently (in a good way). As long as you have the strength to lift your own weight you should not have a problem. Although it was a little heavy, I was able to unroll it by myself and it grew just like they said it would- faster even. I did not wait 24 hrs to sleep on it and it is fine to date. Has not broken down or sagged at all, still in new shape. Also, my brother bought his over a year ago and he loves it. Last but not least, if this bed is no good after 2 years (at this rate I don’t see that happening) I feel like I got my $ out of it and I would buy another. xoxo

  9. Amy92010

    I ordered this mattress in a box with very low expectations. We just moved my 2 year old to his “big boy bed” which happens to be a queen bed in our guest room. It needed a new mattress. Since he’s 2 and pees on stuff I didn’t want to spend a lot on a mattress. Also he’s used to sleeping on the slabs of rock they now sell for crib mattresses—that’s all he’s ever known. So I figured I had nothing to lose giving this mattress a shot.

    It came in a big box, unrolled just fine, fluffed to full size on its own quickly, off-gassed for a day (honestly smell wasn’t bad), and then it was good to go.

    My son sleeps great on this mattress. I am also here to review it because lets be honest, I probably spend about 40% of my night sleeping on this thing. You know, I fall asleep putting him to bed, he wakes up thirsty, nightmares…etc etc. I am well acquainted with this mattress. And I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I like this mattress just as much (maybe more…maybe…) than the big spenda brand name king size “hybrid” mattress on my own bed. I can’t even believe a $200 mattress Is in the same league as an $1800 one, but I digress.

    This is a FIRM mattress but it is a comfortable firm. Your body kinda molds into it. I am not a person who even likes firm mattresses but this one is somehow very soft and cradling while also being firm and supportive. No back pain when I sleep on this.

    The only negative I have seen so far is that it runs slightly hot. That’s just a downside of memory foam. It’s July, so that factor is probably at its worst. I’m sure it won’t be an issue in winter.

    Overall I think this mattress is a steal for the price. It’s perfect for a child or teen, guest room, dorm room…etc.

  10. Mark martinez

    This bed is totally amazing, worth it for the price, can’t get more bang for your buck. Eat it up, beat it up, skeet it up this bed will endure it .

  11. quirkymama

    I have purchased three Zinus green tea mattresses. A queen and two fulls. Having slept on both I can say that the Green Tea mattress is consistently comfortable. I had a very negative (it slept hot and hard..that’s what she said) experience with Sleep Innovations cooling gel memory foam mattress that I purchased from Amazon in 2015. My research had failed me and my husband’s constant reminder caused me to lose self-confidence. We sold that mattress on craigslist and purchased a “mattress” from Sam’s. I consider having to sleep on that cheap box for two years my penance. My confidence finally healed, I started looking for mattress peace in secret using incognito windows (my husband no longer trusted me choosing our sleeping surfaces). Do I dare purchase from Amazon again? All of my searchings brought me back to this mattress. I couldn’t ignore the reviews anymore. I was skeptical that a reasonably priced memory foam mattress was going to meet my middle-aged body’s needs. I clicked the “submit order” button and deleted any search and purchase history I could find. Green tea arrived while I was at work. My husband texted me “ANOTHER AMAZON MATTRESS HAS ARRIVED”. I did not say anything, it was the mattresses turn to speak. We unboxed and unrolled Green Tea. It puffed up to the full 12 inches. The first night we slept on Green Tea was nothing short of a miracle. We awoke rested with an absence of back pain. Now, three years later I have just purchased my third. The first mattress went to my daughter who had been begging for a mattress “just like mine”. The second we slept on a week when my youngest daughter dragged it to her room. Don’t hesitate to purchase this product. It sleeps cool and confortable

  12. Amazon Customer

    I don’t normally write reviews but: Before I bought this product I sat on the fence for a long time trying to choose a mattress of this type. I am a busy person and don’t have time to go to a bed store to try out stuff. I don’t want want to lie on a bed for 5 seconds that 8 zillion other people have “tested out” for who knows how long. Sorry but..yuck- no. I don’t want to be pressured by people to make a sale (no offense). I looked at all the popular “shrink wrapped mattress brands” and came away from my research not feeling enriched as each manufacturer plugs their product to be the best and perhaps pay people to plug the product in a positive light (who knows). I finally watched a you tube video where a guy actually talked about several main stream brands of mattresses of this kind which were seemingly popular and based upon independent study taking into account if a person slept on their stomach only, side only, a combination sleeper or were plus sized people. A chart was compiled and you could see price comparisons. I also paid attention to the negative reviews. Businesses and people loved to be loved these days and all like 5 star reviews but let’s get to the point of why people were not satisfied. People who give low star ratings either have legitimate observations, are impatient, inept or perhaps were oddly sold a dud product. The main complaint I read was that the corners did not “puff” up very quickly (thankfully some people provided pictures). I do agree with that assessment. I was fully aware I would probably experience some sense of initial dissatisfaction, and I did. After a full day of letting the mattress “grow” I saw the middle puff up, one end puff up at a good rate and end corners (I think it was the final wrap) “puff” slowly and was happy. It is all a matter of how the mattress is shrink wrapped. I think that the very end corners in the wrap are the slowest to rise as we are talking about layers of foam that are of different densities. You cannot change the method of shrink wrapping. The first 2 nights I slept on the mattress I thought I made a mistake because the “feel” was different (mind you, my previous mattress was over 10 years old (a traditional upscale style 10 years ago) and still in good shape as far as I was concerned). I had terrible sleep (the great thing about a previous review I had read was that another person said the same thing). It has been 2 weeks and I am still kind of getting used to the new feeling. Cool but different. If you have an old mattress that you have slept upon for a long time, your body gets used to the oddities and discomforts. After a number of months (in maybe your case longer) of not sleeping well on the old mattress (thrashing like a fish out of water) bear in mind something new takes time – My new mattress is great. The price was awesome and, as I understand it they are very interested in customer satisfaction so if you have an issue, let them know. I hope this has been helpful. Please be patient.

    2/18/19: It occurred to me that if you were looking for a soft mattress or semi firm mattress this particular item is most likely not for you. Is it firm? Yes. Is it hard? Probably. I am still not completely sure about the purchase to be honest.

  13. David Ogden

    I received my 12 inch Zinus full size memory foam mattress and I love it. I’m 6’2″ 175 lbs and it’s a soft bed so if you hate a soft bed then you probably won’t like it. You also have to take into consideration that these mattress are coming from so many different warehouses nationwide. My mattress expanded to the full 12 inches thick. I unpacked it just as soon as I got it. I didn’t leave it compressed in the box for 2 weeks like some of the people do in their reviews. I think if you wait too long to open it then it ruins the integrity of the memory foam and then doesn’t rise like it should. The mattress has a slight odor like the smell of a fresh painted room but it went away after 3 days. My bed reached 12 inches in 2 hours. Some may take longer than others. That varies based on room temp and humidity. The smell isn’t so bad that you need to wear a gas mask. It’s a very mild ordor. I think some people just exaggerate about the smell. But if they read the reviews then they would already know it has an odor when you first unpack it. It’s like when you buy a brand new car and it has that new car smell but it goes away over time. I did pull up on the fabric in each corner to help the corners of the mattress reach the full 12 inches. The cover is very soft and I slightly pulled up on the corners to help the memory foam expand. The soft cover is very tight after it’s done expanding. The quality of Zinus mattress is high quality and I feel like I’m sleeping on clouds when I roll into bed. And don’t expect your body to get used to it in 1 nights sleep. It softens up the longer you have it. If you think this mattress is too hard then go sleep on the ground for a week and then get into this bed and you’ll be so happy you get to lay in it. I think some of the people have bad backs from sleeping on crappy mattress for years and then when they get this mattress they think it’s going to fix their bad back. It doesn’t cure bad backs. It only helps you improve the comfort of your sleep. It does not get hot when I sleep on it. I’m a cold natured person anyways so even if it did get warm in the middle of winter I’d be happy about it. But no it doesn’t get hot as an oven and cook me alive. Some people are just hot natured and need their house to be 55F to be comfortable. I hate being cold. If this mattress makes you hot then sleep butt naked with no covers and a fan on you. LoL If you are still hot then open a window in the middle of winter and turn your heat off. Some people on here act like this bed cooks you alive. If you do not like a slight odor then do not buy this mattress because it will have an odor that goes away. If you don’t like a soft bed then don’t get it. It’s not a super firm mattress.

    When you open your box you will see a booklet inside. In that booklet it will have a piece of paper in it that will tell you how long the mattress has been compressed in the box. Mine has been in the box for 3 months. So if your mattress has been in the box for like a year then I wouldn’t even take the mattress out of the plastic. I’d send it back because it’s probably not going to expand correctly. I believe there is a expiration date on how long a memory foam mattress can be compressed in a box before it goes bad.

    Hopefully this helps you make your decision based on my review if this is the right mattress for you. I will say this much. I’ve laid on a tempur pedic mattress and the Zinus is very similar to that. So if you like that soft plush supporting memory foam then get it. I hate hard beds.

  14. Blue sky

    I purchased two twin size mattresses for my boys, 11 and 5. These came very fast and the kids were so excited to open the boxes. The boxes are not very big or heavy. My 11 yr old carried them downstairs by himself. To unwrap them, I was careful not to cut the plastic to close to the compressed mattress. They are very easy to open and included very easily understood directions on how to open without damage to the mattress. When we got them opened all the way, they started expanding quickly but not too quickly. It was easy to move them around. There was a slight chemical scent but not overwhelming. We were leaving that day to go on a trip for the weekend so I didn’t need to air them out outside. When we came back after the 3 days there was hardly any scent remaining. The kids slept so well on them. They love the foam, how soft but firm they are. They sometimes jump on them but you can’t even tell. They are really holding up so well. It was a great buy.

  15. Curtis Mittong

    I’m a researcher. I don’t make quick decisions on purchases. I looked into every possible shipped mattress brand, visited friends with some of the brands they bought, and had it narrowed down to two brands in the $600 range. After my friend bought one of these and I checked it out, I took a leap of faith and got one for myself. So far I really like it. I’ve only had a few nights on it but it is quite comfy. Most vacuum-boxed mattresses are made medium firm since that’s what most people prefer. This one is a bit softer than I expected, but it still supports me well enough. Within 24 hours of unpacking, it was fully inflated with good square corners. It doesn’t show any spots still compressed. Time will tell if it holds up, but I have to say so far it sleeps GREAT. 6’1″, 235lbs, stomach and side sleeper. There is considerable odor from it as should be expected from foam, but its a bit excessive I think. It’s not offensive, but kinda chemical-y and almost a bit musty but its already starting to dissipate after a few days. One thing I like is that this mattress returns to its shape quickly. My old memory foam mattress used to bother me because you would make a pocket while sleeping on your side, then roll over and it took forever for it to re-contour. This one is quick. I got up this morning and before I put my robe on it was back to perfectly flat. Heck, even if it only lasts a few years it was CHEAP. Put it this way – I was happy enough with it that when I ordered a platform frame for it today I felt very confident buying a Zinus frame to replace my traditional box springs. I gave it 4 stars for the level of odor and for being a little softer than I like, but I am not complaining. For less than 2 bills I have a nice foam mattress. EDIT AND UPDATE 3/8/18:. It has now been a couple months and I am still very impressed. The odor is almost gone but still lingering just a wee bit. It is getting “broken in” on my side a bit more than the other side, meaning that its a touch softer where I sleep. It still fully “inflates” back to flat when I get up, but if you’re laying on it and roll across the mattress you can tell that the side that is getting used more is a bit softer. Regardless, it is not scooped; like it doesn’t dip more in the middle where most of my weight is which was my main concern as a belly-sleeper. For the first time I really understand what it is like to sleep the whole night through. It is just darned comfy. I will continue to recommend to anyone who asks me. Keeping the 4 star rating where it is because of the strong odor and how long it lasts, but I really truly love sleeping on this mattress. If you don’t mind the odor, there should be nothing stopping you from buying it. UPDATE 8/27/18: Still SO impressed with this bed. I sleep so well on it, and now both sides have broken in beautifully after I rotated it. Odor is 100% gone, and I am so happy. I keep recommending it. Upgraded to 5 stars because the smell went away and it has surpassed all of my expectations.

  16. Amazon Customer

    Let me start by saying that I haven’t ever had the luxury of buying a new bed since I was born before this one right here, the 12″ Zinus Green Tea Mattress of the Queen sized variant. I had a spring bed with a pillow topper for 15 years. I was used to it, it did the job. I knew my bed was nothing special but I knew I could do better. When I finally ready to move out, I knew it was time to get a new bed. I’m fresh out of college so I knew I wouldn’t be spending $800 on a mattress. And everyone says “you spend half your life on a bed, make an investment!!” Well that was true 10 years ago. Now, we can buy vacuum sealed beds on Amazon for 10th of the price of a Tempurpedic bed. There’s so many these days, I needed to do my research

    Why Zinus?

    Through my deliberations on WHICH bed in a box I would purchase, it was between this, Casper, Purple and I think some other $500+ one. I wasn’t considering the Amazonbasics one because it seemed very very generic and bare for my taste. Casper and Purple have great marketing and I see the ads all the time on the subway and on the internet. Reading some reviews, I saw that they might be a bit too firm. That lead me to Amazon where I found Zinus. The bset reviews say…well, its the best. The worst reviews are people who opened them up and got covered in fiberglass. Figuring that I wasn’t going to open it up, I chose this one. It looks nice, the material of the case seems comfy and the alleged “green tea” will help me sleep better. Also, the bedframe I bought was also a Zinus so I figured that they would pair up better (spoiler: not really lol). Finally, it was only $279!!

    The first 2 days

    The box comes in the mail. It’s pretty damn small for how big a queen mattress is. I’m not tall by anymeans and I was able to bear hug it up the stairs to my apartment. Out of the bag, I placed it on the bed frame. I let it breathe for a day with the windows in my bedroom cracked open before sleeping on it. (Yes, it smelled for the first day. The next day, a bit less. I believe within a week, there was NO smell left. I understood this would happen before I made my purchase and I will NOT be factoring it into the review because we’re all adults and we will get over the smell without calling the bed trash.) 24hrs later, the bed had blossomed to around 12″ in most parts and 10″ around the corners. My girlfriend always says “10” is fine” so I lay on the bed for the first time and woah… this is the comfiest bed I’ve ever layed on. My back didn’t hurt, I was in bliss. The first sleep, I woke up so refreshed. I had NO complaints. Even my cat was on it all night and he usually gets up and goes on the move.

    Day 3 and beyond (6 months in total)

    Since day 2, not much has changed. The bed has retained it’s shape. It wasn’t broken in on 1 side and virgin on the other. The corners never really took shape but I’m not sure if this is due to the sheet I have over it. There is an element of body heat absorption which will have you wake up a bit sweaty. I recommend getting a lighter blanket or bamboo sheets to help with this. I did both and I don’t sweat anymore. It’s been 6 months of great sleep for me. Oh yeah, that green tea extract line is BS. I don’t smell it, never did and I don’t think it’s what causes me to feel calm in bed. I think that the comfort is what makes me happy


    Overall, this bed is absolutely worth it, every single penny. You can’t beat the price for the quality of the product and the quality of your sleep. I love getting into bed and I HATE getting out because of how warm and comfy I am when I wake up. I 110% recommend this bed. Good luck!

  17. Lynn

    Why o why did I wait so long to replace my mattress? I had this one on my wish list and I just kept putting it off. Surely the reviews were fake because all of my friends spend over a grand on their mattresses? Surely I can turn my current mattress again and it will be fine?

    I was sleeping on a 9 year old foam mattress from overstock that I had originally purchased for a spare bedroom but ended up getting in the divorce 7 years ago. I had only had a second person sleeping in it for 3 years so imagine my surprise when there were two permanent body divets that no amount of matress rotation could fix ( can’t flip over a foam mattress)

    So I wake up one morning and the lower back pain is just too much and I order this matress promptly. It comes in while I’m out of town and the boyfriend dutifully drags it inside and flips the box end over end crossfit-style upstairs. This thing is heavy, you will need two people or one really resourceful boyfriend to get it upstairs.

    Once it expanded for a few days, we placed it on the bed and it was heaven. I don’t think it is as firm as my previous mattress but it is heavenly to sleep on. I have scoliosis and chronic lowr back pain that is no longer an issue on this mattress (coupled with working out, which has helped immensely).

    Does not sleep as hot as my previous foam mattress but I am still a little bit warm at night. But this is definitely 100 times better and can be easily taken care of if I move to a lighter cover. At least I don’t feel like I’m on a heating pad like I did with the last one. So glad I finally made this purchase, wish I hadn’t waited so long.

  18. Oldguy

    At first I was alittle worried about this product.
    The rule is in general, you get what you pay for!
    In this case it is far from the truth, you get a whole lot more than you pay for.
    As I understand it, the green tea leave infusion is to prevent molding in the humid areas of the country or in general.
    After a few hours of unpacking, the mattress expanded to it’s full size and shape.
    It conforms to your body shape and if you move to another spot, it’ll come right back to it’s former shape.
    I expected to sink down to the wood slats and never be able to get out of this. To my surprise, it was absolutely not he case and I am about 200 pounds.

    I have also a firm twin size 8 inch Icomfort memory foam mattress that did cost me me almost a thousand Dollars five years ago, a twin size? Yes, a twin!
    Granted it works fine and compared to this one at a 1/3rd of the cost and is larger, the twin doesn’t perform any different.
    I can only recommend this mattress as it gives you the most for your buck (at this time).

  19. Olivia Helton

    I ordered three of these for my kids’ bunk beds and their trundle bed. I opted for the 6 inch because their bunk bed is metal and I wasn’t so sure about a foam mattress in the first place. After reading all of the reviews, good and bad, I decided that, for the price, it was worth a shot.
    They come rolled up, in a box inside of a bag inside of another bag. The box weighs approximately 20lbs. Easy enough for me to carry inside even with a pulled muscle in my back.
    Pulling it out of the white bag that it came in was pretty cumbersome so I ripped the seam of the bag and my daughter and I ripped the bag open. They’re vacuume sealed inside of a clear plastic bag. As soon as we ripped the clear plastic bag open, almost immediately, the mattress started to decompress. Within a couple of hours, they were to their full size. I’ll try and upload a couple of pics later. The mattress itself has a zippered cover on it.
    I read some reviews about how when they washed it it started to ball up and come apart. In my opinion, the cover isn’t really intended to be used as a sheet, it’s just a protective cover that the mattress goes in since it is foam. I put my kids’ sheets on the bed just like normal. However, because I have memory foam pillows, I know how nasty the protective cover can get, that’s just on a pillow. I could imagine the cover on the mattress could get equally dirty, but with proper weekly sheet changes, you should only have to wash the protective cover once every three months maybe longer depending on your preference. If you intend to wash the protective cover on your mattress you should be careful when removing it because you could tear or puncture the foam and the mattress could eventually fall apart. I recommend either hand washing the cover or placing it in alone on the gentle cycle and then allowing it to air dry, not put it in the dryer. That will keep the protective cover from balling up and coming apart.
    COMFORT. When buying a mattress you always look for what’s comfortable for you. My eight year old has always had a hard time falling asleep. He tosses and turns trying to find a comfortable position and when he starts to drift off to dreamland he usually jerks himself awake for one reason or another. Within minutes of him going to bed he was out and he slept the entire night. I personally have a very expensive pillow top coil spring mattress that I keep a feather bed on, after just laying on their bed last night, I’m considering getting rid of my very expensive pillow top coil spring mattress and switching to this one. I am very highly satisfied and will be purchasing another twin 6 inch for my daughter’s bed. My kids got the best night’s sleep they have had in a very long time because of these.

  20. Dark3nedDragon

    $240 for a Queen Sized, Memory Foam bed of 12 inches. That is a great deal, especially with free two day shipping. The bed is comfortable, very comfortable, and fairly priced. I remember a few years ago we’d have to spend a multitude more to get a bed of this quality. My parents spent far more on a bed suite a decade or so ago, then I had to as an adult.

    Soft and comfortable to lay on, the only downside was the packaging, it was pretty much impossible to get out without a knife, and you have to be VERY careful to not accidentally cut yourself (or the bed!). I can’t really say how they should ‘fix’ this particularly trouble, this is just an FYI, you only have to pull the bed out of the (pain in the @$$) bag once, after that you are set. I will update should something happen that forces me to re-evaluate it, such as defects, but so far I’ve never had as good a night’s sleep.

    Purchase some sort of protection for the bed, I don’t mean a warranty, rather grab some liquid-proof undersheets for the bed, just to ensure that you don’t end up spilling something on it. If you sweat profusely at night, like I do, then make doubly sure that you do this, otherwise you risk damaging the bed (or staining it, it’s a new bed >:*( )

    For those of you like me, upgrading from the equivalent of a bench-cushion (a thin futon on the floor), to a real bed, with a bed frame, the 12 inch mattress plus 18 inch frame will come up to just below your waist if you are an average-height male, or just under 3ft (30 inches). If you are buying this for someone that is shorter, know that I have to partially crawl onto this bed / frame combination, and I’m slightly taller than average.
    -Don’t buy a 30inch high bed for a 4ft tall child is what I’m saying, you’d be surprised what I’ve seen.

  21. s.mtz

    This is the first time I have purchased a mattress in a box, and I was really hesitant about it. A family member had recommended a different brand but I ended up settling on this brand after doing some shopping around. I love that its memory foam and doesnt have springs.

    We just moved and wanted to buy 3 new mattresses for out children. I was too skeptical to order all 3 at once, so I ordered 1 at first. Once it came, we opened it up and let it expand. I had my son wait until the 2nd night so that the mattress had time to expand fully.

    Once we laid on it, we were surprised at just how soft and comfortable it was! It feels just like my mattress that I purchased a year or so ago for over $2,000 from a big mattress store! I wish I wouldnt have been so skeptical about mattresses back then so I could have saved some big bucks!

    Anyways! I ordered the other 2 mattresses that we needed and those arrived today. We are 100% satisfied with all 3 of them and would definitely recommend them to anyone!

  22. Barbara

    I was in Chicago visiting family and my nephew and his wife had this mattress. They have had theirs for 3 years and it still felt like a new mattress. They are not small people. I got mine yesterday and just woke up. I am ecstatic. I’m 65 and my hips and shoulders ache in the morning. Not today!!! This is a godsend. It is very firm but in a comfortable way. I did put a mattress cover which completely covers it resulting in the probability of getting queen sized sheets as my full sized were a struggle to get on. I highly encourage anyone on a budget to consider this mattress. I’m so greatful to my nephew for giving me a chance to see it and realize I’d be crazy not to get it! advice: have someone around to help you with the box- it’s quite heavy.
    I read reviews regarding a strong mildew odor. Mine has a somewhat sweet odor that I assume is the “green tea infusion”. It is pleasant but I would be concerned as well if it was a mildew odor as I am really sensitive to that kind of thing. Thankfully that was not an issue. In fact, after putting a cover that prevents dust mites etc. from invading as well as a mattress cover my daughters recently bought me I no longer smell anything.

  23. O.

    At first I was incredibly nervous about buying a mattress online. While the general thoughts of, “I didn’t test it out, what if it’s uncomfortable” were a concern what I was worried most about was a possible bug infestation! I’m sure we’ve all heard the horror stories of people ordering furniture and matresses online only for them to arrive infested with bedbugs so I was incredibly careful while opening the package! Of course everything was fine; clean, packaged excellently, I was very impressed.
    Next came the opening of the matress package itself. After laying it out on my box spring I carefully opened the plastic containing the matress itself and it immediately began to retake its intended shape. The first thing I noticed was the lack of a smell. While I did of course have my window open the smell from the matress wasn’t horrendous. In fact, oddly, it was kind of sweet and I could sort of taste it in the back of my mouth; the smell made me feel like I was slightly chewing on some kind of squishy marshmallow, it was very bizarre! I let the bed take form and sit for three days, longer than it said on the paper, actually, but I wanted to be safe as well as let it get as much air as possible.
    Next came the sheets. This was a bit different from what I was used to since the bed is so squishy! I had a little trouble getting the fitted sheet on at first but once I got the hang of it everything was fine. When in doubt, just mush part of the bed in and put the sheet over it, the bed with spring back and shape everything out fine! When that was all set, I laid on it for the first time and OH MY GOODNESS. I don’t think I’ve ever felt a more comfortable bed! It’s squishy and soft the way a cloud looks in one of those old cartoons and I sleep so hard and long! I continue to sleep incredibly long each night as it’s always super comfortable! When I wake up, my hips don’t hurt, my back doesn’t hurt, for the first time in many years I woke up feeling like my body had actually gotten a nice rest instead of laying on what felt like a lumpy plank of wood!
    Overall, I highly recommend this bed to anyone needing something nicely squishy. One caution, though; be careful when you’re first getting in and out of bed. The ends are just as squishy as the rest of the matress and I would forget that in the beginning and lean against it expecting the hard surface of my last mattress only to have my hand or knee sink down unexpectedly! Once you get used to it you’ll be fine, but be careful as first, especially if your bed is on risers like mine.
    The price and quality of this matress is unmatched so far from what I’ve seen. I also really appreciated that they offer it in a twin size; most places seem to often full or larger but we all don’t have the room for something like that! So, great bed, great price, multiple sizes available, I’d say this bed is quite the winner! Oh, and don’t forget to pick up a waterproof sheet to go under your regular fitted sheet; that will keep your matress safe from any kind of liquid which could portentously ruin your matress. Hope that helps anyone with their decision to purchase this item!

  24. Maverick

    Pleas read!
    There are a lot of negative reviews about all of these matters. Bed in a box type.
    This is the second one I have bought. The first was over 2 years ago with no problems.
    I bought this for my child in the full size.
    I bought the water tight allergy and bug proof bag to cover.
    No smell took 18 hours to fully come to size.
    It was normal no disfigured areas.
    Consistent product.
    Firmness is medium similar to 60 on a sleep number.
    Good price and happy with the product.
    Also I am just a normal person using for my child and this is a truthful review.
    I was hesitant because of all of the negativity surrounding this in the reviews.
    I can understand the others and yes I agree do not take the cover off.
    I laid on the mattress fresh out of the box with no shirt.
    This is for my son so I wanted to make sure this isn’t going to cause problems for him.
    I can say no problems at all with fiberglass or poking or itching.
    I would recommend.

  25. chanpa

    This is a nice firm bed. It feels soft as you lay on it but at the same time it is a firm support. If you want it to be softer is suggest getting a topper. I’m a side sleeper (currently pregnant) and my sides were getting really sore from my old bed (10+ years old spring mattress, haha i know) so it was due time for a new mattress anyways.
    I was a bit skeptic about ordering a bed online without trying it first but i am satisfied with the order. I ordered the 10 inch king size, it took about 2 days for it to expand up to 10in and 3 days for the chemical smell to go away. During the time i had my windows open to help circulate the room because the smell is quite strong.
    What i do like about the bed is that i can move around with out disturbing the hubby. I can literally stand on one corner and walk around without the hubby feeling much movement. That doesn’t mean the bed is hard though. You do get a pretty nice sink in when sitting on the bed. It’s only been a few months so far though. I’ll probably update in about a year on how the bed has held up.

  26. bambee mehrman

    I have no complaints for this mattress. I was nervous about the reviews regarding mold and a foul smell, but chalked this up to a warehouse isolated incident since it was all in one time frame. A friend of mine has this mattress and purchased from here and I looooved sitting on his when I’d be at his apartment, so I pulled the trigger and ordered my own (Green Tea, 12 in. King).

    It arrived a day early and the condition of the box scared me. It was covered in dust and pretty banged up. Unwrapping it was a whole thing, too, but only took 10 minutes. It expanded to about 95% its size in 2 hours, with two corners not fluffing up to their whole size. I gave the mattress 24 hours and when I came home, it was completely inflated. There was absolutely no weird chemical/warehouse smell as I’ve come to expect with lots of furniture shipped by mail.

    It’s extremely comfortable—I would say the exact perfect middle ground between soft and firm. It has that luscious, marshmallow-y “sinking” to it that we expect from memory foam mattresses, but not so much so that you can’t get out of bed. I feel supported and my back problems have been largely soothed sleeping on this. It does retain some heat, so I’d use some crisp, light sheets instead of flannel or microfiber. I think this is not unique to Zinus, but is just a characteristic of memory foam mattresses.

    I would purchase again and have already recommended he bed to pretty much everyone I know looking to upgrade their sleeping situation on a budget.

  27. Ralph Stevens

    I purchased the 12″ Green Tea Mattress. If you are hypersensitive to smell, you might not like this mattress. The suggestion to let it expand and air out for 72 hours is essential. Still, after a week . . . if I bury my nose in the mattress I still detect a slight chemical odor. Doesn’t bother me at all but there’s no trace of the promised Green Tea aroma.

    My dad has a Casper mattress and I was curious how my Zinus would compare. To put it simply, I can’t tell the difference in comfort or support. So why do people pay 4 times more for Casper and what do you get? Casper has a furniture grade, extremely strong and durable cover. Zinus has a very light cotton-like cover . . . kind of like the thickness and fabric you’d find in a t-shirt. I would not expect it to hold up for years without tearing or fraying and exposing the foam. I corrected for this with two fixes (1) a zippered mattress enclosure LINENSPA Zippered Encasement Waterproof, Dust Mite Proof, Bed Bug Proof, Hypoallergenic Breathable Mattress Protector – Queen Size and (2) a substantial mattress pad The Grand Fitted Quilted Mattress Pad Cover Hypoallergenic (Stretches to 18″ Deep – Queen – 60×80″) Queen Size Mattress Protector. I’m confident that the combination will give me the longevity of the higher priced mattress units like Casper.

    They say the 12″ is softer (less firm) than the 6″ or 10″. I like firm and find my 12″ as firm as my prior Sealy’s PosturePedic extra-firm mattress! This is no marshmellow mattress. Stay away if you don’t like firm support. That said, the feeling is just heavenly. I’m 170 lbs and sink in just a little. Side sleeping is comfy with good support and there’s no deep depression formed to struggle out of. I can’t detect a difference from a conventional spring coil mattress except that the Zinus is more comfortable.

    I bought a Zinus platform frame at the same time. It relies on sticky tape on the slats to keep the mattress from sliding off. It’s totally ineffective. I have to reposition the mattress on the frame every morning. If one likes to fall backwards into bed or jump . . . you and the mattress might end up on the floor with catastrophic results. I’m buying an anti-slip pad to correct this issue to make things perfect, see: MALOUF SLEEP TIGHT Full Size Non-Slip Mattress Grip Pad – Rug Pad

  28. MaddyGR

    I had to write a review because this mattress turned out much better than I expected. First let me start by saying I worked in the mattress industry for years and most mattress companies over charge for their products. The price for this mattress is really good.

    I got the 10 inch because the mattress that I was replacing was a little too soft for me and I wanted something firmer. The 10 inch is firm but it’s not so hard that it feels like a board and still has a little give. Softness and feel are things that are hard to review b/c everyone has their preference and even though the 10 inch is perfect for me it might be too hard for others. I would say if you’re looking for something that’s on the firmer side without feeling like your sleeping on something rock hard then the 10 is fine but if you don’t like anything hard or firm then you would have to go up to the 12 inch. In any case it’s always better to get a mattress that’s too firm b/c you can soften it with a mattress pad if need be. If you get a mattress that’s too soft there’s not much you can do.

    As far as some people saying that they sleep hot in the mattress or they wake up sweating, I don’t have that problem but it’s a common issue with memory foam mattresses. The viscoelastic foam that is used for these mattresses tends to retain heat so if you are the type of person that gets easily hot then this would probably just make it worse. Yes you can buy a “gel memory foam” pad or a mattress with gel in it but there’s no guarantee that they will help if you get hot easily.

    I can honestly say I’ve had the best sleep ever in this mattress. Since my old one was too soft for me I would toss and turn all night because I couldn’t get comfortable and I would wake up with back pain. Now I sleep through the night and my back is fine.

    It’s hard buying a mattress online without trying it out first and knowing if it works for you but I’m glad I took a chance with this one.

  29. Michael B.

    Ok so you have to sleep on something, me I can just about sleep on anything, but it’s like a cup of coffee, again anything will do… but when you get a good cup you really appreciate it and savor the moment…Sleeping on this mattress is like that, every night when I crawl into bed it’s like a self indulgent moment, …Maybe that is a bit over the top….but it’s the best mattress I’ve ever slept on. Much better than the $1200 brand name (Serta) I was sleeping on. I find the overall feel to be firm and the memory foam has just the right cuddle factor without smothering, No sagging at edges so if your a edge sleeper no problem.That it’ was only $200 (lightening deal) is amazing, even at the normal price of $289 its a deal, Some things to note, first it comes shipped in a box aprox. 24″x 24″x 48″ so its easy to get in the door, not… it exceeds OSHA single person lift at about 63 lbs, just know it’s heavy and awkward. It is basically folded in half and rolled up and then compressed to a few inches and Double bagged, read the instructions, the bags are designed to split at seams. After opening mine popped up to normal size of 12″ in a few hours, the key is to open immediately as if left compressed for over 72hrs it may not do so, So i it is in transit awhile and you leave it boxed up a day or 2 it may not ever return to full size. Like all things it’s a matter of preference but for me this is again the best mattress I’ve owned.

  30. Vendetta

    My wife and I have both had a long history of sleeping problems. With our old spring mattress, every time one of us rolled over, it bounced the other person awake, and when we got up to pee 3 times a night, the bed would make a horrible squeaking noise that woke up our infant who was asleep in her crib nearby, which led to crying (mostly me crying because now all 3 of us are awake and it’s four in the morning). So we got this Zinus mattress and suddenly EVERYTHING IS FIXED! It’s comfortable, the bed is dead silent, when one of us flips over while having nightmares about all the bad decisions we’ve made in our lives, it doesn’t wake the other up! All was great for about a year because we weren’t really having sex all that much having a new baby, and when we did we would have to sneak and do it in the bathroom or the old mattress (which we moved to my office) when our daughter was napping in our room.

    SO, nearly a year later, my daughter’s in her own room (finally) and we tried having sex on the Zinus bed. MASSIVE INTERCOURSE FAILURE. We tried several positions, and it was like having sex with two broken legs. In cement. While wearing a wet suit that doesn’t fit. Now, I’m a pretty modern, forward thinking individual. Just because having sex on a bed is a long held tradition, doesn’t mean it’s MANDATORY that a bed be designed for sex. Beds were invented for sleeping, and when it comes to sleeping, this one is BEYOND COMPARE. It vents heat. It’s comfortable. It’s quiet. It doesn’t transfer motion. It doesn’t smell bad. It doesn’t let dust into the room. I have zero complaints about its functionality as a bed.

    So we started exploring different places for sex. We started modest: bathroom sink (door locks. Keep watching Dora the Explorer, honey, mommy and daddy are just, uhhh… brushing our teeth for three, maybe four minutes), but that led to further complications being as I’m 12 inches taller than my wife. So now we’re standing on stools and getting chairs involved and all sorts of wacky stuff. So in a way, being absolutely terrible for having sex has somehow led to better sex.

    Anyway, thanks Zinus! A+

  31. Jim

    This mattress is incredible. It is very comfortable and is an amazing combination of soft and firm. I love that I could totally do away with my box springs. I bought one of the smart bases to go along with this and it gives this mattress a great foundation to sit on. And the storage space that you gin underneath is a very good fringe benefit.

    I have seen a couple of reviews that this mattress is too hot and I really could not disagree more. I am 6’2″ and 280lbs and I always run very hot. I can’t tell a different between this mattress and a traditional one as far as heat retention goes. Another great benefit of this mattress is that it transfers very little movement. If you are asleep, someone can get in and out without disturbing you at all. I actually set a water bottle (capped, of course) on one side, then I got in and out of the bed, tossed and turned, and even mimicked some (ahem) other movements. I could do it all without the water bottle falling over.

    I cannot speak to the mattresses durability as I have had it for a very short period. However, it carries a 10 year warranty should something happen to it. And even if the warranty was to not cover it, this mattress is cheap enough to replace it sooner and you will still be out of pocket less than you would with a traditional mattress and box spring set.

    I have also seen some reviews about this mattress having a weird smell. Maybe I just got lucky, but neither of the mattresses I received has any sort of odor at all. Even straight out of the box and plastic.

    One downside that I can mention, the first mattress we received never expanded to the full 12″. I still leave a 5 star rating because I bought this here and Amazon took care of me. They told me to keep the mattress, throw it away, or donate it, they didn’t care, and they sent me another one right away free of any cost. The replacement expanded to the full 12″ within 4 hours.

  32. Ray Roentgen

    If you compare memory foam mattresses, just look for something with a review of ~4.4 stars or above — once you hit that level, there is really no difference. Then narrow down your search. My old memory foam mattress was awesome, cost $500, was 10 inches, but it turns out it only got 4.3 stars after 1000s of reviews (still a very good mattress that I liked ). I bought this mattress, it was 4.6 stars with 100s of reviews, and I like it all the same.

    This mattress meets all of the criteria for memory foam mattresses. Google this! You want to get the national standards, and this thing meets it.
    Comfort. I used to have a 10 inch mattress with 4 inches of memory foam, and I can’t tell the difference going to this one at 8 inches. If anything, I like the 8 inch better because you can move it around, change sheets, etc. If you need more height, just get a box spring or a topper or something. This is one of the most comfortable mattresses I have slept on, by far. I have no idea why people go to mattress stores and spend $1000 on a mattress.
    No smell. I don’t know what other reviewers are talking about.
    Price. The days of paying >$200 for a mattress are over.
    No springs.
    Good temperature, year round. You will not be too hot or too cold. It just hasn’t happened to me yet.
    Resists transmitting movements in other parts of the mattress, so you won’t feel your pet/significant other moving around.

    You need a mattress protector, waterproof. You will need some sort of boxspring or metal frame.
    Otherwise, none yet.

    One of the best purchases I have made on Amazon.

  33. christopher mitchell

    First off, I would have to honestly say that I was looking for an expensive a$$ bed but due to the economy and my financial situation ( making it drizzle my nizzle) I researched many beds in my price range, which was the BEST bed for the CHEAPEST. After days of vigorous research and countless hours reading review after reviews after review. My cheap a$$ finally went with this bed. It was love at first sight!. Once I opened the box and laid it out it took no time (well alil time” but it reached its “peak” (that’s what she said). On a serious note, I had spinal surgery in 2010, I have 2 rods and 30 screws like iron mans nephew 😭 (serious though but laugh life’s too short). The comfort is great and I really have no trouble when I sleep if I do sleep ( I’m up 24/8) but just Incase, I have my bed! Get this bed damnit it’s poppin …. I own the Queen size…. P.S reviews about smells, cut it out lol probably the same people that out their socks on then their shoes 😭 it’s a new whatever smell and it’s not even there to say it stayed the night. P.S.S get the bed I know you’re contemplating and trying to make up every excuse to not treat yourself. I’m out

  34. Eric Barlow

    i never bought a mattress online before – i thought it was crazy to buy something like this without being able to try it before buying and my mattress is something im very picky about since i spend 1/3 – 1/4 of my life in bed. i read reviews on many different websites about dozens of different mattresses and almost decided not to buy this mattress because it was so cheap compared to others. i read many reviews about this bed and decided to just go for it because the way others described this bed was exactly what i was looking for in a mattress that fits my preference. i have had this bed for about 15 months now and i love it, im not even interested in knowing what other mattresses are out there anymore. i used to wake up because i would eventually become so uncomfortable after sleeping all night, the pain in my back and shoulder and discomfort would wake me up and i didnt want to continue lying in bed any longer. i used to have problems with my shoulder and it was affecting my workouts in the gym. now when i wake up, i feel great and want to continue lying in bed because i am so comfortable. several friends who have sat or laid down on my bed have remarked what a great but different feeling they get from my mattress and ask me about the bed and where i bought it, etc. as far as information other than my own opinion – my room mate had the “purple” mattress and another memory foam before that which he paid about 10x’s more for. my mattress is much more firm than his 2 mattresses, you can sit on the edge or corners of the bed and they dont sink down anywhere near as easily as his bed. the top layer feels soft, i sink into it but it feels like there is a much more firm layer not far below the soft top layer. i do not ever feel hot at night and i live in south florida. my girlfriend is a light sleeper but does not wake up at night when i get up out of bed in the night or if i am awake on my side, moving around. i never noticed any chemical smells like other mattresses have, and the bed set up quicker than they said to expect. its not very bouncy which is nice for sleep, but others might prefer for other activities 😉 after 15 months, i dont notice any kind of wear or anything different than it was the day i bought it. and you really cannot beat the price. go for the king size because you will want to spend more time in this bed and so will anyone else who lies down on it. i hope this helps!

  35. Raiyna

    We bought this bed after moving to a new house and needing a mattress for our guest room since we were having a friend come and stay with us for Thanksgiving. I did a lot of research and found Zinus on Amazon. I looked at the reviews and decided to purchase this mattress. I didn’t expect a lot for $200 but I was wrong.

    It arrived in 2 days (I’m a Prime Member) and once I got it out of the box it was fully expanded in less than a couple of hours. I’ve read a few reviews about the smell and frankly I didn’t smell anything.

    Our guest slept on it the night we received it, and woke up the next morning and told us that he was trying to figure out how to it was going to fit into his car because he wanted to take it home with him. He stayed with us for 3 nights and each morning he said he had slept like a baby and that he loved the mattress. After he left my husband and I were curious so we decided to sleep on it one night and wow.

    I’ve seen some reviews saying it’s too firm. If you’ve ever slept on a memory foam mattress they are all firm. This one is no different, but it is incredibly supportive and I woke up feeling refreshed with no aches or pains to speak of. We were so enamored of it that we decided to order ourselves one for Christmas when they went on sale. I just got notice that the Queen is on sale for $170 this morning and promptly placed my order.

    I would agree with a couple of other reviewers that I can’t understand the influx of 1 star reviews for these mattresses, as it’s honestly one of the best mattresses that I’ve ever slept on. I have a feeling there’s some serious competitor slander going on or something.

    Bottom line, I’ve slept on $2000 Tempurpedic mattresses and this one is just as good for 1/10th of the price.

  36. GMcM

    Let me start this review stating that I spent so much time reviewing mattresses before I actually made my choice. I literally read hundreds of reviews of all the various memory foam mattress brands before I settled on my purchase of a Cali King Tuft&Needle (wrote and updated my review on that already). To make a long story short, I never loved my T&N, it never fully expanded, the edges weren’t firm, it gave me lower back pain and it just didn’t seem like it was money well spent, so I returned, and Amazon did an AWESOME job helping me do so.

    I started to wonder if most of these memory foam mattress brands were more or less the same, but with major price differences!!? My T&N was a 10″, this Zinus is a 12″. Let me tell you, this Zinus mattress is so far…..so much better than my T&N. It fully expanded, it is solid all over the edges, it feels better built and it is very firm with just a nice hint of plush. Now, I will say I have only been sleeping on it for a little over a week, but already I have had no lower back pain as I was experiencing with my T&N, and I just sleep better on it overall. I will write another review on my Zinus after a few months of use. But what I will say is, there was over $500 in savings in the Zinus over the T&N, and the Zinus is by far a better mattress in my opinion….not even including the savings. To date, I highly recommend the Zinus.

  37. jaquan

    I purchased this mattress in the 12 inch full size on the 1st of june and wanted to wait atleast a month to leave my first review(i plan to update in the future as time goes on) but as you can see i got anxious to share my review of this awesome bed!It comes in a huge box right to your doorstep,it’s a bit on the heavier side but nothing anyone can’t manage.Slice the box right down the middle carefully,place the mattress IN THE BAG on your boxspring or preffered mattress surface[IMPORTANT unless you want a good workout wrestling it on there after the mattress have burst out of the bag in seconds and left with a huge heavy rectangle like me lol],rip the plastic down the middle without scissors or a knife and watch the magic happen instanly.One concern that myself and others have had with this mattress was whether or not it’ll expand true to size but,In less than 1 hour my mattress was at 10 inches or so,went to work,came back home in 9 hours and it was at it’s full promised 12 inches.Although mine was fully expaned i still wanted to wait the 48 hours just to be on the safe side and let things settle.Let me tell you sleeping on the floor with dog hair crawling on me was a very humbling experience but not as humbling than the experience with my previous foam mattress that was so thin (6 inches and cheap) that i was practically laying on a padded boxspring feeling each wooden slat in my back as the foam mattress itself completely pancaked under me.As for the smell that everyone is curious about,yes,it has one but so does every fresh new memory foam bed.The smell didn’t bother me at all because i’m a freak and enjoyed the scent lol,but for the people that do mind it should dissapate within a few days.

    After the 48 hours i was excited to finally throw on my sheets and jump right.It’s nighttime,the bed is freshly made and and i go to lay in it for the first time.When I tell you i’ve never owned a mattress so luxurious feeling,soft yet firm and tall it was a life changing experience to say the least lol.It conformed to every inch of my body as i contemplated calling out for the next week of work to hibernate but of course my bills slapped me in the face and said “in your dreams buddy”.After roughly one month of owning this bed i can already tell it’s gonna stand the test of time as it’s still so very soft,yet firm at the same time.You dont sink all the way in nor do you lay on top of the mattress like a stiff board,It’s a perfect middle ground.It does get a little softer after a few nights as all beds have a break in period but nothing anyone needs to worry about so dont be alarmed thinking it’s disintegrating.I would rate this bed higher if it was possible.DO NOT HESISTATE TO BUY THIS BED IF YOU’RE THINKING OF GETTING IT!Best bang for your buck.
    Not a paid review by the way nor did i receive anything in exchange for this honest review.

  38. Amanda Chapman

    Ahh!! This mattress is awesome!! I couldn’t believe the price when I ordered and was afraid there was a catch. We loved our Tempur-Pedic but wanted to upgrade from Queen to King. It came in and was at full size really quickly! Packaging said to wait 24-48 hours and we were done waiting at 24! Slept on it last night and it is remarkably similar to our other mattress!! So happy with our purchase!!!

  39. Dawn

    Great mattress with an irresistible price. Quality comfort. I never purchased a mattress online before, took a chance and it turned out to be the best mattress I ever owned. 30 days later and still loving it! I pushed my foot into the matress so demonstrate the comfort and how it holds form around you not dragging the rest of the mattress down.

  40. Terry Stimpson

    After I ordered this mattress, I thought I selected the wrong one, & it was already on the way. I read the reviews again, while biting my nails as I really needed a firm mattress, & this Zinus mattress description said “Plush Firm”. This mattress and the amazing price makes me wonder why I waited so long to change out my old so called firm mattress that was 11 years old, & cost me over $2500 – on sale back then. I took the Zinus mattress out of the box, followed the directions, & in two days slept on it. I awoke without the usual neck & back pain, the first time in a long time!!!! No funny smell at all & so easy to deal with & set up. I had my adult son help me as I’m over 60, don’t have the upper body strength I used to have, but if you have muscles you can take it out of the box, & pop it on the bed yourself. Follow the directions to set it all up & take the rest out to the trash. (Literally takes 15 minutes which includes reading the directions)!! I’ve slept on this mattress for over a month & can truely say, it is as comfortable and FIRM, as anyone needs. I’m thin & this mattress helps support all of my bony prominences, supports my head, neck, shoulders & lower back for which I had surgery on. I also purchased a mattress cover as I want to protect this mattress for a long time. I highly recommend this mattress if you are looking for a good affordable firm mattress. I’m hard to please & I give this one 5 STARS!!

  41. Danielle

    I love this mattress,many might say it is hard, but I find it very supportive, and it really didn’t have too bad of a smell, I have bought memory foam mattresses and this one is one of my favorites, and I know it will hold up a lot longer then my old one I bought 10 years ago. I have been sleeping amazingly since feb 24th 2016, if you have back pain like I do it might take a night or two to get used to but when I wake up I have a lot less back pain then when I had my old spring mattress very good quality, I really love it, super fast shipping as well, thank you.
    UPDATE: after almost one year its still fantastic still supportive and comfortable, for me it feels like longer you have it the softer it gets but that might just be as I sleep on it every night and am use to it.


    HERE IS ONE OF THE MOST IN DETAIL BRUTALLY HONEST REVIEWS YOU WILL READ. I’m a 16 y/o girl who bought this mattress for my room makeover. The price is totally unbeatable and I thought well, I’ll just go for it. Here’s my full breakdown and opinion on anything you could worry about for a mattress:

    I may be 16 years old, but I have bad scoliosis that affects my whole body. So I still get knee pain, all that fun stuff. Before I had opened the box and set up this mattress, I had also gotten into a bad car accident that hurt my lower back even more to the point I couldn’t walk. At this point in my life, comfort is my holy grail. As a growing teenager, I needed to count on something that I could also sleep on for 12 hours and wake up feeling like I could take on the world! And this my friends, THIS is it! The comfort is amazing. My back doesn’t hurt at all when sleeping on it to this day, even compared to my previous expensive serta mattress. I know a lot of people worry about it sinking over time. I weigh 105lbs but there are absolutely no signs of sinking no matter how long I lay on this bed. Also, it isn’t super squishy. The perfect amount of plush with a hint of firm so you aren’t sinking to the pits of memory foam.

    THE SIZE: 10/10
    When I cracked this baby open, it immediately popped up. I didn’t even wait the full 24 hours before laying on it because it immediately grew to it size! I even measured the corners! HECK YEA!

    CLEANING IT: 9/10
    Don’t know what the fake zipper is about on this mattress, but this baby is so easy to clean. MY SISTER POURED CRANBERRY JUICE ALL OVER MY MATTRESS! And as I was cursing her out and shaking my fists to the heavens asking “Why me!”, sad that my brand new mattress could potentially be soiled forever, it was all okay after I grabbed some odoban!! I cleaned that sucker to the gods and now there is not a single stain!! Make sure you dab people and HARD! You can even rub it, it’ll come out.
    And then I did what a smart human would do, put a mattress cover on.

    1. I don’t know if it is just me but….PREPARE FOR THE SMELL! It doesn’t smell like green tea nooooo definitely not sis. This smells exotic. Not my favorite smell it was definitely a strange smell that I can’t even identify. BUT THAT SMELT WEIRD! And I’ll be honest…it took 3 weeks for me to not smell it. It was such a strong smell that I just made my bed and didn’t sleep on it for a while. It made my sheets smell too at one point. Then I got used to the smell and just decided to kick it in my bed because I was tired of sleeping on the couch as soon as the smell died down. But by the next month, I no longer smelt it. I’ll list below how I managed to get rid of the smell. BUT! If you are patient like me and are willing to pull through because it is a TOTAL pain in the butt to send a mattress back, then don’t fret! It does go away and you will love the mattress after! Its been 3 months that I’ve had it and I’ve had multiple people do a smell test, the smell has vanished. I still think the mattress is worth it!
    -Don’t use too much febreeze. It’ll be a temporary assistant, but honey it isn’t worth it to drench the bed in more chemicals making the bed come up with more of a foreign smell.
    -I put scent soaking rocks in my room. You can buy these at home depot, they take away any weird scents. You can also purchase a air cleansing machine, NOT a dehumidifier. I don’t know exactly what these things are called but my boss has one and they work great. You can get these for cheap at walmart.
    -Air fresheners for the car. A canned air freshener will definitely get rid of the smell but they are very strong. I just got some plain smelling glade air fresheners and put them under my mattress. This made my mattress smell like fresh linen by the second day.
    -Wait that sucker out! It’s not too bad!

    2. The heat, at first
    My mom just looooooooves to keep our house at 69 degrees making me a living ice cube. Therefore, I keep my vents closed. But, this bed will get you pretty hot sometimes. It could just be because of my comforter, but I never sweat and sometimes I will wake up sweating on this bed. This isn’t an extremely justifiable complaint because it could be any other factor, but rest assured my vents are open fully because I do not want to smell like sweat!

    OVERALL…..This is a definite cop, not drop! Go ahead and buy this bed. If you are extremely picky, this bed is great to have in a guest room or maybe if you own airbnb’s. They’re cheap and comfortable and great as long as it air’s out. I love my bed so much to a point that I don’t wake up for days now!

  43. Lauren

    I am in love.
    Let me preface this with the fact that I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. This is a genetic disorder that causes faulty collagen and affects nearly all of my connective tissues. I have severe joint pain, bone pain, muscle pain, dislocations and sublaxations, nerve pain (including sciatica), IBS, GERD, headaches, dehydration, etc. I recently had to move back in with my parents because it was difficult for me to live on my own. After years of searching for a reason for my pain, I was told that I was hypermobile (which causes my joints to be too flexible). When I sleep, my spine slides in and out of socket as do my shoulders, hips, knees, and elbows. I would lie awake at night in pain and wake up more exhausted than before. I was starting to sleep only about 3 hours a night because that was the most I could handle without being in too much pain.

    I noticed an immediate difference as soon as I started using this mattress. I still use a pillow between my knees and as a hugger to keep my shoulders comfortable, but along with my feather head pillows, this mattress has let me sleep like a normal person again. I can sleep 7 hours again.

    When I first got it out of the box, I had to remove it from this very tight bag that was pretty difficult. Then it started to unfold (not spring open but simply unfurl). My brother and I straightened it out, removed the plastic and put it on top of my box spring (Zinus 5-inch)Zinus 5 Inch Low Profile Smart Box Spring. The bed started to expand like a blow-up bed. I put my sheets on it (which was a struggle because they were too small for the height of this bed) and then sat on it immediately. I know a lot of people say to let it set for a few hours, but I don’t regret sitting on it. I’m only 120 lbs and I feel like I barely bothered it.

    Also, mine was up to 11.5 inches within 2 hours and is about pretty much 12 now that I have put on some proper sheets that really fit it.

    -so comfortable
    -good even give
    -no major weakness on the sides ( I am not falling off the bed once I make it to the side
    -minimal bounce (objects right next to me can feel it but not from about a foot away; this is with the sheet on it)
    -very high (when combined with the 5-inch box spring and my 7 inch bedframe, it is at a perfect height for me to just lay down and get up with out much joint bending)
    -light weight (I can move it off and on my bed by myself to put the bed skirt on with no trouble at all
    -soft and beautiful covering (was tempted to sleep on it without sheets)
    -warm (I need my mattress warm as my body temperature drops drastically when I sleep)

    -you can see the layering a bit of the material if you rub your hands up and down the side (this doesn’t bother me at all)
    -really tall (make sure you deep-pocket sheets that really fit this height or they will squeeze into the side of the mattress and not fit all the way around to the bottom of it)
    -there is indeed a slight bounce. I wouldn’t try the wine test with it unless you’re up for possibly spilling wine all over it, but I can’t feel my brother sit on the foot of it if I am sitting up at the head.
    -tiniest smell at start (I don’t have a very sensitive nose at all but I did notice a bit of a smell the first couple of days. That disappeared after 48 hours easily.)
    -not a cooling gel mattress (If you get really hot at night, use a topper that is cooling.)

    Anyway, I am just really grateful for this mattress. If you have problems with arthritis and need a snug-fit, warm, soft, tall mattress, I strongly recommend giving it a try.

  44. Signe57!

    I’m here (if only just barely) to tell you that a 60 year old fat woman can wrestle an queen size, 80 pound, compacted into a 2 foot tube, in a dirty, nasty box, up 3 flights of stairs and 90 feet down a hall, make a sharp left and into her apartment. Yes people, it can be done without injury, though not without sweat, cussing, heaving and puffing. Be smarter than me and have a youngster on hand.
    It comes in a heavy weight white plastic bag that keeps it from unfurling. Cut it away carefully. There’s another clear and heavy bag it’s vacuum packed in. Mine was folded in quarters and rolled into the outer white bag. Once you get it out of the white bag it will start expanding. But when you get it out of the clear bag, be prepared to move quickly. Mine was almost completely expanded by the time I got the plastic away. If you have it lying flat before taking away the clear plastic, cut it carefully away on 3 sides and it will slip easily from under the mattress. I failed on that point. Sigh. Also while it’s expanding, it’s easy to line up the corners on the cover rather than trying to remove the cover from the beast and line them up!
    It’s a good thing it expands quickly. I need a shower and a nap. Glad my mother wasn’t here as she’d wash my mouth with soap after that wrestling match! But my ancestors in Valhalla are raising a horn!

  45. Sven

    So after reading Many of the other reviews before deciding to buy. Here’s my review. I bought the twin 12″
    I’ve been sleeping on it for over a week and so far I love it. I’m a big guy and was worried that it would be too soft or too firm or I would sink into it. Nope. It is very plush. The top memory foam layer is soft and I do sink into it but it’s only the top few inches. After that I have nice semi firm yet still soft support. It’s hard to explain but it feels very soft to the touch but isn’t too soft when you lay on it. It’s a nice combination of soft and semi firm. That’s why so many use the term plush. It feels like a really expensive Ritz Carlton hotel mattress. I used to turn over repeatedly All night. Almost never now since I started sleeping on this mattress. I sleep soundly and well. I am told I snore a lot less if any since I started sleeping in this. I used to snore a lot loudly I guess. My lower back does feel much better than it did. I used to have the typical large old guy lower back pain. I would say my lower back pain is 98% gone. Also I don’t wake with my arm numb and tingling (I’m a side sleeper). I also feel very refresh and well rested. All this said I am very happy so far with the mattress. I liked the packaging, it was very easy to set up and my mattress reached Full expansion in about 1 hour. However I did wait 12 hours before sleeping on it. Mine reached the full 12″ and is nicely shaped. No divots or mis shaping like other reported. I had NO odd smell. In fact I was worried after reading all the reviews so I stuck my face right into the new mattress and smelled nothing at all so that’s good. I have my mattress on an IKEA slatted box support and I felt too low to the ground so I just ordered a Zinus twin bed rail frame to set my IKEA box support on.
    So far I love the mattress and look forward to going to bed because it is Very comfortable. When I sit on the edge of the bed I feel like I sink in them I look and I’m not really sunken in much at all. It’s just plush lol. I do love the bed so far. I highly recommend it. I have slept on $1800.tempurpedic and other high end beds and this affordable bed is right up there in comfort. I like it better hands down over a tempurpedic. Oh also this bed is replacing my Sleepnumber bed which I had for 10 years. I started hating the sleepnumber bed and this is like sleeping in heaven compared to the sleepnumber, just my opinion.

  46. crazypelo77

    My husband and I purchased the 12″ king-sized version of this mattress in March 2017. I purposely waited almost a year to review this mattress because I believe most things are good in the beginning, but only time can tell how good a product really is. While it has only been a year, I feel I can give an honest review of this product. Before buying this mattress, we had card in hand ready to spend $1200 on another memory foam mattress from a furniture store, but couldn’t go through with it. I had looked up this mattress a few days before going to the furniture store, which is what ultimately caused us to not buy the $1200 mattress.

    After almost a year, I can say I still love this mattress. After a long day, when I lay down in it, I can feel my whole body just relax into it, all while being supported. Our old pillowtop mattress was 10 years old and was causing both my husband and I lots of pain by the morning and since getting this mattress, we no longer have pain. I noticed in the reviews, that some people mentioned the mattress was too warm. We initally put a encased mattress cover on it when we first got it and yes, I woke up sweating. I suspected it could be the cover and took it off and haven’t had a night sweat since – even in the summer. I don’t think it gets too warm at all.

    Besides comfort, there is the price. You can’t beat it. I would even say it is a steal. We shopped for 5 hours at 5 different furniture and mattress stores before deciding on this one. The average price of the king mattresses we looked at ranged from $800 – $1500. For less than $400, you get a quality mattress. Even if it doesn’t last 5 years, you got your money’s worth and at a fraction of the cost of the store mattresses.

    We enjoyed our bed so much, that when our son was in need of a new mattress, we bought him the full size version in July 2017. We are very happy with that purchase as well. They are great mattresses and I have no complaints. I highly recommend them!

  47. Buckeye Baby

    I researched beds like many other buyers for weeks. I read review after review, watched video after video and took a plethora of “mattress quizzes” online attempting to find the perfect mattress. I also visited stores and laid on different beds that had rave reviews; I did my homework, to say the least. It bears mentioning here; not all beds are perfect for every person that’s simply not realistic. Each person’s sleep needs and preferences are quite different and very personal. We have to find the mattress that’s right for each of us and all things considered this process is what makes shopping for a mattress a dreaded experience for most, including me! 🙂

    I was very skeptical about this particular mattress. Price was the first concern, it’s so cheap how could it be any good I thought. I was also concerned it would be another one of those memory foam mattresses that made every bone in my body ache when I got up each day. I doubted it would have the pressure relief support I needed as well. I was also very worried the mattress would have the bad odor and/or mold issues that other reviewers here on Amazon had experienced. However, I took a chance anyway. Why? Because it was so cheap and the pressure relief it “promised” I desperately wanted.

    I purchased the 10-inch twin mattress, boxless heavy duty supporter frame, as well as the white bed skirt all from Zinus and all, provided through Amazon. I am a middle-aged woman, and while it may seem strange to drop down to a twin size bed as an adult, I simply wanted too. I was only using a twin size portion of my current king size bed anyway and it seemed to make sense. I say this so readers are aware I am not a kid using a twin size bed but, an adult.

    The bed arrived and I immediately opened the box – no odor at all! So thankful! I removed the plastic from the bed, immediately put the plastic back in the box in case the plastic had off-gassing on it ( as I read to do ) and again smelled no odor. I rolled out the bed and literally within a few minutes the bed expanded to 99% of its full size. I took the bed to the bedroom laid in on its side against a wall by a well-ventilated window and allowed it to expand and air out as instructed on other video’s I watched for off-gassing. The bed never smelled, not once and expanded to its full capacity within an hour. I was elated!

    That night, I slept on the mattress on the floor as the boxless frame was not arriving until the next day. I was amazed at how comfortable and supportive this little bed was and I slept very well! The next day the boxless frame arrived and I put the entire set up together. I had high hopes that my next night’s sleep would be even better and I have to say this mattress did not disappoint! I awoke with no aches, no pains and can only remember turning in my sleep once throughout the entire night. I literally woke the next morning and said aloud, “WOW! I can’t remember sleeping like this since I was in my 30’s!”

    Now, in earnest, the only alteration I made to the bed was the addition of a 2-inch egg-crate pad on the top. I simply prefer the feel of the egg-crate pads but, I think the mattress would be just as amazing without it. Also, this is a medium firmness mattress- so if you are looking for “firm” this is not it. Also, if you are looking for super soft this bed is not it. It’s definitely a medium firmness which is perfect for me, personally.

    In fairness, I don’t doubt the reviews that discussed off-gassing and odors. What I did read is that if nearly ANY bed-in-a-box is stored in a warehouse or otherwise for long periods of time there is a high chance the off-gassing becomes worse and it can and will produce mold in some cases. That being said, it’s likely many of the mattresses people received in other negative reviews were stored for extended periods of time. So, it does appear to be a “buyer beware” situation regardless of which bed you buy; which stinks for sure- sometimes- literally! This is only my “opinion” after reading so much about these off-gassing bed situations. I wished this process was more regulated and I really wish these products were ALL made in the U.S.A. To this day when I open any product that says “made in China” or the like- I always wonder why on earth they can’t make it here? It doesn’t seem to me that producing this type of bed would not be all that costly to do it in the U.S.A. surely there’s got to be a way to do this? But, that’s a whole different subject.

    In my case the mattress was awesome, there was no odor, I have slept amazing and I am incredibly grateful I took a chance and bought this Zinus mattress as well as the frame and bed skirt, all have been a terrific purchase!

    I am leaving this five-star review simply because for me, it is true and I personally would highly recommend it! Hope this helps! 🙂

  48. TM Conway

    It’s not quite 1 year – more like 9 months and I still love this mattress. SO comfy. To answer some of the questions I had & saw when I was first looking to buy this mattress:

    1) I do take the time to spin it every couple of months because of sleep close to the edge of one side all the time. It doesn’t get too soft or indented in that spot, but I want to keep it from uneven wear.
    2) No, the mattress does not get hot/heated like some do. I tend to sleep winter & summer under a lot of covers and while I might get warm, the bed doesn’t hold heat uncomfortably. I do have a protective cover on the mattress though and that might help some.
    3) This is not too heavy for me to spin/rotate. It’s a big, thick mattress but I can rotate it easily enough by myself.
    4) I find this to be a medium-firm mattress. It’s not super-firm, but it’s not one of those mattresses that sink under any weight. I have someone 6 foot and 200 pounds who helped put the bed together & when they sat on it and tested the firmness it held up really well. 9 months later, it’s still just as firm and comfy.
    5) Still love the fact that I can set my computer and a cup of coffee on the lap table on one side of this bed and it’s not disturbed when Is sit down on the other side. Basically, you don’t have a lot of bounce all over when moving on the bed.

    I was strapped for cash from a relocation when I got this and worried whether I was making a good purchase. This has been a great purchase. This mattress is better than ones I’ve paid twice and half more for.

    1st UPDATE… Just thought of this when I was saw an ad for another (really expensive) bed. One of the things mentioned about this other bed was something that I have noticed (and LOVE) about my Green Tea Mattress. I have to explain what I mean:

    I tend to sit do everything from my bed – watch TV, work on the computer, etc. I even sometimes (okay, *most* times) eat in bed. What I just realized is that I can sit or lay in one spot on the bed without disturbing anything else on the bed. Th tray I am using as a bed table is just a flat board. I also use this to sit my computer on. I am always getting up to do something and coming back. Guess what? Everything on the bed stays perfectly still.

    That is a HUGE benefit. When I saw the ad for the other mattress, I went looking for similar ones. The prices were ridiculous. I think that this may be the best purchase of a home product ever. EVER! Obviously, I happened to make my purchase at just the right time and got this Queen for just under $200. I will tell you without blinking in the slightest that I would have paid more if I had known just how much I was going to love the mattress.

    I actually have the mattress *and* platform bed frame from Zinus. I will be spreading the word about both.

    I will be updating but had to come and let people know how impressed I am this first day. The packaging is superb. I was able to unbox by myself. Didn’t expect the mattress to expand so fast. It’s only been hour but this thing is already at 14 inches! I’m tracking progress with photos and wondering will be even thicker.

    I am cheating and laying on it already for the review. Comfy. If it’s stays at this level of comfort for at least a year…. I’ll be happy. Normally I can’t lay on my back without pain. I did so on this mattress and it for all my contours but held firm.

    I am super pleased at this stage.

    One thing to say as a warning: if you don’t like the mattress I have no idea how you would send it back. The packing sheath is meant to be torn off. When you then remove the plastic to expand the mattress… Good luck ever getting it back in that box. Also I happen to have opened the end of the box where I old see the instructions & info envelope. Just know that it’s there somewhere. I don’t recommend doing anything with opening the mattress until you read that.

  49. Kimberly wilkins

    THIS 👏🏻 BED 👏🏻 IS 👏🏻 THE 👏🏻 JAM. First off, I’m a flight attendant. I sleep in a lot of hotel beds. I know what a good and bad bad feels like. THIS BED IS AMAZING. Feeling impartial about the non conforming bed of the future? Think you’ll miss the springs? No way. I promise. I felt the same. I sat there for 36 hours straight watching this bed rise in my kitchen festering the idea that I made a mistake. What is this? Why does it have to rise? Who even am I right now? The instructions were like one sentence and I probably messed it up. Omg what if I messed up?! 2017 is weird, I hate this. I hate New things. JK NOPE. I HAVE NO REGRETS! This bed cured my boyfriend’s back pain. This bed cured my sleepless nights. MY PHAT @zz can sleep on my side without my spine feeling broken in half. I can sleep on my back or stomach no problem. I can’t remember the last time I slept through the night… Now I can’t wake up. We spent three days sleeping til 2pm. Today I missed my alarm for work by 2 hours. I legitimately slept through 2 hours of backup alarms that go off every 10 minutes. THIS BED IS THE DEVIL. But like a good devil that greets you with puppies and all things great in this world. This bed is the Oprah of beds. This bed is like getting a whole row to yourself on an airplane. This bed is like seeing your ex and they look like a potato and your eyeliner is so fleek it pierces their heart. This bed is freshly signed divorced papers. THIS BED IS ALL YOU NEED IN THIS LIFE. Its dirt cheap, soft yet firm, and will make you laugh pretty hard the first time you’re trying to get rowdy on it. I’ve had this bed a few weeks now and I am pretty convinced that this is the best decision I’ve ever made in my life besides losing my virginity and buying a motorcycle. TOP THREE for sure. So stop debating and order this bed. Just do it. (Shia lebeouff voice) (I probably spelt that wrong)

    Oh and it doesn’t smell bad. I read that it did. It smelled like it was compressed in a bag and shipped across the country which was expected, but it went away. Also the box makes a rad cat house.


  50. Ed

    I’m going to do everyone who reads this a massive favor. I’m going to tell you how I got the best bed ever, and it starts with this mattress.

    Let me start off saying that I have spent an unusual amount of time mattress shopping. I gave up on stores a while ago, and have been testing out the latex/foam options for a few years. The price, durability, and ease of shopping is hard to beat. I’ve tried all the major options; Purple, Tuft and Needle, Dreamforce, Tempurpedic, etc…

    The first Zinus mattress I got was all screwed up (images attached). But Amazon replaced it quickly. The most common complaint on this mattress is it’s too firm, and I can see what they’re saying. I’m a big (fat, over 300) guy, so I like firm. But most the people who have been in the bed are not so big. So, I decided to take advantage of the fact this was so cheap and went ahead and added two other items.

    First, DreamFoam Bedding DF20GT2066 2″ Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper, King, Aqua Blue This gel topper is great at keeping things cool, and has a good amount of give to it.

    Second, Cheer Collection Ultra Plush Eco-friendly Hypoallergenic Bamboo Fitted Mattress Topper – King this pillow top topper adds yes another level of cushion, and yet seems to let the cooling factor of the get topper come through a bit.

    Between these added items, I think I have created quite possible the best mattress I’ve ever experience, far better than Purple, Tuft and Needle, Tempurpedic, etc…, and all for well under $400! It’s comfy, firm, and doesn’t get too warm.

    I have a couple suggestions that I think really help.

    First, make sure this sets on a completely flat surface. If you get a platform frame with a mesh bottom, add a sheet of plywood under the mattress. I do feel this makes a bit of difference.

    Second, use a mattress cover on the Zinus. This thing should last forever if you don’t damage it, so protect it. With the other two covers you’ll never actually be touching the mattress. Just replace the toppers every couple years.

    A bonus suggestion, especially since this whole set up is so cheap, is to treat yourself to some bamboo sheets. HotelSheetsDirect 100% Bamboo Bed Sheet Set (King, Dark Gray) These feel amazing, and they’re only $50.

    For pillows I’d recommend getting some traditional pillows, as well as some latex filled. The combo is a nice addition. I really stand by this suggestion, so I hope someone finds it helpful. Let me know.

    One year update: Matress and pads still fantastic. I rotate it once a month, just as a routine. Still perfect.

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